By Amy Farnworth A daft motorists has been caught on camera driving the wrong way up a busy road – with a flat tyre. Stu Hatton, who was on his way to B&Q in Tamworth, Staffs, captured the hapless Mercedes driver travelling in the wrong direction on the A5 slip road. Stu, a music producer, […]

By Andrew Kao Five bikini clad women stranded on an inflatable unicorn had to be pulled to safety by police. The bizarre rescue was posted by the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office and shows a bemused cop throwing the women a rope at Fish Lake in Harris, Minnesota. It’s thought the fun-loving group became stuck on […]

By Andrew Kao A security guard has been left unconscious after attacking a woman in her doorway. Heather Chambers, 21, filmed the incident from her phone on August 8. The footage shows a woman arguing with a man while standing on the doorway of her home. This quickly escalates and the woman is then grabbed […]

By Katy Gill In a heartwarming show of gratitude, this ovarian cancer patient could not believe her eyes as she was welcomed home to a surprise street parade by her family and friends. Cristina Muneton, 58, was left emotional and without words when she returned home to her neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, to discover […]

By Harriet Whitehead Meet the sassy schoolboy who loves transforming himself into his drag alter ego Francesca. Fabian Butler, eight, started wearing dresses and make-up after being inspired by hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race telling his mum ‘I want to be like that’. Now the natural performer gets dressed up whenever he can and happily tells those […]

By Luke Kenton This high school graduate left a family speechless, after a routine pizza delivery turned into an impromptu private performance of a Beethoven sonata. Working his usual shift for Hungry Howie’s Pizza, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, 18-year-old Bryce Dudal arrived at the Varchetti household in what he presumed would be a routine delivery […]

By Sophie Norris This shady seagull has been spotted stealing packets of crisps from Greggs twice in one week. The ‘regular visitor’ was filmed by Mick Dowling, 32, hovering outside the café at Liverpool One shopping centre in Merseyside on Monday. In the hilarious clip, the gull slowly hops towards the glass doors as Mick and his […]

By Kirstie Sutheran A bride has put her own twist on the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge – by dancing alongside her car in her WEDDING DRESS. Amy Harris, from Solihull, West Mids, wanted to have a go at the viral challenge on her wedding day, so decided to perform the routine alongside her car whilst […]

By Ellie Duncombe This amazing video shows the breathtaking footage of a blue whale swimming past a kayaker in an ‘all-consuming’ moment. Shot by Diego Garcia while offshore in Mexican waters, the TV producer said he and some friends had been out filming marine wildlife for a new documentary, but knew he was exploring an […]

By Curtis Mitchell This is perhaps the best door opening mechanism you’ll ever see, putting the Harry Potter door-opening spell, Alohamora, completely to shame! The footage shows 29-year-old Warwick Turvey at his home in Queensland, Australia, as he opens a specially designed door in the most unusual way. And what happens could easily be compared […]

By Luke Kenton This family of divers made a selfless attempt to free an afflicted whale shark that had become entangled in large fishing rope, carrying inevitably fatal consequences. During a family vacation, biologists Kapua Kawelo and her husband, Joby Rohrer, were enjoying an afternoon snorkelling with their children off the coast of Kaunolu Bay, […]

By Nelson Groom An ex-millionaire turned real life Robinson Crusoe has been dealt a devastating blow with the death of his only companion – a wild Australian dog – after she was bitten by a deadly snake. David Glasheen, who abandoned civilisation for a tiny island off Australia’s most remote peninsula in 1993, has now […]

By Katy Gill Meet the REEL-y impressive fish that show any-FIN is possible after learning to swim through hoops and being able to recognize colours and shapes through obedience training. Michelle Benedict and Megumi Stahel, from the Dophin Quest Oahu in Hawaii, spend up to 20 hours a week teaching tricks to the sea creatures, in their […]

By Andrew Kao This hair-raising video shows the moment that black magic brought an African “dust devil” to life. The video, which was shot in the Limpopo region of South Africa shows the tunnel of wind circling around at speed, laying waste to anything in its wake including chairs and benches. Eye-witness Sandile Rwexwana said […]

By Amy Farnworth A mum claims bungling builders forced her to prop up her ‘death trap’ £20,000 conservatory with a METAL POLE. Sarah Gledhill, from Halifax, West Yorks, alleges she paid local firm Walkers Window Company £20,000 – inheritance from when her father died – to build the orangery on the back of her home in 2016. […]

By Curtis Mitchell This shocking dashcam footage shows a reckless driver as he speeds illegally down the hard shoulder of a motorway. Taken by Chris Atkins on the M11 southbound as he was approaching J10, the ICT & Operations Manager said he sees behaviour like this all the time. Chris, 41, who recorded the footage […]

By Josh Saunders An adorable boy with a limb difference has made a special matching 3D hand for his sporting idol who he believes is his twin because they share the same name. Cameron Haight, from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, dreams came true after finally being able to meet his ‘twin’ American football star Cam Newton. The […]

By James Somper A tot allergic to inflatables, apples and even his own TEARS is a prisoner in his own home – and will never be able to enjoy summer. Nine-month-old Riley Kinsey, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts, was born with 50 known allergies and is only able to leave his house once a week because of […]

By Junior Sousa This astonishing footage shows the horrific amount of waste washed up on the beautiful Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, following a small storm. Shot by Mario Sorris, 23, the amount of rubbish on the shoreline is upsetting and shocking and shows just how devastating the consequences of littering can be. […]

By Ben Walley This amazing footage shows a brave roof-topper as he partakes in an afternoon jog along the roof of a hotel in China. David Thomas Nelmes, from Leeds, decided to go for a stroll atop of the Hilton Hotel in Chengdu, and said that despite being so high up, he never gets scared. […]

By Luke Kenton & Andrew Kao Police in California had just minutes to rescue 60 cats and dogs from a local animal shelter, as advancing wildfires threatened to ravish the area. When a violent wildfire started in Solano County, California, USA, on August 10, Vacaville Police Department were given just minutes to react, after a […]

By Jasmine Kazlauskas and Jack Rees These adorable baby koalas have melted hearts across the world after being filmed exploring their new home after leaving their mother’s pouch for the first time. The loveable joeys were captured clinging to their mothers at crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s renowned Australia Zoo located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, […]

By Nelson Groom A casual swim in a South African hotel pool became a magical memory for tourists when they were paid a visit by an unexpected guest.  They say elephants never forgets, and these travelers will likely also remember when a herd of the majestic beasts took a drink from the pool in the […]

By Luke Kenton These inspirational identical autistic twins have found solace in marathon running – allowing them to be defined by their abilities rather than their disability. Though largely indistinguishable in their appearance, 28-year-old twins Alex and Jamie Schneider are anything but identical in their personalities. According to mum, Robyn, 62, Alex does everything fast […]

By Sophie Norris This bizarre festival-goer was caught on camera appearing to drink strangers’ urine after repeatedly placing a plastic beer cup in a urinal. Stomach-churning footage shows the shirtless man with a leather collar apparently planting the cups in urinals before retreating to lurk behind men using them. When they have finished, he collects […]


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