This is one of Alex Jones' videos who employed a statistician to analyse the data and that statistician has confirmed what many of us suspected all along - COVID-19 is a hoax! The virus may be real but the fatality rate worldwide is less than normal seasonal influenza. COVID-19 has cured cancer, heart disease, road accidents, shark attacks, gunshot and wound because these deaths are now being attributed to COVID-19.

This is one of Greg Reese's videos and like the rest, he has managed to get the facts across in a very short period of time! His videos are excellent, logical and informative!

Del Bigtree discusses the myths and lies that the official narrative has fostered with COVID-19 , all of which is designed to terrify the public into submission, that means, accepting Bill Gates' vaccines!

Hydrochloroquin is highly effective against COVID-19 and saves lives but the talking heads of the Lamestream Media and the evil Dr Fauci want you to believe otherwise! The talking heads are pathological liars - one thing these political activists, disguised as journalists were telling people was that Chlorine dioxide was commercial bleach when commercial bleach is Sodium hypochlorite. The talking heads actually told people that Sodium and Chlorine were two different names for the same substance when they are completely different elements!

This is one of Jeff Taylor's excellent, factual and informative videos. He cites evidence that Baris may be going soft on Brexit and giving in to the EU - this is not what the people voted to achieve, so let's hope it's wrong!

This video came from Alex Jones' banned. video website and is highly informative.

This is a very well put together video by David Icke that explains the COVID-19 hoax

This is yet another timely warning about vaccines and the eugenicists, Bill and Melinda Gates - if you're not red-pilled already, it's time to get that way!

This is another of Greg Reese's excellent, logical, factual and highly informative videos!

This is one of Amazing Polly's videos. This examines all of the unnecessary restrictions put in place over COVID-19 and how they conform to the UN's definition of torture.

This is one of James Corbett's excellent videos! This one is about who checks the fact-checkers? It is "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" Corbett exposes the smear tactics that some pro-vaccine, pro-Gates people have used to try to discredit medical research and facts that do not conform to the narrative.

This is another one of Jeff Taylor's factual and informative videos. What I love about Jeff's videos is that they are analytical and all of his claims can be substantiated with facts - no "feels". Jeff is definitely not a Social Justice Warrior - always a point in someone's favour!

The fantastic Truth Factory has produced yet another informative video that debunks the narrative - this is an instant Red Pill on the whole BLM situation.

This video is confronting - this is what happened to a defenceless sixteen-year-old girl in Southern Cross Station in broad daylight. She was set upon by a gang of black thugs and severely beaten while onlookers did nothing. This was a racially-inspired attack. Had it been a gang of white attackers almost everyone would have intervened. No racially-inspired attack is acceptable no matter what the skin colour or ethnicity of the victim!

Dr Souyma Swaminthamin discusses vaccine safety behind closed doors a the UN Global Safety Summit on 3 December 2019.

The message is force is more effective than voting, violence works and until the violence stops this will keep working.

Tucker Carlson explains the problems associated with the insanity of this identity politics movement who want to defund the police. This movement is gaining momentum and it really has nothing to do with saving black lives but is all about authoritarian control.

This is a Paul Weston video. Paul has argued very convincingly all the time, substantiating his position with facts. The video is brief and straight to the point - highly informative and well worth the time.

This is the chilling truth about the COVID-19 epidemic and how the leaders of the US used it to undermine democracy: The problem is that the public let them undermine democracy!

This is another of Greg Reese's videos. It exposes Bill Gates' Eugenics agenda as well as the ties on both sides of his family to the Nazis.

This is a factual video that was deleted by YouTube that shows that African-Americans are not subject to genocide. According to FBI statistics, more unarmed whites are killed by the police than blacks. A police officer is around 800 times more likely to be killed by a black than a black by a police officer! I do NOT condone the killing of George Floyd but lies do not help his cause and racial violence that is tearing the USA apart is not helping anyone, especially the blacks who lose their jobs because the businesses have been burned down by looters! Blacks constitute only about 13% of the US population but commit around 51% of violent crimes hence they are more likely to be apprehended by the police than whites but once apprehended, they are nearly 50% less likely to be killed than whites.

Black Lives Matter protests are based on a false premise - Ami Horowitz went to a protest but the protesters were not interested in facts!

This is one of Mahyar Tousi's videos. Mahyar is very well-informed and has provided authoritative commentary on Brexit for some time now. Mahyar Tousi is very interesting - he was born in Iran and raised in Britain. His family had to leave Iran because for religious reasons as they are not Muslims and this placed their lives in danger. Tousi is the sort of migrant every country would want - he has assimilated and made a stunning contribution to the UK with his accurate commentary on Brexit and UK politics generally.

This is one of Jeff Taylor's videos. Jeff has a great political understanding as well as an understanding of the legalities of Brexit. He was one of the early campaigners for Britain to leave the EU.

This is another video by Greg Reese. This one talks about how the unelected DAVOS Group wants to reset the world's currency in order to enslave us! Scary stuff people!


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