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Bob The Plumber 7/8/2021

Bob The Plumber Show 7/1/2021

Bob The Plumber 6/15/2021 With Guests Marien Burrientos & Andrea

Bob The Plumber 5/27/2021 Ft. guests Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, Marien Barrientos, and Pedro Chavez Zavala

Bob The Plumber 5/25/2021


Bob The Plumber 5/13/2021

Bob The Plumber 5/13/2021


Bob The Plumber 4/22/2021

Bob The Plumber 4/1/2021

Bob The Plumber 3/25/2021

Bob the Plumber Show 3/18/2021

The Bob the Plumber Show 3/11/2021

A boy who recovered from autism goes to the COMUSAV conference - thank you Andreas Kalcker!

In a miraculous recovery, a boy with autism thanks Andreas Kalcker when all others said there was no hope, just learn to deal with it. COMUSAV in Mexico 2021 conference

Bob The Plumber Show 3/5/2021


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ClO2 is chlorine dioxide.
It has been used for years to purify water in sanitizing systems in the US and around the world, and there's some evidence that it may have the ability to improve your health when taken internally. Unfortunately, there have been wild claims about its effectiveness, so much so that many mainstream medical and media outlets look at it as just another form of snake oil.

We believe that you should have the right to make your own decisions about your healthcare, and that any and all information you gather should be evaluated carefully for its accuracy and its reputability.

In the end, choosing to use CLO2 is a personal decision.Get the Facts! Don't rely on the media to feed you what they decide you should know; get the facts and decide for yourself. You have the right to make an informed decision. Don't let anybody take that from you! It's Simple ~ With so much anecdotal evidence, the mainstream media asks the wrong questions. WE ASK ~ "WHY ISN'T CLO2 BEING TESTED?"

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