Throughout this slow yin sequence you will repeatedly be invited to be mindful: Mindful of your body, your thoughts, your feelings and much more. Drawing from many years of study and practice, I am confident you will profoundly enjoy this transformational class.

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From my Heart to Yours,

Do you feel tired after a long day at work? Are you overwhelmed with everything happening around you? This is a calming and soothing practice that is accessible to everyone, and will leave you feeling like you are in charge again. Great for that afternoon energy-dip, or anytime where you need to nourish yourself.

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From my home to yours,

This class is all about opening, toning and strengthening the lower body.Through many lunge variations - and variations within variations - you will sense where your lower body is tight, and how your entire body benefits from gradually opening the lower body. Lunges are also great to help stabilize the pelvis and support the lower back, decreasing the risk of injuries.
Once again, a spontaneous class with expert anatomical and mental cues! I did cut off the final relaxation at the end...the class would have been too long.


The heart is the strongest energetic organ in the human body. When we harmonize the energy in our heart, we will automatically create more harmony in every cell in our body. This is achieved by invoking pure love. Negative emotions cannot coexist with love. We start healing ourselves and the world around us.


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A warm welcome!

The New Earth is here! I offer authentic yoga practices and meditations, based on almost twenty years of study and teaching.
As a mom of three beautiful children, my time is precious.Therefore, you will encounter spontaneous but intelligent sequences in many yoga styles.
Anatomical, mental and spiritual cues throughout all teachings will help you to leave your analytical, stressed or tired mind behind.

Some yoga classes may challenge you physically...with the purpose of taking you out of your head down into the calmness of your heart.
The meditations help you to connect to who you really are when your roles fall away, and return to your daily life feeling refreshed and calmer.

May you be happy
May you be well
May you be free from suffering


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