The Truth tellers mentioned by the author of this book, both of them, Anne Frank's father, who hired a man to write his daughters diary and then had to be taken to Court and forced to pay the man for his work, having himself made a fortune from the mans, book of nonsense, which included film rights etc and of course Oscar Schindler and his list which was also bullshit and a work of fiction from Spielberg and how can we ever forget the crap about Amistad also from Spielberg.

Take note of the cacophony of bile, which is stirred up should it ever be suggested that gravity was simply dreamt up to reinforce the ridiculous tale of the globe.

Where I say Land Lease I should of course have said 'Loan & Lease' When I spoke of Armenia I failed to make my point, the Armenian massacre was another Jew operation which to this day they try to claim it was the Turks, when in fact there had been a coup d'Etat in Turkey on the heels of the one in Russia.


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