No, theBrother did not hassle the Corporate political brother this fine Virginia morning, especially since he was knocking door to door. Those questions will be asked at another time.

Meanwhile theBrother did find out he was now in the 4th Congressional District of Virginia. Last election cycle he was in the 3rd...
This new cat, Representative A. Donald McEachin, beat the rePub guy in the 2018 go-round. He has been Representing the 4th in Virginia since 2017.
Now theBrother has to hunt him down to see if he be down with the *ADOS*

In praise of a Warrior in this field.
Much congratulations to Tyler Perry from theBrother for his brilliant strategy of building an institution for the creation and preservation of Black Culture as expressed and documented through film.
Journey and job well done.

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Engineer extraordinaire Reggie Johnson spoke to the Off The Hook crew as they transmitted live from the Brooklyn Commons Cafe, and theBrother was there to capture his words of wisdom.

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Well, the forces that think they "be" are at it again observes theBrother as outside interests try to take over listener-sponsored, WBAI-FM, the Pacifica radio station in New York City.

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Many thanks are in order from theBrother to the participants of the Inaugural ADOS Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.
The leadership of Rev. Dr. Cosby hosted in the community church, St. Stephen, was a comfort and inspiration to ADOS.

So theBrother met and had conversation with photographer turning artist _ Amartya De

Here we have theBrother on the first leg of the journey to what proved to be the _Historic_ Inaugural *ADOS* Conference at St. Stephen Church / Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville.

So theBrother fell off the wagon in Grand style by having a Pint at a Pub before getting on the final (bus) leg on his way to the Inaugural ADOS Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Indian luncheon buffet in Indiana was so good theBrother had to do it twice (second serving).

It was the sign in the window offering an all you can eat luncheon special that drew theBrother in...

A Louisville citizen, Brother Ed, enlightens theBrother on essential truths concerning current ADOS realities of our downtrodden.

These are theBrother's last words from his Econo Lodge Downtown digs in Louisville, Kentucky, the City that was the cite of the historic Inaugural ADOS Conference on Reparations to -North- American Descents of -Chattel- Slavery.

Reggie from Boston reveals to theBrother what he deemed to be a most important point brought to the fore by this Inaugural ADOS ( -North- American Descents of -Chattel- Slavery) Conference.

...from an ADOS Lineage family.

Two Sistahs and theBrother try to understand...

It was a joy for theBrother to listen to Roscoe A. Howard at the Inaugural ADOS Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mother Joan & daughter Stacy show theBrother ADOS educational evidence in their lineage. the building with theBrother asking questions.

It is explained to theBrother how Stacy Rose failed to bring her siblings to the Inaugural ADOS Conference.

One question; one answer told to theBrother.

Tara Perry, as estimated by theBrother, is a true representation of AD0S_ SoCal.

Reggie from Boston spent some time chatting with theBrother.
Here they speak on what the title suggests.

The extraordinarily wonderful Joan M. Howard speaks with theBrother on her lineage.

Mrs. Barnetta Turner Cosby, wife to Dr. Kevin W. Cosby, was gracious enough to share some thoughts with theBrother after an exhausting a
ADOS Inaugural Conference.

Senior Pastor Norman Sizemore of the Missionary Baptist Church explains to theBrother how it all began.


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