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Churches forfeit their freedom of speech and freedom to freely exercise their faith when they request a 501(c)(3) determination!
Check Your Church!

You must choose your have no choice. Time, space, matter determined in the first sentence of the Bible.

Women take advantage of women for spread of socialist and communist agenda. Women's day is not really about women!

Late night talk shows use lying articles to support murder by illegals, Pure Propagandists!

Mark Dice brings low-intelligence non-thinkers to YouTube. It entertains and saddens at the same time

Is it ridiculously pathetic management or purposeful neglect of Non-Urban flood control systems and the theft of funds for those project. You Decide, but either way, lives are at stake.

5 views, actually values, of conservatives. First in a series of foundational principles; for reference in future videos.

Just what the title says. A building block of information so some of my future videos will be better understood.

Just what the title says. A building block of information so some later videos will be better understood.

Immigrants (illegal?) took a day off and I didn't know until I saw it on the news. Glad they brought to my attention how much they are contributing by taking ALL job growth since 2007!

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Discussions and explanations, using Biblical principles, facts, and evidence, on a variety of subjects affecting lives of individuals and families. From roasting coffee to firearms matters, neckties and cufflinks to lawmaking...basically everyday matters. Political and religious bias included. Educational, informational, and entertaining.