By Randal Coombs A stunning volcano explosion was filmed from a plane window. Oscar Trinidad Doce was travelling towards Mexico City around 6.45am on June 17 when his flight passed by the Popocatépetl volcano. Looking out of his window, Oscar saw smoke plume from the 5246metre tall volcano in the state of Puebla and Morelos. […]

By James Somper A woman who suffers from a rare skin condition that means she’s allergic to going on dates with her boyfriend. Laura Weaver, 24, is allergic to everything from dust to aftershave and can’t be out in the hot or cold for more than 10 minutes without having her horrific eczema flare up. […]

By Federico Cornetto A creative dog owner has captured her two Great Danes pulling hilarious faces in a series of shots. Krista Aalto, 32, from Finland, is a pharmacy technician and hobbyist photographer whose favourite pastime is taking amusing portraits of her dogs, Mutka and Luna, as they shake their saggy faces. The four-year-old Great […]

By James Somper It’s traditional for pupils to buy their teacher a thank-you gift at the end of the school year – but pupils at this school may find their teacher prefers a tummy-tickle. Lucky schoolboys at Moulsford Preparatory School in Wallingford, Oxford, count Cocker Spaniel Jovi as one of their favourite teachers – after […]

By Federico Cornetto and Niamh Shackleton A fat cat dramatically rolled onto her back and played dead while her owner was trying to get her to walk on the treadmill to shift some pounds. Fat girl Laila, four, laid on the machine like a sack of potatoes when owner Lee Ferinden, from Gainesville, Florida, pushed […]

By Joe McFarlane A movie director is giving Sharknado a run for its money by creating his own low-budget blockbusters involving animal hybrids, including two-headed sharks and Godzilla sized crocodiles. Andrea Ricca has proved that you don’t need billions of dollars to create your own wacky monster movies. The 45-year-old has managed to craft his […]

By Joe McFarlane A six-foot-tall male dancer in high heels shatters stereotypes proving that performers can come in all shapes and sizes. Erik Cavanaugh might be taller than the average male, but once he puts on his skyscraper high heels he towers, literally and metaphorically. Despite the body image stereotypes surrounding the dance industry, the […]

By Joe McFarlane An adventurous traveller experienced the bizarre and eerie scenario of being the only person flying out of notorious North Korea’s isolated Pyongyang Airport. Everyone loves to get away on holiday over the summer months, though nobody likes the long queues and stresses of checking in at an overcrowded airport. But for adventurous […]

By Federico Cornetto This is the adorable moment a police dog became excited as he met a man in a McGruff the Crime Dog costume. Greg Padden captured the cute scene at the Oculus train station in New York, with the pooch jumping up and down trying to give the inspector a kiss. McGruff finally […]

By Joe McFarlane A loving son surprised his dad with a helicopter ride over the peak of a mountain they climbed together two decades ago. For some, a Father’s Day surprises consist a six-pack of their favourite beer or a DVD boxset, but for Bryce “Jurgy” Jurgensmeier, 30, he decided he would take his father […]

By David Aspinall A driver was spotted asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla in rush hour traffic. Venus Jove and her family were travelling up the northbound highway 101 in Belmont, California, just before 6pm on June 14 when they spotted an unusual sight. A couple of lanes over, the driver of a white […]

By Joe McFarlane An adorable baby albino wallaby and her parents will hop, skip and jump their way into your hearts. Sandra Munier, 25, currently has the pleasure of caring for a trio of incredibly cute wallabies in her home in Kronoberg, Sweden The rare red neck albino family is made up of little baby […]

By Randal Coombs A friendly grey whale calf approached a boat so one of its passengers could pet it. While Christian Miller was on a ‘Snotbot’ expedition in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico, on May 20, an inquisitive whale came to say hello. With its mum by her side, the baby giant shot her huge head […]

By Hannah Phillips A cyclist nearly killed in an ‘ironic’ horror hit and run near the finish of a 1,000 mile charity bike ride has learned to walk again – just ONE WEEK after leaving intensive care. Jean-Pierre de Villiers, 37, from Welton, Northants, was 800 miles into the cross-country cycling challenge from John O’Groats […]

By Aliki Kraterou There aren’t many fathers who would ask their daughter to run into a burning building – but Fire Crew Commander Mark Andrews expects it of his 20-year-old daughter every day. Doting dad Mark, 44, from Whitchurch, Herefordshire has been a firefighter for 26 years – and was bowled over when his daughter […]

By Jess Grieveson-Smith These series of photos show a cute pooch achieving her wildest dreams – all thanks to her bizarre sleeping position and Photoshop. Rescue dog, Noodle, a greyhound and jindo mix, sleeps in a strange position with her front paws completely straight, creating a perfect triangle. Her owner, Sunnie Ko, 30, from Pennsylvania, […]

By Joe McFarlane One brave baby hasn’t allowed the multiple birth defects he was born with get in the way of him loving and living life to the fullest. Bishop Hunt hasn’t had the easiest start to life, and at just one year of age, the brave little boy has dealt with more than a […]

This RIGHT van man has become the first person in Europe to build a fleet of commercial electric vehicles. Eco-friendly car dealer Vic Young has invented a unique method of converting small electric Nissan box vans into taxis, ambulances, waste disposal trucks, pick-up trucks and refrigerated box vans. The 73-year-old, from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, is now producing […]

By Randal Coombs An unidentified pair of lights appeared and hovered above a freighter travelling across Lake Superior. Erik Rintamaki was travelling though Paradise, Michigan, on June 12 when he spotted a couple of bright lights in the sky above him. Whipping out his camera to film, one of the lights dipped out of view […]

By Niamh Shackleton A single dad is looking forward to a very special Father’s Day this year after adopting his FIFTH disabled child. Ben Carpenter, 35, from Huddersfield, who is dubbed a ‘super dad’ by his friends and family, initially only wanted to adopt one child when he was 21-years-old. But ten years on, Ben […]

By Joe McFarlane A skilled golfer who got bored of the driving range decided to spice up his game with some un-fore-gettable trick shots. While a lot of people consider a career change, the idea of giving up a successful career in the much sought-after role of golf coach may seem ludicrous. But for Ryan […]

By Taniya Dutta This Japanese artist creates amazing animal sculptors by twisting and tying balloons together. Masayoshi Matsumoto, 29, has developed a unique passion for creating animals and flowers entirely from BALLOONS – by twisting and tying them together without use of adhesive and markers. From a monkey, an ostrich, a parrot, an octopus, a […]

By Randal Coombs A pair of thirsty dogs tackled a water fountain together. As owner Wendy Tuerck watched on at home in Goshen, Ohio, her chocolate Labrador Dexter and black Labrador Bailey started to play with a pink toy. As water shot out of the top, the pair of pooches leaped and bit at the […]

By Joe McFarlane An urban explorer discovered a Soviet-era machine in an abandoned warehouse and decided to take it for a spin. Though the USSR may have collapsed over two decades ago, the legacy of the Soviet Union can still be found across eastern Europe. Urban explorer “shiey”, and a group of pals hit the […]

By Joe McFarlane A father-to-be allowed his non-tattoo artist wife to tattoo a symbol on his leg as part of their baby gender reveal. John Henderson, 30, and his wife Brittany, 26, decided that their kitchen table in their home of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, would act as the perfect backdrop for their makeshift tattoo […]


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