Short but still creepy as all hell

Get that popcorn, & enjoy some Patriot TV

Game Theory Castle_Rock w/ Juan O Savin

Never mind the product.... the comments speak for the truth

Most fastest, Most truthful explanation how they made the cornholio virus famous

"Who put that question mark up there...he reads everything out loud"

The awkward interaction appears to have been prompted by someone communicating with Biden via earpiece, which has become a staple of the 78-year-old Biden’s public appearances due to numerous gaffes and instances of erratic behavior.

Biden clearly needed to be reminded to salute the Marines, as he did not end up doing so, but experts have surmised that the newly elected President is so used to repeating words and phrases given to him through an earpiece that he took the command “Salute the Marines” as a line to recite.

LMAO, Good catch, some guy just went rogue during RTÉ's coverage of the US inauguration and they had to cut him off. Dangerously based. Can only imagine the panic in the newsroom when they realised they accidentally broadcast the truth

This IS the one video that will totally piss you off after viewing one of the best piece's of Truth out here
Pandemic INDEE!!!

Awesome! But also Depressing..... this looks/sounds seriously like a final "Well I tried" hurrah moment 2 me

As I've known all along, this "Q" thing turned into a "See how far I can lead a bunch of lemmings" thing

Are Mike & Karen Pence child sex traffickers???.... Ummmmmmmm

Dr. Anthony Faucis Ex-Employee, Jailed, Tells All (Full Video) aka Plandemic

Cute shorts ya dumbass Covidiot... & Ya gotta luv what she say's at the end of this ;)

DIY video on how to Hunt the dreaded ANTIFA critters

Listen carefully to the talking bobbleheads words on the idiot box, their little added adjectives such as "Projected" will flip meanings quicker than a Trump2Biden ballot!
As 80's NW band "Missing Person's" Dale Bozzio once said, "What are words for, when no one listens anymore?"

Thanking the Silent Majority for their dying support

Not A Docu-Depiction nor CG Simulated Scenes ...but from REAL lost-found 80's footage of being in a band in those zany, insaney Regan-nomic, VHS 80's

~Sux aging facefully!!!! ;)~

The Powers That Should NOT Be aren't afraid of getting their CV shots!!
Here's why & how these self-entitled prick elitist bastards are going to get "THEIR" own special vaccine shots

NOTE: These evil bastards will never ever jab a syringe full of death into this arm, and some advice for the one's who attempt to? hope YOU are vaccinated for Lead Poisoning,... Try it...I'll take as many of each & everyone of you evil fooks out in a blaze of Patriotic Glory with me

~Remember the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccines folks??... go research THAT one folks... it was a debilitating killer
sighhhhh, how soon we forget

Blatant Voter fraud in action

Giuliani says he's going to release over a thousand devastating photos off that laptop over the next five days
Too busy smokin' meth while sexually assaulting minors does have it's consequences Hunter

Video Montage I made way back.... But the message is the same..... only the players names have changed

Operation Warp Speed: Brother Nathanael educates you on the difference of what you've been told and what it all REALLY means

Pukeface Pelosi doing what it does best
Brainless reboot during interview w/ cuck & Clinton luvva George Stephanopoulos

Brilliant synopsis and break down of "The Greatest Lie ever sold" to the world
The CV-19 plandemic hoax


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