By Nelson Groom Extraordinary footage captures the moment a python devoured a currawong bird while dangling from the roof of an Australian home. In proof nowhere is safe from deadly wildlife Down Under, the video shows the serpent hanging its lifeless prey from the television antenna above a Kingscliff home in NSW. Cathy Gall, 60, […]

By Charlotte Nisbet A desperate family has spent £10k in a bid to find a missing Cockapoo who vanished four years ago. From hiring pet psychologists to paying for ‘missing dog’ banners and leaflets, Dawn Purvis, 46, and her family have tried it all to get their beloved pooch, Izzy, back. It has now been […]

By Josh Saunders A rainbow baby born with Down Syndrome been dubbed ‘Smiley Riley’ has been melting hearts as a model. Riley Baxter, four, from Rochester, Kent, has already been the face of a Mothercare advert, the Jools Oliver Little Bird range and more. His parents Stuart and Kirsty, 40 and 42, initially feared how […]

By David Aspinall An aggressive pair of kudus went antler to antler in an epic and rarely seen battle. Edrich Schafer was leading a tour through the Kruger National Park on December 28, 2018, when he came across two angry bulls. The two kudus – the world’s second largest species of antelope – proved a […]

By Neo Bye A dog pooped all over the living room leaving his owner to come to quite a mess.  Wilson, the four year old Bulldog, left several parcels on the carpet which his owner, Nichola Todd, 32, discovered. She said: “I smelt it before I saw it, I knew there was something wrong…  “I […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith A pensioner has spent almost £135K on her collection of deadly snakes and shared her home with more than 500 reptiles. Sue Coleman, 70, first became fascinated with snakes back in 1992 and has since owned hundreds of the creatures – with some being more than 9ft [2.7 metres] long and able […]

By Randall Coombs This adorable video shows the moment a thoughtful dad revealed to his son he had bought him a puppy. Proud parents Judie, 22, and Isaih Apolinar, 23, picked up Ziggy, an eight-week-old pitbull pup, for their six-year-old son Eli to help him deal with his autism. The couple from San Jose, California, […]

By Randal Coombs This is the hilarious moment a crane attacked its own reflection in a glass door. Cassy Rivers, from Windermere, Florida, was working at Windemere Elementary School earlier this month when she heard some mysterious noises. Cassy, 54, was amazed to find a sandhill crane pecking at the glass doors and soon realised […]

By Kristiana Hall This adorable pair of rescue orangutans have the ultimate bromance. Velentino and Yutris met on Valentine’s Day 2015 in Nyaru Menteng in Indonesia and became friends straight away. Velentino was found alone and frightened in a forest, while his mate had been kept illegally as a pet. But a real affection emerged […]

By Randal Coombs A needy dog stands on its back legs and waves its paws for attention. As Edward Brown watched over his toy poodle, bichon frise mix, Pluto the pooch demanded he give him more respect. Edward, from Detroit, Michigan, said: “Pluto will do this when one of us is about to leave and […]

By David Aspinall  A disgusting spitting fight broke out in the middle of a busy road over a dangerous crossing. In the centre of Wuxi, China, in February, two men were engaged in a heated argument before things turned vile. Supposedly after one man wearing a blue jacket had tried to cross at an inopportune […]

By David Apsinall A clumsy cat tried to cling on to a bookcase before falling to the floor. Moggy Maggie was trying to leap on to owner Molly Wilkinson’s furniture to get hold of her other cat. Misjudging the leap, Moggy desperately tries to cling on with her paws before failing after a few seconds.  […]

By Neo Bye This bizarre apple snail looks like an alien as it tries to eat off glass.  Singalita Dalhoeven filmed her new insect pet at home in Boekelo, The Netherlands, as its feelers moved all over the glass. Singalita said: “Apple snails are unusual because they have both a gill and a lung.  “The mantle […]

By Hollie Bone If the words ‘abandoned asylum’ don’t strike a deathly cold fear in you, you’d be braver than most – but you wouldn’t be the only one brave enough to take a peek inside.  A 27-year-old photographer from Worcester, known only as ‘Dab Hand’, took an informal tour of the derelict Whitchurch Hospital […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith An ostrich appears to have been adopted by a family of elephants – and now they even walk the same way.  The unique friendship between an ostrich and a parade of elephants has been captured in Indalu Game Reserve, Mossel Bay, South Africa.  Having grown up alongside elephants, the nine-year-old ostrich called […]

By David Aspinall An underwater photographer had a close call with a giant fin whale which almost swallowed him along with a mouthful of food. Diver Peter Schneider was filming orcas in the waters off Skjervoy, Norway, when he had a huge surprise. When a group of tiny fish started to swim towards the surface, […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? A pensioner has proven she’s a killer Queen fan after watching the film Bohemian Rhapsody a staggering 80 TIMES and spending more than £500 on tickets.  Annie Hunter, from Walsall, West Mids, has spent a total of 10,640 minutes watching the film […]

By Jack Williams This incredible 11 foot structure may look like a giant wave, but it was actually created using 168,000 STRAWS – highlighting the world’s plastic waste problem. Photographer Ben Von Wong is used to working on large scale projects to bring attention to environmental issues, and for this installation he even broke a […]

By Becca Husselbee A young female orangutan that had been kept in a crate for nearly four years has been rescued by a team of conservationists and Indonesian Forestry officials. The female orangutan, named Senandung, was a victim of the illegal wildlife trade and was being kept by a local man, named Aliansah, in a […]

Creative Owner Finds Foolproof Way To Ensure Blind Fish Manages To Eat His Food

By Randal Coombs An unfortunate pair proved that the couple that slips together, stays together as they fell down the same icy step on separate occasions within mere hours of each other. In what will be an unwanted future Valentines Day tradition, Michael and Alisha took a tumble just outside their front door in upstate […]

By Chris Jaffray and Pete Goddard  This classic car has a very MINI mileage – having done only 16 miles in 30 years. Brother and sister Mick Evans and Gillian Evans went to Wright’s Garage in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, to pick up a new car in 1989 – and no one then would have believed nearly […]

By Jasmine Kazlauskas An outraged mum has slammed a popular department store after discovering a ‘rude and graphic’ depiction of MALE GENITALIA on her child’s toy – and is now calling for it to be banned. Before going on a family trip to the zoo earlier this month [FEB 8], mum-of-five Tanya Husnu, 33, thought […]

By Andrew Kao A woman has fulfilled her childhood dream to become a modern mermaid. Ocean conservationist, Beth Neale, 36, can be seen exploring the fresh waters of South Africa wearing her silicone mermaid tail. In the clip, Beth is embracing her inner-mermaid while exploring shipwrecks, she’s encountered by sucker fish and can been seen […]

By David Aspinall Amazing footage captured a frozen tree melting from the inside out. Grey Johnson was walking through his yard at home in Monroe, Michigan, on February 12 when he spotted the strange phenomenon. A thin layer of ice had formed around one of the trees in his garden, before beginning to melt next […]


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