Just another fun trip, enjoying the new rig!
hit me up for GPX tracks to Red Horse Mountain.

Check out this awsome convoy and our misadventures, more to come as it gets warmer!!!

Couer D'alene national forest trip.
We didn't get as far as we hoped but still had a great time!!

The Prinsu rack shipped early like we had hoped! Arrived the day before my birthday so we are celebrating early!
Check it out its super easy to install the rack and the awning with the mounts we got from Prinsu.

check out our new rig! we loved the old Chuck but we couldn't keep dumping money into a 30 year old truck that was so easily stolen, so here is what we did instead!!

meet suba steve.

some dick stole our baby and now we are back to square one.

Finally all set up and ready to go explore. Spring is here and we are so ready for our first trip of the year!!

We've been hard at work! Check out some progress and a quick walk around and run down of our rig.
featuring Chuck as Chuck

love the snow but we are ready for spring! so many projects!!!!
stay tuned for ALOT more to come. hope you enjoy!!!

join us for a somewhat sketchy adventure on an icy highway

Here we go! We are starting an adventure. Why not join us for a minute!


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