To learn more about our newest initiative, the New Biology Curriculum (open to everyone) click here: https://newbiologycurriculum.com/

We also launched two new products today, Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture and Shilajit 3X Strength. You can learn more by clicking the links below:

We also held a q&a session, questions are below:
1. Would Tom please talk about basal cell carcinoma and what healing modalities he would recommend?
2. What of "mosquito-borne illness"? Mosquitos have been implicated for decades in being a major disease vector, with most of the diseases (not including malaria) claimed to be of viral origin. Are mosquitos making people sick?
3. Weston Price said that poor diet was the main cause of dental decay in western countries. If the bacteria identified as the cause by the dental profession are simply the 'cleanup crew' for the dead and dying tissue, what specifically causes the localized breakdown of a tooth in the first place? If there's a systemic issue, why don't all teeth suffer similarly?
4. Can you please share the reasoning behind "drinking alkaline water, between pH 7.4 - 8.0, is healthy?
5. Could you speak about Tuberculosis from a “new biology” perspective – reasoning, treatment, etc.?
6. Can you speak on what you know about anxiety? Does this symptom involve a degradation of tissue? Is it simply bad thoughts? Does one approach combating anxiety in the same way as you would any other named symptom or "disease"?
7. Regarding the body being a bio electromagnetic field (and not a chemistry set), can we still expect clay and iodine to be protective against radiation?
8. Would you please talk about bacterial infections such as diphtheria, listeria, staphylococcus, anthrax, clostridia..etc ?
9. Does he have knowledge or experience using copper wrapped sticks to assist with gardening or to minimize artificial clouds?
10. Could you speak about chlorine dioxide?

To submit questions for future webinars, please email [email protected]

I'm thrilled to announce our newest initiative: the New Biology Curriculum. This is a way for us to provide high-quality online education on the New Biology for physicians, scientists and healthcare practitioners around the world. We aim to influence a worldwide healing movement by sharing our knowledge of the New Biology with fellow practitioners and others, so they can help people take ownership of their health journeys using proven natural healing principles.

With online courses from experts in New Biology principles, certificates of completion, bonus resources, and free membership in our online practitioner community, there are so many ways to get involved. Join us — it will be fun!

Learn more & sign up here: https://newbiologycurriculum.com/

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following:
-What is disease?
-The International COVID Summit hosted by the European Parliament; what was discussed there
The link for this video can be found here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/events/fluoride-report-or-systematic-review-of-the-science-or-may-4-or-12-30pm-et/fluoride-report-systematic-review-of-the-science-may-4/
- How did they come up with 6 million variants?
-Learn more about the upcoming CellCore Conference in Idaho, where Dr. Cowan will be a keynote speaker, here: https://eco2023.cellcore.com/?promo=DRCOWAN23&_kx=xcHgvgAAzUUOkf_BCL5jeK9J-1bhKDHrQzPmGi105K1Z2WosfIWykzK5-cQXPuus.TVKZzX
- Dr. Mark Bailey's "A Farewell to Virology" https://drsambailey.com/a-farewell-to-virology-expert-edition/

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses:
- Dr. Robert Malone says it is time to stop this nonsense that there is not a virus, claiming that a French institute claims they have isolated SARS-CoV-2, and claim that this is definitive proof that the virus is real https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8268723/
- If DNA is really what we thought.
We review an article by Northern Tracey, which can be found here: https://northerntracey213875959.wordpress.com/2021/06/30/the-amino-age-and-the-new-abnormal-doctors/

Her website: https://northerntracey213875959.wordpress.com/

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discussed the following:
Dr. Sam Bailey's video on Reiner Fuellmich's 'Coronaviruses.' The link can be found here: https://drsambailey.substack.com/p/reiner-fuellmichs-coronaviruses?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email#play

Kate Sugak's recent video with Marvin Haberland, "The court case against virology" the link can be found here: https://odysee.com/$/embed/@katie.su:7/thecourtcaseagainstvirology:0?r=6oXqknZEoT1GDb19SgQyVEkNKtP5WvtT

Marvin Haberland's victory in court. The information can be found via this link: https://christinemasseyfois.substack.com/p/victory-in-court-virology-indefensible?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=992044&post_id=117422156&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

We also held a Q&A session with previously submitted questions from our community.

