By Rebecca Husselbee  Britain’s longest-running brass band is marking its 120th anniversary by sending its album for peace to every world leader to mark Armistice Day.  The Desford Colliery Band, which has around 30 members, say they are using the power of music to plead for peace and unity across the world to commemorate the […]

By Jamie Smith  A circus trainer has shown off his elephant’s incredible tricks – which he insists comes from having ‘perfect trust’ with the animal. Rene Casselly from Budapest, Hungary, is a seventh generation show performer and animal trainer – and has proved it certainly is possible to teach an old elephant new tricks. Amazing […]

By Randal Coombs Cody White, filmed the amusing moment his 21-year-old brother, Clay, stunned parents at Urban Air Bryan Texas in late September when he pretended he was hanging whilst riding a zipline in front of children and their parents. Speaking about the incident, Cody said “I just asked my brother to do something funny […]

By Luke Kenton This 72-year-old man proved to be a TAP off the old block when his granddaughter asked him to be her dance partner. Little Maeve Jones, 10, was in desperate need of a dance partner for her summer recital tap routine, so she turned to her 72-year-old grandfather, who proved age really is […]

By Daniel Bird A mum is furious after her luxury £44,000 Range Rover ‘spontaneously burst into flames’ on her drive – causing £119,000 of destruction. Trudie Birch, 42, was asleep at home in Bromsgrove, Worcs, in the early hours of September 21 when her six-month-old Range Rover Evoque went up in flames – causing catastrophic […]

By Randal Coombs  A cat was caught in a spin after detesting his owners choice of Halloween costume.  Andrew Simpson took the video of his seven-year-old cat Percy after dressing him in a Halloween themed collar but get stuck in reverse trying to remove it.  Andrew said: “He does things like this all the time […]

By David Aspinall A hen party reveller was left red faced when she landed on her head while performing a cheeky lapdance. While celebrating her upcoming nuptials in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, Samantha Fulcher won a friendly game of bingo. As her prize, she chose to pick a ‘date’ meaning she had to grab an […]

By Jack Williams A determined cystic fibrosis sufferer has smashed a world record by lifting a staggering ONE MILLION kilograms of weight in less than 24 hours. The total lifted by Brit Josh Llewellyn-Jones, 31, equated to around three Boeing 747 jets, smashing the previous record of 475,000kg lifted in the same timeframe. That total […]

This spooky footage showing a tarantula ‘as big as a man’s hand’ scurrying out of an underground burrow is an arachnophobes worst nightmare. While on a hike through the Amazon rainforest in the Tambopata region of Peru, David Jenkins was part of a group searching for exotic animals. Stumbling upon a burrow on the forest […]

By Charlotte Nisbet  These miracle triplets are celebrating their second birthday in chocolate cake style after their parents spent £60,000 on IVF.  With chocolate cake all over their faces, Amelie, Maya-Albertine, and Etta Wooldridge have celebrated their second birthdays.  After turning two today [October 15] their parents Rebecca, 44, and husband, David, 49, can’t believe […]

By Ben Walley Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon Rahmat Omar, 49, from Kuala Lumpur, filmed the remarkable moment he removed a live tick from deep inside a patients ear canal. Speaking of the shocking footage, Rahmat said “The patient was in a lot of discomfort, they were so happy when I removed it. “It’s certainly […]

By Katy Gill  This young girl is following in her father’s footsteps having become a tattoo artist at just SIX YEARS OLD.  Noko Nishigaki, now 9, has built a growing list of clients and often uses her father’s skin as a canvas to practice on.  Born in Japan but having recently moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, […]

By Randal Coombs Hilarious footage has emerged showing scaredy-cat twins trying to get rid of bugs with a make-shift flame-thrower. Erika and Stefany Julienne, from Montreal, Canada, were studying hard for their exams when they were distracted by a fruit fly, which landed on Erika’s paper.  Desperate to find a way to get rid of […]

By David Aspinall A barefoot passenger performed bizarre stretching exercises while laying down on an airport floor. Lying down on the shiny black surface in Lima airport, Peru, on September 17, the turquoise T-shirt clad man has his back flat on the ground with his legs bent. Stretching out his right leg and foot first, […]

By Katy Gill  JD Blair recently filmed the video whilst driving down Interstate 75, near Tipp City, Ohio, USA.  Obviously amused by the sight he was witnessing, JD could be heard laughing whilst capturing the cow hanging its head out of the window, appreciating the breeze.  The black pickup truck also had a fence-like frame […]

By Jamie Smith  This adorable dog left to die after being born with two legs walks and runs perfectly balanced on her hind legs.  Putol was born with only her front legs, but she didn’t let her deformity stop her.  With the help of her owner Danilo Codilego Jr., the six-year-old canine has now learned […]

By Jamie Smith This stunning POV kayak footage shows the crystal clear waters of Norway’s lakes and fjords. Marine Researcher, Thomasz Furmanek, 44, from Bøjarnesveien, Norway, captured the incredible images and video whilst kayaking through various fjords and lakes in the Scandinavian country. During Thomasz’s free time, he works as a freelance photographer travelling around […]

By Jasmine Kazlauskas   Footage has emerged of a bizarre baby formula frenzy at an Australian supermarket – after dozens of ‘crazed shoppers’ were filmed frantically lining up to get their hands on new stock.  Stunned shopper Goksel Ada, from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, witnessed the bizarre occurrence at his local Woolworths supermarket in Auburn […]

By Luke Kenton A dog abandoned in the wake of Hurricane Florence was rescued from a submerged home after spending more than a week floating on his family’s sofa. Carrying gushing winds of up to 137mph, Hurricane Florence brought devastation to the east coast of America – killing 37 people in the Carolinas and Virginia […]

By Kim Reader Meet the adorable brother and sister fighting gender stereotypes before they’ve even hit double digits. Freddie Young, seven, is a budding male ballet dancer while his little sister Maggie Young, five, has a passion for playing rugby. ‘Theatrical’ Freddie has had a love for music and dance for as long as his […]

BY NICOLAS FERNANDES  Meet the student who is allergic to almost everything and can have seizures from just the smell of food, soap or laundry detergent.  Cheyanne Perry, 21, of South Carolina, USA, is battling the tormenting symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Gastroparesis.  The symptoms of her chronic illnesses started worsening […]

By Bilal Kuchay In a bizarre world record attempt, a Pakistani man has cracked 247 walnuts with his head in just ONE minute. Video shows Mohammad Rashid Naseem, 32, from Karachi, head-smashing a batch of walnuts kept in two long lines and breaking them, amid cheers and applause from the audience. The world record was […]

By James Somper A pensioner said she still feels at home after spending her whole life living on the same road. Widow Madge Jackson, 88, has lived in three houses on Cross Street in Kettlebrook, Tamworth, Staffs, since since she was born at number 23 in 1930. She has spent her entire life on the […]

By Mike Jones These incredible images show the incredible colours created by nature on the walls of a dormant volcano.  Florian Ledoux, 29, captured the images in an old magma chamber of an extinct Icelandic volcano called Thrihnukagigur. The wildlife Arctic photographer, from Reykjavik, Iceland, described the magical results of the eruption, which spread different-coloured […]

By David Aspinall This niece probably wishes her aunt wouldn’t clown around so much after her hilarious reaction to a mask prank. As Tylar Denholm took her 18-month-old relative around B&M in Lanark, the pair walked past the Halloween items. Deciding to have a little fun, she puts the mask on quickly as Alexa drinks […]


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