By Jack Mobley This man was heading out into the cold when he stepped off his porch and onto ice resulting in a hilarious slip. Winter has hit Salt Lake City, Utah, and no one knows it more than Wesley Elmore, who caught by his doorbell cam, slipping on some ice in front of his home. […]

By Mollie Mansfield   A kitten who was born with two faces has defied the odds thanks to the dedicated care of her veterinarian owner after being rejected by her mother. Duo, the domestic medium hair cat, was born with ‘janus’ – a condition which causes the kitten to be born with two faces due […]

By Mollie Mansfield   A bride was left gobsmacked after receiving a surprise puppy as her wedding gift from her bridesmaids. Kaci Shepard Myers, 33, was left heartbroken when her childhood canine Cloe passed away in 2017 and when her partner, Adam, 35, proposed one year later, was stuck for ideas of how to incorporate […]

By Lucy Notarantonio   WAKING up in the middle of the night to a wet patch on her bed, Natasha Sherwin, 27, never imagined her waters had broken at 16 weeks pregnant. The retail assistant and her husband Sam, 26, merely laughed it off together as they assumed, she had embarrassingly ‘wet herself’ in her […]

By Neo Bye   This is the heart-stopping moment a woman almost falls down the Grand Canyon while taking a photo of her mum. Emily Koford and her mum Erin were visiting the Arizona landmark from Texas on October 28 when they decided to take a picture for some memories. While Kevin Fox watched on […]

By Joe McFarlane   A five-year-old football sensation has become a mini-celebrity in his hometown due to his new viral stardom. Since the age of two, little Matan Shaulov has had a football at his feet. Now five, the football supremo has managed to amass a giant following online due to his sensational football trick […]

By Joe McFarlane   A savvy traveller managed to best Jules Verne’s iconic traveller Phileas Fogg by travelling around the world in 80 hours, while also managed to keep the costs down. Avid frequent flyer Noel Phillips, 38, decided to set himself quite the unique the task. Starting his trip at the Prime Meridian in […]

By Joe McFarlane   A dog was left with no other choice but to ring the household doorbell at 2am after being accidentally locked out. When Robert Fox was locking up his home in McDonough, Georgia, on October 28, he forgot one important thing, but it wouldn’t be until the earlier hours that he would […]

By Randal Coombs   An adorable tiny tortoise whose legs stick up in the air permanently uses mini skateboard wheels to help him get around. When little Helix hatched on July 31, owner Randal Betz was stunned when he realised the reptile was suffering with spina bifida. Because of the condition, his legs constantly face […]

By Federico Cornetto   A gymnast put on an incredible display of agility by completing 14 back flips in under ten seconds. Professional gymnast Dominique Lewis, 27, was filmed repeatedly turning head over heels on a platform in the gym where he works in Port Huron, Michigan. With sheer determination, Dominique kept spinning until he […]

By Joe McFarlane   A talented artist transformed herself into a gruesome flesh-eating zombie using nothing but makeup. Using her body as a canvas, Sarah Lamarlere Murphy, 36, spends anywhere up to 14 hours transforming herself into whatever gruesome, fantastical or amazing monster or movie character she wishes. In order to get into the spooky […]

By Jack Mobley This car enthusiast has discovered a way to incorporate his motor with Halloween season, by attaching a jack-o-lantern to his modified exhaust. Electrician Drew Clymer, 18, carved a pumpkin for Halloween and used his diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta to add some life to it. On October 23, Drew took the pumpkin and attached […]

By Jack Mobley After undergoing life-altering skull reconstructive surgery, an infant boy can be seen walking and singing the day after his operation. Heather Figueroa captured the moment her son, Branson, was walking and singing just 24 hours after his operation to treat Craniosynostosis syndrome. The surgery took place on October 16 at Vermont University Medical […]

By Joe McFarlane   A comedian decided to take the gameshow format to commuters by presenting ‘Public Lift Trivia’ throughout a variety of train stations. Kieran Weir, 25, is a London-based comedian and performer and is always looking for a way to brighten up the daily commute of the capital. While donning a tuxedo, he […]

  A Russian student has revealed she gets mobbed in the street by strangers who think she is Latin singer and actress Jennifer Lopez – even though she’s more than 30 years younger than the megastar. Annoyed Natalia Mirskikh, from Cheliabinsk, Russia, has just turned 19 – but regularly gets mistaken for Jenny from the […]

By Jack Mobley This skateboarder received help from a friend when executing a kickflip by flipping his board mid-air. Nebraskan skatepark worker Wolow Gatluak was attempting a kick flip with the help of his friend, Nick Godinez. Wolow approached the staircase he is jumping over but instead of using his feet to rotate the board, […]

By Leah Fox   A concerned couple claim doctors twice told them their tot’s clinginess with a virus – and only confirmed she had a rare cancer when her dad refused to leave the hospital after discovering a potential diagnosis himself on Google. Laura Farmer-Maia, 39, and husband Tiago Maia, 40, noticed a change in […]

By Hollie Bone   This unearthly footage captures the moment a mum-of-five caught the ghost of her dead dad holding hands with her eldest daughter – after watching over their home. Tracy Lenehan, 55, was sharing happy memories of her late father, Terrance, 73, with her eldest daughter, Natalie last Wednesday [OCT 23] when the […]

By Federico Cornetto   A talented tattoo artist is specialising in creepy hyper-realistic tarantula and wasp tattoos. Soloviov Viacheslav, 32, based in Leeds, England, completed his first 3D spider tattoo in July 2019, on the shoulder of 62-year-old Dave Tomlinson. Dave’s spine-chilling tarantula went viral online, hitting millions of views, and Soloviov has since been […]

By David Aspinall   An amazing nine-year-old showed off his incredible hand speed and agility during intense boxing exercises. Little Nikita Kasyanov might look slight, but he hides a stinging secret only revealed when he is throwing punches for training. Whether it’s using his lightning fast reflexes to duck and dodge a swinging bar while […]

  A set of AMAZING Halloween displays shows why the US and Canada will always best us at celebrating the spookiest day of the year. The different Halloween displays, that have been grabbed from all over the US and Canada go one step further than the rest with featuring some of the ghostliest decoration’s money […]

By Dilantha Dissanayake and Dan Coles A motorised shopping trolley went head to head against the world’s fastest shed to finally answer the drivers’ rivalry of whose wacky vehicle is the fastest. The trolley, which has been built and driven by engineer, Matt McKeown, 58, from Cornwall, went head-to-head with arch-rival, Kevin Bishop, 56, who […]

By Joe McFarlane   An urban explorer headed into the the UK’s most haunted abandoned prison in order to capture some spooky footage. Urban explorer and YouTuber Neil Ansell, 28, headed to the infamous Dorchester Prison in Dorset after discovering that it was the UK’s most haunted prison. The eerie abandoned prison has gained the […]

By Mikey Jones & James Somper   A talented baker has made some dead spooky cakes that will leave you terrified this Halloween. Annabel de Vetten-Peterson, 48, has been making her ghoulish creations that look like body parts and skeletons ever since she baked her own wedding cake in 2009. Amazed by the reactions of […]

By Jack Mobley   This rescued baby rhino is enjoying a good scratch from it’s carers, squeaking with pleasure. After losing his mother to naturally occurring anthrax, Apollo the black rhino was rescued by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya and has been under the expert care of keepers. The seven-month-old […]


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