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A popular soap from yesteryear.

A popular soap from yesteryear.

A popular soap from yesteryear.

Build-A-Burger - the story of a failed DJ, a fast-food chain, and the seven circles of hell. Available now on Nook, Kindle & Apple. To learn more visit

After getting fired for declaring a false nuclear emergency, Billy loses his spot as a Sunshine Radio DJ, and is forced to take up his old job at a local burger bar. By chance, Billy inherits a shortwave set from his late Uncle Red, a piece of stolen technology lifted from the 'Philadelphia Experiment', and decides to start up his own pirate station.

Dead Talk Radio haunts the airwaves of Newtown for weeks with little fanfare. Until, during his very last show, a prank caller named 'God' phones in and convinces Billy that he's suffered a major psychotic break. Insisting that he's spent weeks calling for an armed insurrection, and with the Feds hot on his tail, God offers Billy a quick way out. Seeing no other option, he follows God's instructions and repeats the simple mantra, 'I'm not here'.

Billy finds himself lost in the seven circles of hell, slipping through one parallel dimension to the next. In one case of mistaken identity after another, he's credited as the inventor of the world's first burger, and his new fast food chain takes the globe by storm. Billy's company expands into mass media and sets up its own independent network. Within months, the constant rebukes by his mainstream competitors elevate his news show to number one in the ratings.

When Billy's invited to meet with the Alumniati, a secret cabal of the richest and most powerful leaders of the world, he finds them more than willing to aid him in his mission, to start a global uprising and sweep the shadow elite from the face of the Earth.

But why would the Alumniati seek their own destruction? What fate lies in wait for humanity? Only Billy, the star of his own news show, 'Infogod', can show the way. The reality behind all realities, the mother lode of truth for a fake news world.

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