1. Nerves - Is there solid proof and evidence that nerves exist as we are told? What does it really mean when they say a nerve was cut or severed? Is there any hope for people who are experiencing numbness tingling pain or paralysis?
2. Sleep apnea - What is the cause or causes or is it just as everything else for this thing that they are now calling sleep apnea? And they will treat people with a machine that is supposed to force the flow of air but honestly, it doesn't get to the root nor does it help in some or most cases. I cannot figure out if this is just the body's way of trying to compensate in order to heal itself or if is this a symptom of a weakness either in the brain or the lungs. Why would the body not breathe as it is supposed to? Could there be too much activity in the brain and it is trying to slow it down? Or maybe the brain is inflamed and not working properly?
3. In "The Fourfold Path to Healing" you speak highly of bovine milk products. How do you see Casein A1 vs. Casein A2 cows? Is Casein A1 healthy to eat in your opinion? Where one could get raw Casein A2 milk in Europe?
5. With regards to our genetics not being stable along with the other questionable areas in the entire field could it be possible for water to be literally creating our features and individual selves just as is demonstrated with Veda Austin’s water crystallography work? Like an imprint.
6. I've been speaking to some farmers about the nonsense of various "diseases" like bird flu, rabies, mad cow's disease, and others. For these, I had great documentation from your various works: books, articles, and videos. However, one more came up: foot and mouth disease. Of course, I know that this is not caused by some contagious pathogen, but do you have any documentation on what causes this? As this is a very old "disease", it appears to me that chemicals/vaccines are not "the" cause. What is? Malnutrition perhaps?
7. If possible can you please address and give us information on "vaccinations in food" and the new nasal vaccines?
I am seeing a lot of fear-mongering posts about these and would like to know what is really going on with them.
8. I have a question when it comes to structured water. My wife and I have our own dairy cow. While she is not strictly grass-fed, she does get a lot of fresh greens to eat. Would whole raw milk from a cow like this be high in EZ water? I am guessing the fats, proteins, and lactose would be considered hydrophilic. If they are, then would milk have a lot of EZ water in it?
9. Can you address the long-term loss of smell?
10. Can you please talk about the vax effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding? I just wanted to know if you know what is happening with the placenta, mother's milk, baby, etc. And how/where to find data on the damages.
11. After reading Harold Hillman's texts (from your books), it is clear that a virus or an exosome cannot survive the preparations for electron microscopy.
Why do your books still talk about the existence of exosomes?
I also thought that viruses are exosomes but if the presence of an exosome can only be seen by an electron microscope I think exosomes are artifacts.
Also strange, is Dr. Hillman's text:
"If the major findings on cell structure which have been made by the use of the electron microscope over a period of 40 years are artifacts, one may ask if this expensive instrument has an application to biology at all. Certainly, it can be used to recognize viruses, especially when clinical, microbiological, and immunological findings can be correlated with their identification under the electron microscope.'
I think he doesn't mean this last sentence!
12. Tom has talked about the tissue/cell culture fraud of virus discovery many times in detail. Before the culture experiments, embryonated chicken eggs were used to culture viruses. I read that the method of culturing viruses in eggs is:
"Within the hen's egg, the virus grows." The virus is then isolated, subject to chemical breakdown processes, purified, and tested".
Can Tom respond to this claim?
What happens to metabolic waste once it exits the trillions of cells?

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discussed the following:
-Dr. Cowan's Garden 7th Anniversary Sale https://www.drcowansgarden.com/collections/vegetable-powders
-Dr. Tom Cowan Spring Sale https://drtomcowan.com/collections/all
-New Biology Clinic https://newbiologyclinic.com/
-How to negotiate with your cat
-Answered questions submitted to us from the community, topics are below:
1. Regarding not speaking about what is in the shots/detoxing/how to heal from the jabs... If I read you correctly, you are saying that it is Dr. Cowan's position that there is no certainty as to what is in the shots. If this is the case, would he be willing to perhaps consider addressing and elaborating on this position and to provide his reasoning for this?
2. Can you please talk about the vax effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding? I just wanted to know if you know what is happening with the placenta, mother's milk, baby etc. And how/where to find data on the damages.
3. Can you explain bacteriophages?
4. What is your take on histamine and its relation to ‘an immune system?’
5. Wondering if you would ever advise the Dutch hormone tests or if you think they are a waste of money?
6. Causes/treatment for sepsis/septicemia
7. PTSD: Diagnosis/treatment (is this a psychiatric fiction like ADD/ADHD?)
8. Is there any concern over eating livestock (beef/pork/etc) that have been injected with mRNA? Can cooking neutralize mRNA?
9. I had my tonsils removed when I was a child (I would never in my right mind think of having anything like this done again). Is there any protocol recommendation that you may have for someone who's had this sort of procedure done since it obviously does negatively alter the body's defenses?
10. Do you have any advice on how to remove and detox from a tattoo?
12. Do the electromagnetic components cease to exist after death? How does burial, or cremation affect the electromagnetic aspect of a dead body?
13. I’ve listened to Dr. Tom’s many podcasts on water, however, I don’t recall him ever talking about the alkalinity of water and its importance. Is it important?
14. What could be the cause of acne and how would one go about curing it? I have had acne problems since I was a teenager, I am in my 40s now. Have tried all kinds of different diets and remedies but I haven't found the answer.
15. What can people do for bunions to avoid needing surgery?

I hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. I discussed the following topics: diagnosing "long Covid" - a peer reviewed proposal; anatomy of a scam; mRNA con job - adenoviruses, antibodies, and the philosophers of the scam; and anthroposophical scientists collaborate with the WHO.

In today's webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses if the "kissing disease" is contagious, more about Ebola, and steps to take to have a discussion with a virologist or doctor.

You can find a copy of this conversation paper by clicking here: https://brandfolder.com/s/jfhhr5wxqz29hm8zht5bqkk7

George Wiseman, who is the owner and creator of the AquaCure device, joins us for the second time on our podcast. The reason we're doing this is because we had a lot of people who purchased the AquaCure machine after our first podcast. We're also using it in our New Biology Clinic - Dr. Adam Wuollet has seen amazing results with people using the device. This has all led to people asking us more about it, so we'll be going over those questions with George in this podcast.

Learn more about the AquaCure: https://drtomcowan.com/pages/aqua-cure

If you're interested in purchasing the AquaCure device, you can use the code COWAN to save 20% here: https://eagle-research.com/product/ac50/

Watch the first podcast here: https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/podcasts/49-george-wiseman

My website: https://drtomcowan.com/

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A recent statement from Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Drs. Mark & Sam Bailey. Read the full written statement here: https://brandfolder.com/s/x5mzc5c8n45tggqnqhfjg8tc

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following topics:
A response to Zach Bush's COVID statement
Why did Steve Kirsch get sick?

Link to the Germ Theory Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WP6tBsNOFc

In today's webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses:
- A recent article on Polio, titled "Did Bill Gates Just Give 7 Children Around The World Polio?" and look at the evidence.

We also discuss the following articles covering Polio:
-A study from David Bodian, MD from November 1952, titled "Pathogenesis of Poliomyelitis" https://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/pdfplus/10.2105/AJPH.42.11.1388
-A study from Dorothy Horstmann titled " Poliomyelitis Virus In Blood of Orally Infected Monkeys and Chimpanzees"

- We take a look at the work & statements from Senator Marshall, who discusses 6 reasons proving why Covid is a lab-leaked virus from China.

In this week's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," I interview Dolf Zantinge of the Analemma water company. This is our second podcast together - you can watch the first one below. This is an important podcast that explains the science of the Analemma water wand, Dolf's research, and more. Enjoy!

Analemma water wand: https://drtomcowan.com/products/analemma-water-wand

First podcast episode with Dolf: https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/podcasts/16-dolf-zantinge

My website: https://drtomcowan.com/

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Today, we discussed more on the lab leak theory. I would like my listeners to get involved with preparing for potential debates with the "freedom community" who believe in the existence of viruses.

If you can find a study or paper that claims viruses exist please let us know and post the links in the comment section below.

Here is the link to the article we discussed by Paul Craig Roberts https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2023/03/10/former-cdc-director-robert-redfield-told-congress-that-there-is-no-doubt-that-fauci-at-nih-funded-gain-of-function-research-that-made-possible-the-covid-pandemic/

In today's webinar, Dr. Cowan responds to a recent interview with Derrick Broze & Dr. Peter McCullough, where Dr. McCullough claims that viruses exist, the Chinese are making vaccines and claims that this proves viruses have been isolated and purified.

Link to paper

Dr. Cowan also discusses his most recent Instagram post about his water routine, which can be viewed here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpftYmtD-X3/
Accompanying materials: Dr. Cowan's interview with Dolf Zantinge: https://www.bitchute.com/video/R2MMDMT3nSPI/
Learn more about the Analemma Water Wand here: https://drtomcowan.com/products/analemma-water-wand?variant=39929603784857

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session on questions previously submitted to us from our community.

