By Joe McFarlane Incredible macro footage shows a colony of ants devouring a delicious drop of honey. Budding wildlife photographer Ionut State didn’t have to travel all the way to the plains of Africa or the jungles of South America in order to capture some mesmerising wildlife footage.  Instead, 34-year-old warehouse co-ordinator headed out to […]

By Federico Cornetto A freediver swam through one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, the Zenobia wreck. Dutch filmmaker Daan Verhoeven filmed Georgina Miller, a British freediving veteran and record-holder, as she swam through the picturesque wreck while holding her breath. The video, filmed in October 2018 in the waters off Lanarca, Cyprus […]

By Hollie Bone This determined rescue dog has proved not only cats have nine lives after he survived being shot dozens of times before cheating death again when he was run over on major motorway. Four-year-old liver pointer Cola’s incredible survival story started when he was abandoned as an unwanted gun dog in Cyprus – […]

By Chris Jaffray A rare condition means this adorable cat tumbles head over heels every few steps like he’s drunk when trying to walk. Black moggy Thorin, named after the dwarf in The Hobbit, was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition known as ‘wobbly cat syndrome’. But owner Maria Skold, from Conneticut, insisted the […]

By Lucy Notarantonio An adorable five-year-old is no longer a victim to playground bullies thanks to her new pink prosthetic hand. Little Lottie Wilson-Dale was left distraught when other children branded her ‘snake arm’ after being born without her left arm. Lottie was born with amniotic banding syndrome – a birth defect which prevents the […]

By Randal Coombs A grumpy cat slid a knife under a bathroom door to protest being left alone. When Gracie was looking after a friend’s flat in New York, she also had to look after the pet cat. The needy feline couldn’t bare to be left alone for more than a few seconds, so much […]

By Federico Cornetto A clever puppy escaped an enclosure by standing on the shoulders of his tiny friend. Golden Retriever breeder Pedro Braga, from Belém do Pará, Brazil, filmed one of his newborns as it cleverly climbed up another puppy’s shoulders to escape the enclosure where it was kept. The adorable moment terminated with the […]

By Randal Coombs A baseball team cleared their waterlogged field using just rakes thanks to an ingenious method. The University of Dallas Crusaders thought their game would be called off because of torrential rain on April 18. Jeremy Rodriguez filmed the team pushing in unison as the final puddle was carefully guided to a makeshift […]

By Joe McFarlane A professional bee removal technician tackled a giant nest filled with hundreds of Hornets that was strategically hidden behind a dry wall. Like any hero, Travis Watson has an alter ego, with the 29-year-old hitting the streets of Canfield, Ohio, tackling the biggest and baddest Hornets under the title of “The Bee […]

By Mollie Mansfield A teenage girl has been cured of her crippling phobia of chewing and slurping that forced her to sit alone in restaurants and nearly throwing up for 14 years. For her entire life, Danielle, 14, would feel physically sick anytime she heard someone eat or drink around her – to the point […]

By Shweta Sharma This Hawaiian freestyler has taken his passion for spinning a basketball a notch higher. Kalani Ahmad, who is better known as KalaniBallFree, has found a profession in spinning basketballs. He is so talented he can spin not one or two but SIX basketballs synchronously and on the tips and edges of various […]

By Mollie Mansfield A young woman who is engaged to her mother’s friend – who is 29 years her senior – says she’s excited to have children with her beau despite family calling him a ‘paedophile’. Kayla Pratt, 20, first met future fiance, Robert Longo Jr, 49, in March 2018 when she was asked by […]

By Josh Saunders Urban explorers have visited the abandoned £23million mansion that was used in iconic James Bond film Never Say Never Again. Serving as a former hotel and spa, the unnamed location in East Anglia, lies near perfectly-preserved and rife with homages to royalty. Salesmen Matt Nadin, 39, and Andy Thompson, 53, of South […]

By Federico Cornetto A team of kind-hearted rescuers brought five distressed ducklings who had become trapped in a drain box back to safety. On April 16 rescuers from LA Animal Services Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART) arrived at Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, after receiving a call about five baby ducks stuck at the park’s […]

By Ellie Duncombe A greedy squirrel needed to be rescued after getting trapped in a ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeder by its belly. Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, was called to a garden in Ashtead, Surrey, he was surprised to see his rescue mission. Walking over to the squirrel on March 29, the squirrel’s back […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith A giant venomous stingray – the very same type that killed Steve Irwin – loves nothing more than being petted by humans after residing at a busy harbour. Esther Jacobs, AGE,  enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Parrie – a short-tailed stingray who has been named by locals – while visiting a […]

By Mikey Jones A chess grand master has played his toughest game – while skydiving from a plane thousands of feet above the ground. Timur Faridovich Gareyev, 31, was able to carry out the stunt just days before he was due to contest the San Diego Chess Open in California. The chess player who is […]

By Neo Bye A man who didn’t believe Alexa listened to conversations was left stunned when it blessed him for sneezing. Randy Leftwich was filming himself doubting the claims that the Amazon assistant was listening even if not summoned when he let out a sneeze. The 47-year-old was seemingly shocked when the bot replied ‘bless […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith A loved up duo have claimed to be ‘UK’s fittest couple’ after spending over £30,000 to fund their extreme healthy lifestyle.    The impressive pair have invested not only time, but money into what has become an extreme lifestyle – Emily has spent over £5000 on bodybuilding competitions alone, including her outfits, […]

A teenager who has Tourette’s syndrome shows how she plays Jenga. Brennan Hawkins, from Timaru, New Zealand, shows the lighter side of her condition in many ways, including how she plays boardgames. The student has visible tics arising from her syndrome and while her friend carefully tries to build the tower, Brennan constantly keeps knocking […]

By Aliki Kraterou The adorable blind pooch has his own guide dog, who helps him navigate and has become his best friend. Amos, a staffy cross and Toby, nine, a border terrier, have been inseparable for the past year, with Toby defending Amos from other dogs and even help him find his water bowl. Jess […]

By James Somper A woman who lost over half her body weight is asking strangers to pay £12,000 to get rid of her excess skin to finally give her the body of her dreams. Steph O’Shea, 27, was almost 21 stone at her heaviest – but has managed to shed 10 stone after years of […]

By Joe McFarlane Disney fiction became reality as a real-life fox and hound are the best of friends. In this day and age of live-action Disney remakes, Carrie Miller, 47, has the billion-dollar behemoth beat with her pet fox Phoenix, two, and four-month-old Labrador Copper. The unlikely furry friends love nothing more than chasing each […]

By Aliki Kraterou A teenager believed to be the UK’s youngest accountant already has 10 paying clients after setting up his own business aged 12 – and wants to be a millionaire by 25. Ranveer Singh Sandhu, 15, decided from an early age he had only one desire professionally – to be an accountant – […]

By Josh Saunders Meet the real life Ace Ventura pet detective who tracks down lost cats, dogs, birds and even ferrets. Jamie Katz, 38, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has cracked more than 500 cases since starting the job alongside her two canine companions – five-year-old doggy detectives Gable, a Brittany, and Fletcher, a terrier-mix, four […]


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