By Andrew Kao The baby has the funniest reaction to a hairdryer- and his mum didn’t miss the chance to capture it.  Kristen Cazer, 21,  a radiologic technologist, filmed her 7 month old son Milam,  getting a quick blowout at the salon by his grandmother ‘Hunny’.  The video was taken on the 29th of November […]

By Andrew Kao The cute pooch was captured while skateboarding- and he did it in style.  Kelly Chen, 21, a student, was in Italy for a trip, on the 16th of November, when she saw the bulldog and filmed it.   She said: “I have not seen a dog skateboarding before so it was pretty […]

By Randal Coombs An irate man who ‘wasn’t let on a bus’ blocked it from moving before ripping off its wing mirror and windscreen wiper. As Tjani Warren was walking past Houston Street in New York, USA, on December 4, he was met with the angry scene. Stood in the middle of the road wearing […]

By Jamie Smith This incredible point of view footage shows the moment a daring former serviceman took the leap of death from the summit of Mont Blanc – the Alps’ highest peak. Ex-Royal Marine, Tim Howell, 29, captured the moment he climbed to the summit of Mont Blanc and then threw himself off its edge […]

A disabled woman has released horrifying image of the huge 20-inch monster rats ‘the size of DOGS’ she claims are infesting her council house.

By David Aspinall This is the bizarre moment a man shampoos his hair in rain while hanging out of his apartment window. As a torrential downpour battered Shanghai, China, one guy took the opportunity to wash his locks in the rain. With his upper body bent out of the window, he can be seen rubbing […]

By Kirstie Sutheran The cute pooch was ‘kissing’ the cat but when she left , the cat still wanted the attention. The very sweet moment between the dog and the cat Sunshine Coast, Queensland was filmed by their owner Brooke Styles, on the 9th of Novemeber.  Zarla, a ten month old Bengal cat, was a […]

By Dan Coles A Christmas-mad gran has spent four months hanging 2,000 baubles worth £15,000 from her living room ceiling. Retired Sylvia Pope, 76, from Swansea, Wales, started her mammoth collection nearly two decades ago after seeing a smaller collection at a friend’s house. Since then, over 19 years she has amassed her thousands-strong festive […]

By Jack Williams and David Aspinall This daring wingsuit pilot decided to take the advice of ‘Don’t look down’ quite literally – undertaking a series of flights completely UPSIDE DOWN. In the stomach-churning footage, Brendan Weinstein can be see soaring through the air on his back, high above the Mettelhorn Mountain, Switzerland, and completely oblivious […]

By Bilal Kuchay An Indonesia boy born with a physical condition walks on his hands for three kilometres every day to school. Mukhlis Abdul Holik, eight-years-old, is a class third student in Public Elementary School in Cibadak village in Sukabumi Regency in the West Java province of Indonesia. The boy can’t walk or stand on […]

By Charlotte Nisbet  A furious six-year-old has been caught slamming his ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to the floor after discovering a moustache had been drawn on his face during the night.  His parents – who carefully drew the moustache with a paintbrush and water-based paint – say they couldn’t stop laughing during the prank as […]

By David Aspinall This is the shocking moment a shark bites the mask off a diver’s face. While Peter Schneider was on a dive in Rangiroa, French Polynesia, his group were surrounded by up to six silvertip sharks. With one diver sat in the coral, one of the predators approaches from the side and opening […]

By Dan Coles A retired church volunteer was left red-faced when police became concerned she was DISMEMBERING BODIES at home – when she was in fact using life-sized mannequins to create a religious nativity display.  Pensioner Maureen Wall, 71, was shocked when she was forced to answer uncomfortable questions from an officer on her doorstep […]

By Kristiana Hall  A man inspired by the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck has covered his classic car in 10,000 fairy lights – but now he can’t drive it.  Calvin Lee spent two weeks fixing the battery powered LED lights to his 1964 Morris Minor and now the car, complete with a real tree attached to […]

By Jasmine Kazlauskas A terrified mum claims to have captured a horrifying mystery figure on film while home alone – which she believes to be a GHOST OR ALIEN. Mum-of-four Lori Simmons was video chatting last Friday [NOVEMBER 30] on an app called Marco Polo, which allows users to record videos to each other in […]

By David Aspinall A bizarre motorbike made out of a huge log carries seven people and a fridge.  Driving through Chongqing, China, the Instagram page Shanghai Observed drove past the bizarre vehicle. With six men and one woman clinging on to the wooden chassis, the bike’s front and rear wheels keep chugging along.  Passing the […]

By Josh Saunders Ho-ho-hopeful Santa super fans battle it out to be crowned the world’s greatest father Christmas. This year’s annual ClauWau saw 112 competitors from all over the world take on snowmobile races, chimney and fireplace climbing, ski and snowshoe treks and more. The challenges test the mettle of budding Santa Clauses by putting […]

By Andrew Kao  A inpatient mum has been caught criticising her daughter for driving too slow.  Evelyn Estrada, from Fontana, California, was driving with her mum, Ana, 61, as a passenger when she decided to film her hilarious rant on December 2.  Unimpressed with her daughters slow driving, Ana, can be heard urging her daughter […]

By Federico Cornetto A rare wild cat has been caught on video by an Italian biologist at the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa nature reserve. According to Christian Angelici, who is also a wildlife photographer, it is extremely difficult to film this elusive animal in his natural habitat, and practically impossible to meet it in person. Although the […]

By Curtis Mitchell Dramatic video shows an SUV part of a high-speed chase spinning out on a highway before the suspect tries to flee. As David Orjuela waited to cross the intersection to Woodstock Road and Highway 92 in Acworth, Georgia, USA, on December 4 he was stunned to see the chase unfold in front […]

By James Somper A centenarian claims eating daily mixed grills and drinking red wine are the secrets behind his remarkable longevity. Arthur Grisbrook, 100, still lives alone, cooks and cleans for himself and even enjoys playing his beloved organ in his flat in Hereford.   He is also a dab hand in the kitchen, whipping […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith A man who was left paralysed by a drunken fall down an ESCALATOR is now thanking his accident for giving him a new lease of life.  Daniel Wilson, 33, was enjoying night out with his pals in central London when he fell down a busy tube escalator head first – resulting in […]

By Federico Cornetto Two cheetahs have been filmed approaching a giant tortoise at a private game farm in South Africa. On November 10 Skyler and Zahra, two youngsters from the Running Wild Conservation programme, were on an outing as part of their reintroduction into the wild process, when they encountered the strange-looking reptile. The cheetahs […]

By Ellie Duncombe  Urban explorers claim to have filmed inside Tony Martin’s abandoned house where they found BONES hanging from the ceiling.   The former mansion in Norfolk appears to have remained empty for numerous years since Tony Martin, 74, shot and killed a burglar dead in his home.   The creepy video gives a tour around […]

By Andrew Kao  This tenacious dog was determined to get the stick she wanted – jumping up in the air several times and hanging onto a tree branch with her teeth until it finally dropped.  The persistent Pit Bull, called Pumpkin, was captured by owner, Alicia Mathis, bounding high into the air and dangling from […]


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