Topics discussed:
1. Can Iscador therapy help meningioma tumors that have penetrated into the brain and are there any other known protocols that may help?
2. I just listened to your podcast from the EMF Summit. I am just wondering why you structure the water you drink so extensively, when in the interview you state there is no reason to structure or not structure your drinking water as once it enters the body it becomes structured via the liver?
3. I just wanted to know what type of Internet is safe for our health. I use optical gigafiber as Wi-fi at home.
I read about what you wrote about 5G and how it affects water. Can you tell me whether Wi-fi used at home through optical fibers coming through cable lines of 2.4 GHz bandwidth is okay? Or is it also an issue?
4. Do you have any thoughts on laser eye surgery?
5. I was hoping you might be able to address MTHFR in one of your upcoming webinars. I know you’re researching the idea of genes and DNA in general so I would love your take on this "gene snip" that leads to poor detoxification and how to reframe what is actually happening.
6. I know Dr. Cowan doesn’t diagnose, treat or recommend but may I ask what would he do if he had stage 4 metastatic cancer?
7. I'm totally against 'virus' vaccines, in fact ALL vaccines. The question is what are bacterial vaccines?
8. ALDOSTERONE.... what to eat to bring up these levels?
9. Is hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide is better to ingest for health? Or are there specific indications for each?
10. Do you think it is possible to get hepatitis B via blood transfusion? What is a hepatitis B if viruses don't exist and how could one cure this condition?
11. Are you aware of any natural ways to help cure/ treat a fungi/ rash infection without prescription drugs?
12. Why are aborted fetal cells in vaccines and how can and/or does injecting these cells from the opposite sex affect children/people?
13. If the heart is not a pump - how does one explain the electrical signals from the heart's own nervous system seen in ECGs, Arrhythmias, etc.? What is that?
14. Can you please give your opinion on what causes joint pain in the hips?
15. What do you think of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy?

If you are interested in sending in a question for upcoming webinars, please email [email protected]

Andy and Tom discuss snake venom with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Today we dive into the science of what McCullough is saying + discuss a call for help.

I'm joined by two special guests - Dr. Adam Wuollet and Pat Daly - to discuss our exciting new initiative, the New Biology Clinic. Learn more and join on our website: https://newbiologyclinic.com/

Patrick has been in the personal training industry for over 10 years, working in corporate gyms in New York City, as well as his own private training business. Within all of the certifications that Patrick acquired over the years, he noticed a vital component was missing from all the literature that he was led to read and regurgitate, and that was the Spirit. This has led Patrick down a path where he now centers his training style around the spirals in nature (Golden ratio/Phi), the reconnection with the water (etheric) body, and honing the alchemical process within every single one of us. Patrick has worked with enough Beings who have witnessed and experienced their own self-healing (It’s happening every single moment) to confidently share his approach with the New Biology Clinic. In this episode, learn more about him and what you can expect from his approach.

Learn more and join the New Biology Clinic: https://newbiologyclinic.com/

My website: https://drtomcowan.com/

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Dr. Adam Wuollet is a holistic physician that trained under my mentorship. His undergraduate studies focused on physiology and later indigenous medicine in Ecuador. He attended medical school at the University of Arizona, with the intention to specialize in what he thought was most important: the heart. His passion has long been to connect to and alleviate suffering. Adam went on to complete a residency in Anesthesiology and fellowship in Pain Management at the University of California – Irvine. His training was truly unique in that he trained both in complementary and alternative medicine at the Samueli Integrative Health Institute, as well as in the most advanced cutting-edge interventional procedures. He was respected as one the top doctors in his specialty. In this podcast episode, I chat with Adam about our new initiative to learn what he hopes to bring to his consults and why he wants to get involved.

Learn more and join the New Biology Clinic: https://newbiologyclinic.com/

My website: https://drtomcowan.com/

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Dr. Cowan discusses how viruses don't exist and discussed what's really making us sick. We also reviewed some clips by Sebastien Powell- talking about why people get sick.
Check out information on Science & Eros, a virtual conference with Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kelly Brogan here: https://scienceanderos.com/

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan:
Discusses Bone Pointing
Reviews a video of Dr. Richard Fleming
Answers some questions from the chat

Join Dr. Kelly Brogan and I for a one-day online experience on February 25, 2023. This is for anyone who is ready to go deeper on the conversation around what’s real, what’s actually going on, and where we can focus our energy for the highest fulfillment. The online event will include discussions, Q+A opportunities, meditation, movement, and music. Register before February 15th and save $150. I hope you can join us! Learn more and sign up: https://scienceanderos.com/

With Alec Zeck, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Mark Bailey, and Christine Massey.

Hi everyone. Recently a biologist named JJ Couey, who is working as a paid consultant to CHD, made some videos criticizing members of the "no virus" team. We asked Dr. Couey to join us to discuss some of his criticisms but he declined our invitation. So, instead, we pulled out some clips from his videos and offered our own critique. Please tune in and judge for yourself the science looking at the evidence for the existence of particles called viruses. all the best, Tom

The original Video links can be found on Alec's Bitchute channel & YouTube channel here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/iZJAZEkra4uI/


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