Professor Dolores Cahill who is President of the World Doctor's Alliance announces that COVID is over.

This is a video of Polish MPs protesting over the Police State that has been substituted by unelected medical bureaucrats for a once free, democratic system. Australia is now being compared to North Korea. It is very obvious that the Globalists are Beta-testing this style of authoritarianism in Australia to see whether they can impose it worldwide. Good on the Polish MPs for standing up for human rights!

This is a video from Avi Yemini's channel showing New Yorkers demonstrating against the oppression that people in Australia are currently experiencing. It contains some surprising footage of a police officer cheering the crowd.

This is a terrific piece of satire where the official at the swimming pool tries to enforce the ludicrous rule that everyone must wear a life jacket in the pool. His justifications are the same ones that people raise in favour of involuntary vaccination.

Look at what happens when this woman who knows her rights stands up to a fascist thug. He can't stand her defiant response to his unlawful and legally unjustifiable command. The woman's position is subsequently exonerated by the thug's commanding officer.

This is one of Greg Reeses's videos. The simple truth is provided without any fanfare or embroidery. Once again, the mRNA jabs have been shown to be more lethal than the condition. With something that has a greater than 99% survival rate for all age groups - why are people choosing to have something that is more lethal than the condition injected into them? Could stupidity be the answer?

Australia has become ground zero for Great Reset tyranny. The free people of Australia are under total assault by power-mad tyrants hell-bent on returning the heart of Oceania into a third-world prison by spreading the great covid lie throughout its Federations.

Australian politicians within the bubble of its constitutional monarchy have revealed over the years that they are not exempt from the criminal perversions of the global elite.

And so it is the message of the Elite that is dominating Australia. The edicts of social engineering waged upon the once free isolated nation as the proving ground for the Great Reset.

The United Nations defacto Imperialism has even managed to threaten the very lifeblood of the Australian economy.....Coal.

If we stand up for Australia. We stand up for our sovereignty. And in the long run deliver the global elite, the true enemy of all free peoples on this rock spinning on the same polar axis around the same sun a defeat they will never forget. We the people are the true masters of the Universe.

This is a documentary on how Anthony Fauci planned to kill people before the pandemic started and how he is doing it right now. It talks about the lethal treatment protocols in place fr COVID 19 - a condition that has a greater than 99% survival rate for all age groups. The public has been well and truly gaslighted by the Lamestream media and tyrannical psychopaths from the Devos Forum.

Jay Dyer is hosting the Alex Jones Show. He talks about the Satanic or Luciferian undermining of society. You may not believe the stuff that the so-called "Luciferians" and "Satanists" are spouting but the problem is that they have had a great deal of success with this stuff. Further, they see you like sheep to be trampled upon and by ignoring them, you are letting them do this! If you do nothing, then, you are complicit in your own demise and the demise of your children! It might be time to wake up and do so as a matter of urgency!

This is one of Greg Reese's videos. It is an interview with Richardo Bosi, where he describes the sheer evil and treason involved in the worldwide campaign to force everyone to become injected with the mRNA shots.

This is one of Project Veritas' videos. It is an interview between James O'Keefe and a nasty little fascist who wants to use blowdarts on the black community and to force the unvaccinated to wear Nazi-style yellow stars. It is chilling to see the sort of people whom the Globalists employ as minions also known as "useful idiots". Just looking at this video should be enough to turn a person off being injected with the COVID jab.

This is a Project Veritas interview with a nurse from an Indian reservation who is exposing evil at the highest level concerning the COVID not-vaccines. The nurse's name is Jodi O'Malley and she is a hero!

Dr Zelenko - The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens is the full title. Here, Dr Vladimir Zelenko talks about the lies and tyranny that are being used to induce people to be injected with the "death shot". He points out that Australia has surrendered her guns and that that makes it difficult to stand up to a tyrannical government.

See how many numb-skulls believe in the lies and propaganda of the Lamestream Media - frightening! One person is very red-pilled which is good to see!

More vaccine lies and yet we hear from the lamestream media that "...these vaccines are safe and effective". Liars and murderers!

This is one of Jon Bowne's videos about the World's favourite pocket-sized psychopath - Dr Anthony Fauci. It's a good summation of Fauci's sheer evil!

Why didn't Ernest Ramirez do his homework on vaccine safety and the mortality rates from COVID 19 before he got his son the jab? COVID 19 has a survival rate of greater than 99% for all age groups and there are cures available. Why didn't he look at the number of deaths from the vaccine and realise that they outstripped the number of deaths from COVID 19? COVID 19 has killed fewer people than heart disease and cancer. The death rate from COVID 19 worldwide according to the WHO is less than the number of people who die from inadequate medical treatment or alcohol abuse. Governments were the leading cause of unnatural death during the Twentieth Century with the death rate from "Democide" which is death by the government being estimated at between 282,000, 000, 000 to 300,000,000 by the Univesity of Hawaii and the University of Arkansas - none of these deaths was combatant! Why would any rational person trust governments? Look at the way they lied and claimed that his son wasn't vaccinated at the local hospital and falsely claimed that his son was obese - he finds out that they are liars after the event!

This is one of Alex Jones' videos. As usual, it is tomorrow's news today! Biden just declared himself medical dictator over America. No State’s rights. Total power over all private businesses, just like the CDC claiming authority over landlords. This is a global corporate takeover of America.

This is one of Dr Steve Turley's videos. This video shows the populist uprising against vax mandates.
NOTE: This video contains some very important news for Australia - the Truckies Blockade has gone ahead but there is a news blackout in place within Australia and Woolies are lying to customers about why the shelves are empty. In this video, Steve examines the question of how we got to the point of tyranny that we are at now. His answer is interesting and that is we have become what is termed a "Risk Society" which is where risk-management is undertaken by unelected technocrats. This is how Globalism manages us. This is how our freedom has gone by replacing morality based on such matters as the so-called "Ten Commandments" - (actually there are 613) with the power that comes from the barrel of a gun, so all we have is brute force to compel people to behave morally.

This is one of Greg Reese's videos. Greg Reese is one of my favourite reporters on Infowars because he says everything that he needs to say in not much more than five minutes - all documented and factual.

This is a video where a Professor of Law won a suit against enforced vaccination against COVID-19 where he was able to prove in court that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-acquired immunity and more comprehensive.

This is quite a piece of debunking - some lying doctor claimed that there were so many Ivermectin overdoses that hospitals had to turn away gunshot victims - all false there were no Ivermectin overdoses not were any gunshot victims turned away and the doctor hadn't worked in the hospitals for months. This is one of Owen Shroyer's videos.

This is an interview with Dr Peter Breggin, psychiatry's conscience, who is also profoundly well-informed on the subject of epidemiology. Dr Breggin has seen through the predators like Bill Gates and Klauss Schwabb. This is an extremely informative video!

This is an interview with Dr Byram Bridle, who was instrumental in developing the spike protein in the mRNA "vaccines". In this interview, he admits to Laura Ingrahm that the spike protein does NOT stay in the shoulder muscle as predicted and is potentially very dangerous.

This is a video of Fred Corbin who has a background in nuclear and chemical weapons study. Corbin used leaked documents to prove that the mRNA "vaccines" are bioweapons.


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