By Chris Jaffray   Forget From Paris with Love, this is Paris from above! A teen has captured terrifying footage of himself dangling one-handed from a crane – 650 feet above the French capital. The heart-stopping video shows 18-year-old Adam Lockwood making his way up the red crane in Puteaux, a western suburb of the […]

By Joe McFarlane   A group of daredevils performed the world’s first bungee jump while tied to a wingsuit pilot. As a team of three stuntmen flew 4000m over Chalon, France, in June, Aimard Alexandre captured a world first. With world record holder Vincent Descols leading events, a wingsuit pilot had a bungee jump attached […]

By Joseph McFarlane This humble man buys food and drinks for the homeless at every opportunity. Naseraldin Mohamed works in a small gourmet deli in the Bronx, New York, in which many homeless people can be seen on the streets. Naseraldin helps those on the streets by buying them a meal consisting of a sandwich, […]

By Randal Coombs A cheeky one-year-old buried her face into a birthday cake at a family photoshoot. Kate Calvert had gathered her husband and son all together for some lovely pictures celebrating her daughter Henley’s first birthday on August 14. Sat with her special strawberry-flavoured cake made by a friend, little Henley couldn’t look happier […]

By Jack Mobley A brave man filmed every treadmill run he did while topless on his way to dropping more than three stone in eight months. On January 1, 2019 Londoner Billy Richards tipped the scales at an unhealthy 17 stone and was determined to change his lifestyle and physique thus embarking on his short […]

By Joe McFarlane An urban explored investigated an underground caved filled with hundreds of abandoned cars. Along with some friends, Neil Ansell travelled to a slate mine in North Wales in July after having heard rumours about a car graveyard. Getting into the relative dark, the group make their way through a damp tunnel until […]

By Jack Mobley This is the terrifying moment a stampede of bison crushed a rental car with a family inside, cracking one of the windows. Bruce Delle Chiaie, 50, was driving through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, with his wife and three children on August 13 when a herd of bison rushed on […]

By Randal Coombs   A crafty musician created his very own, fully functioning musical organ from bottles in his basement workshop. Leonard Solomon is a multi-skilled entertainer who enjoys creating original musical instruments as much as he enjoys playing them. Now Leonard has turned his crafty talents to creating a musical organ from musical bottles. […]

By David Aspinall   Britain’s bizarre summer weather continued as snow fell in a Warwickshire garden. Paul Arnold was looking outside of his window in Stratford-upon-Avon on August 19 when he spotted an unusual sight. Looking out over his picturesque lawn, unmistakeable snowflakes can be seen falling on to the grass. Paul said: “I have […]

By Jack Mobley This adorable feline friend will not stop pestering their owner while he works. Slaven Jedvaj was doing some freelance work at home in Zagreb, Croatia with furry foster companion Milka. The five-month-old moggy wanted nothing more than to rub her owner’s beard and walk all over his work. While attempting to ignore […]

By David Aspinall This is the incredible moment a safari guide stops a wild elephant in its tracks by clicking his fingers before shooing it out of his path. Louie Taylor was on a trip through the Amakhala Game Reserve in South Africa on April 16 when his guided tour was halted by a herd […]

By Jasmine Kazlauskas Meet the world’s most charismatic chihuahua who turns heads wherever she goes thanks to her incredible natural markings that look like EYEBROWS. While you wouldn’t guess it by looking at her now, pampered pooch Jolene didn’t have the best start in life and nearly ended up in an animal shelter after she […]

By Mikey Jones Amazing pictures have emerged of a brave diver swimming alongside thousands of jellyfish. The phenomenal photographs were taken by diving instructor Lushan He, 36, from Palau. She said: “It feels amazing to swim with so many jellyfish – it is something I’ve always wanted to do! “I first saw a picture of […]

By Federico Cornetto A spring-heeled college athlete tests his jumping ability by leaping over walls, people and even cars. Student and long jumper Ryan Tchoungoua, from New York, USA, has been practising long jumping for about two years. However, the 21-year-old can already perform unbelievable feats as he leaps over parked vehicles and standing people […]

By Federico Cornetto This is the terrifying moment a huge cliff collapsed close to a group of kayakers. Photographers Jon Smithers, 64, and Craig Blacklock, 65, were filming the multicoloured Pictured Rocks cliffs in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, when they witnessed a blood-chilling scene. On August 12, a huge portion of the cliff fell into Lake […]

By Jack Mobley This is the terrifying moment a stampede of bison crushed a rental car with a family inside, cracking one of the windows. Bruce Delle Chiaie, 50, was driving through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, with his wife and three children on August 13 when a herd of bison rushed on […]

By Randal Coombs   A pair of angry kittens unleashed their paws of fury as they were perched on a narrow window ledge. Shyanne Taylor had followed her cats Lily and Beans into the bathroom at home in Temple Terrace, Florida, as they chased a lizard. Having joined forces to chase of their reptile intruder, […]

By Federico Cornetto   A traveller swam in a stunning natural pool in the middle of a salt desert. Bridget Thackwray is one half the New Zealand traveling duo, Expedition Earth and in June, the 25-year-old and her partner Topher Richwhite, 33, visited the Danakil Depression, a geological depression in Ethiopia, which is one of […]

By Federico Cornetto   This is the inspiring moment a dancer began performing to a complete stranger’s music in a parking lot. Hobbyist dancer Christie Allen, 28, could not help but begin moving as she heard a violinist play in a parking lot in Memphis, Tennessee. Christie pirouetted towards the young man and for a […]

By Joe McFarlane   A daredevil urban explorer climbed the biggest building in Ukraine, resulting in some vertigo-inducing footage. Lithuanian urban explorer “shiey” has travelled all across Europe discovering some of the continent’s most unusual and sometimes even eerie abandoned locations. But on a trip to the Kiev, Ukraine, visiting shiey decided to get the […]

By James Somper A mum has revealed how she feeds a family of 10 for £150 a week – and is the queen of the “fakeaway”. Caroline Barnett, 45, says her meal plans for each week are like a military exercise and that she’s able to save thousands of pounds each year through her thrifty […]

By Joe McFarlane   A Swedish musician used the traditional method of Kulning singing to attract cows and wild birds to her side. Kulning is a high-pitched, Scandinavian singing technique traditionally used by women to communicate over great distances and to send signals. But talented singer and musician Åsa Larsson, 37, used the traditional artform […]

By Joe McFarlane   An abandoned bank vault containing leftover a diamond ring was discovered by a father and son demolition duo. Father and son duo Rick Langos, 50, and Darick, 20, have experienced quite the bit of luck over the years. Through Rick’s demolition company, the pair are able to explore a whole host […]

By Hannah Phillips You might not be able to remember the last time you saw a phone box on the high street – but Esther Houghton has plenty in her house! The self-confessed phone box addict has spent more than £3,000 turning her home in Biddulph, Staffs, into a shrine to the phone box. The […]

By Leah Fox A male model dubbed ‘Mr Tinder’ after becoming the dating app’s most swiped right man in history has finally found love – the old-fashioned way. Unlucky in love Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, 29, shot to fame in 2017 after Tinder announced more users had swiped right for him – an incredible 14,600 in two […]


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