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The Weight of your Soul
Project leader: Amrit Srečko Šorli
Since 1987 I search on the subject of the relation gravity-life. Back in 1987, I attended the conference as a student. There was a famous professor talking about cosmology and life. I asked him if life is related to gravity which we know is the principal force governing cosmic dynamics. He answered that for sure not but nobody has proven it. Here started my adventure in science.
I measured the weight loss of worms at the time of death in 1987-90. The weight of 1 gram of dead worms is less than the weight of the same alive worms (in a mass closed system) for about 1 microgram. By 70 kg of worms, this would be a difference of 0,07g, which is 70 milligrams. By humans of around 70 kg, the weight difference is supposed to be around 21 grams but was never measured accurately in a mass-closed system. Measuring weight at the time of death on the balance is not accurate and is not reliable.
To understand the loss of weight at death time we have to understand first what is gravity. Gravity is not the result of space curvature you can see this article: https://bistra.si/images/2021/ADVANCES_OF_RELATIVITY_THEORY.pdf
Then we have to understand that life is a complex system where subtle energies in the organism including consciousness play an important role: https://bistra.si/images/2022/Time_observer_consciousness_8.pdf
The time has arrived that we integrate the evolution of life into cosmology. Our research group developed a new cosmological model of the universe in permanent dynamic equilibrium with no beginning and no end, the universe was never created and will never have an end https://bistra.si/images/2021/ETERNAL_UNIVERSE_IN_DYNAMIC_EQUILIBRIUM_OBJAVLJEN_januar_22.pdf
In the universe development of life is a universal process. Life is developing on all planets that have similar circumstances as our planet Earth. The preprint of the article is here https://osf.io/ybzju
To publish this article in an important journal I need to repeat the experiment with the worms. That’s why I search for support on Kickstarter. Measurements the weight with such precision is a costly adventure. To publish this article in an important journal we need to repeat the experiment with the worms on the mass comparator Mettler Toledo AX206. With AX206 we can measure the difference in the weight between two test tubes with a mass of 200 grams. Let’s take 100 grams as the mass of the test tube and 100 grams is the mass of the worms. With AX206 we can the weight difference at the time of death by 100 grams of worms on one microgram precisely with repeatability on 4 micrograms. The expected difference by 100 grams of worms is 100 micrograms. We need at least 6 measurements on the high precise mass comparator balance where we measure the difference in the weight of two test tubes. In one test tube, we have 100 grams of worms, 90 grams of worms, 80 grams of worms, 70 grams of worms, 60 grams of worms, 50 grams of worms. In the control test tube, we have 100 grams of distilled water, 90 grams of distilled water, 80 grams of distilled water, 70 grams of distilled water, 60 grams of distilled water, and 50 grams of distilled water. The experimental test tube with worms and control test tube with distilled water must have the same shape and the same size. In this way, the condensation of the humidity on both test tubes is the same and does not influence the result. The difference in the weight of “life-dead” should be decreasing with the diminishing of the mass of the worms.
This experiment is of immense importance, it proves that the entire universe is alive, that we on the planets are all one human civilization, and that divisions in religions, nations, and races are making human society sick. This research also proves the existence of subtle energies in every living organism. Through these subtle energies, we are all interconnected, and entangled, we are all one.
All who will participate in the project will receive a signed book where the entire project, including a measurement of the weight loss of the worms at the time of death, will be described. The book will be printed only for this purpose in a limited edition. All participants will be listed in the book. The title of the book will be “The Weight of your Soul”.
Yours Sincerely, Amrit Šorli

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