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My cat, Sansa, was unhappy that I was playing the piano and not giving her my full attention.

From the Author:

"Between September 12th and September 29th, 2021, I was on life support in a medically induced coma. While I was asleep, Michael Morris was wide awake and speaking. On September 12, 2023, I will tell you what he had to say."
—John Reizer

John Reizer is a retired chiropractor and author. Born in Lakewood, New Jersey, in 1963, he resides in Inman, South Carolina.

Book Description:

Michael Morris (John Reizer) discusses the Earth game, the most important story ever to affect humanity.

A self-proclaimed parallel incarnation of the author living in an alternate dimension of existence, Michael dissects a vast global conspiracy in the works for thousands of years. He methodically takes the reader through a journey of disturbing alien agendas. Michael creates a state of clarity so that the commoner can understand the many components of this system of deception.

According to Michael, the Earth, and its human inhabitants have existed under the manipulative control of an extraterrestrial civilization for over 187,000 years. The manipulation of human beings and a strong alien presence influencing the world's governments continue on present-day Earth.

About the author:

John has written several novellas and is the founder and chief editor of the popular alternative news blog,

Dr. Reizer is a former associate professor of clinical sciences at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

His most recent works, Answers, The Blue Marble, Plandemic, The Visitors, Aftermath, False Memory, The Homecoming, Frequency, and The Target List, are science fiction thrillers.

John's novel, The Target List, was released as a feature film under the title Target List by Mad Wife Productions in 2023.

The NoFakeNews website continues to be censored and hacked, so I am trying something different to get content out there to our visitors and other interested parties.

A woman shows how her skin glows at the injection site of a COVID-19 vaccine.

I received this download from a NoFakeNews visitor and uploaded the content to my channel. The video quality is poor, but the content of the message is priceless. Please share broadly!

-- Dr. Reizer

Traditional vaccines are routinely administered to human-sheep under the guise of preventing infections from nonexistent viruses. In reality, the medicinal products destroy human immunity and leave victims physiologically compromised for the remainder of their lives. Moreover, the physiological disorders people must deal with after receiving said vaccines are later blamed on mysterious new diseases that require medical mitigation by expensive pharmaceutical products. This big pharma strategy has been in play for many decades and continues to tear away the fabric of human health and well-being globally.

Note: The audio begins at 40 seconds. Sorry about that little glitch.

-- Dr. Reizer

Although some doctors are getting the word out to many people that the pandemic is not real and that the vaccine products being rolled out to citizens the world over are dangerous, they continue to miss the mark and deliver plenty of misinformation through their platforms.

Here’s the problem with doctors and other scientists that have formed alliances and have come out with blanket statements claiming the pandemic is not real. In many instances, they’re delivering a message that contains half-truths and not one that delivers the entire truth about the longstanding fakery going on since January 2020.

Probing discussion of the current situation where thousands of adverse events and deaths are being reported in US, UK, and worldwide, directly connected to the COVID-19 vaccine--all indications show the vaccine rollouts MUST BE STOPPED.

The CDC document discussed in this video clearly shows that the COVID-19 virus has not been isolated or identified from a scientific standpoint. Therefore, it does not exist, and the PCR tests being used as a diagnostic tool to diagnose case numbers attributed to COVID-19 are invalid.

Update from Dr. Reizer:

I recently received a private email from a medical doctor/surgeon who praised NoFakeNews and the work I have been doing but asked me to be more upfront about the viral isolation of the sars-cov-2 virus.

According to Doctor Adam (not his real name), the CDC does have a method of isolating sars-cov-2 somewhere on their website. Dr. Adam also explained that has two papers on CoV isolation.

Dr. Adam explained to me that although my little video presentation on NoFakeNews highlighting the fact that in June 2020, the CDC had no viral isolates of sars-cov-2 in its possession was technically accurate at the time, it is now claimed within the scientific community that sars-cov-2 isolates are available from the and the same organization regularly sells the viral particles.

Additionally, Dr. Adam informed me about two pharmaceutical companies — Sinovac and Sinopharm — that make traditional attenuated viral vaccines for sars-cov-2.

Dr. Adam wanted me to answer what was in those attenuated sars-cov-2 vaccines.

I have no idea, Dr. Adam, what is in those attenuated traditional vaccines. But I can tell you for sure what is not in those products — sars-cov-2 viral isolates!

Let me preface my response to the above-referenced claims by writing the following:

The fact that the world’s biggest pandemic in modern history only has two scientific articles published that discuss the viral pathogen’s isolation is mind-boggling!

In June 2020, well into the plandemic, the CDC and all other global health regulatory agencies could not produce sars-cov-2 viral isolates. This fact speaks volumes about the scientific fraud that was well underway at that point.

A viral isolate is a pure microbial or viral sample that must be obtained from an infected individual and not grown in a laboratory setting. In other words, a true viral isolate must be taken or extracted from a human or animal host and purified.

According to the sources I converse with, no scientists have done this procedure with regards to sars-cov-2. What they have done instead is gather a scant number of genomic sequences (“viral particles”) from a patient allegedly infected with COVID-19 and decided by a committee that these structures were the identified virus and proceeded to label them as viral isolates. This practice is the scientific community’s idea of viral isolation. I think it’s junk science!

Next, the same mainstream science community used PCR technology to confirm the diagnostic identification of the alleged COVID-19 disease within humans.

PCR testing cannot be used to confirm the presence of sars-cov-2 in humans, nor can it be used to verify the existence of any viral pathogens, in my opinion. That fact alone presents a significant problem for medical science, especially when we examine the history of infectious diseases and how prominent a role viruses have played within that false narrative.

Virtually every virus known to modern science is routinely diagnosed in animals and humans by a diagnostic technology incapable of providing an accurate result. The technology’s creator, Kary Mullis, is on the record stating this claim.

In my opinion, there’s no sars-cov-2 virus. It hasn’t been appropriately isolated. There’s so much scientific fraud taking place; it’s hard to believe that any recent claims of viral isolates existing are valid.

Predictably, the health regulatory agencies would react and publish a couple of token papers that allege the sars-cov-2 virus has been isolated. They are trying to maintain the appearance of having some semblance of credibility in the eyes of “the knowledgeable people” who still believe in their dogma.

The plandemic scam was preplanned for many years, and science-minded people want to believe that a novel viral pathogen happened to come along right on cue or that one was released from a gain of function laboratory in China.

If either one of those two scenarios were remotely possible, which they are not, why would the science fiction story writers need to have a rigged diagnostic test to make the disease appear real on paper? If the sars-cov-2 virus were real and as menacing a viral pathogen as advertised, we would undoubtedly have witnessed the dead piling up on the streets. We would have observed a real pandemic taking place instead of living through the manufactured “casedemic” created solely from false-positive PCR results!


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Long before the words Fake News were popularized by the powers that be in an effort to confuse people about the credibility of alternative news sites, I created NoFakeNews. My reason for doing all of this was to help others become cognizant of different subjects that were routinely hidden from most members of society.

Since our very first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real and what’s not. Our collective perception of reality is very far removed from what’s actually happening on this planet.

Our knowledge (or lack thereof) of many things transpiring today has come to fruition from the information we learned in educational and religious institutions controlled by different governments that have a vested interest in distorting the public’s understanding of life and our existence here.

It’s my hope and sincere desire that this website will help people of all ages discover a more realistic understanding of our world and our place in it.

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--Dr. John Reizer