The Truth About Climate Change

Great talk with Patrick Moore

This is a well-researched man.

Dr. Moore refutes all the disinformation.

Canadian History and the Indian Residential School System

#Walkaway story
After watching this you will understand the psychology how a regular person can get brainwash by the Leftwing brainwashing machine.

Planet of the Humans (which was pulled down from Youtube for a 4 second copyright claim)

Everyone who tells the truth is considered a grifter by the Leftheads.

You must not sway from the official narrative, for that disrupts the funding stream.



At least he's honest...
"I am there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do."

high prescription drug costs no more
remove the gag rule the prevents pharmacist from telling patients how to save money
fix this injustice
a broken system
unneeded regulation
end the dishonest double dealing
global freeloading

Pence speaks first, then Trump

Trump Highlights:

Trump keeps one promise after another

- 3.3M new jobs since election

- Unemployment rate is at its lowest since the turn of the century

- Hispanic and African American unemployment rates lowest in the history of the country

- Female unemployment rates lowest in 18 years

- get rid of catch and release
- get rid of the lottery system
- implement a merit based system

- embassy in Jerusalem, cost $150,000 instead of the proposed one billion dollars

Hostages return from North Korea

Iran will negotiate a deal that is better for them

A classic, hard to find documentary
Shot with a hand-cranked camera in 1929 by Captain Irving Johnson, the only real footage you'll ever see of an 8000 ton sailing boat going east to west round Cape Horn in a storm. No special effects. Picture quality is poor, but we're lucky to have it at all.

Classic movie of the dangers of the #Leftwing #Cult

Based on a true story from 1967, about a social experiment on how #Leftwing #Cults are formulated.
Actually, the true story, as told by Ron Jones (the real life teacher) is even creepier, where the lights are turned off in the gymnasium as the leftwing cult members waited for their leader, and when nothing happened but silence, they thought they were all set up to die, like the gassings during the Holocaust.

I find this hillarious at the amount of doomsday Alarmism by #Leftwing #Alarmists.
- and shameless media #Sensationalism.

found on goolagtube at

Roger Revelle’s 1980 Discussion of CO2 and Climate Risks
Fast forward to the 1h-2m-20s mark to hear Mr. Roger Revelle mention that the globe has been cooling from 1940 to 1980, which is the time of this recording.


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