The Swiss Nazi Templars have always had an enormous fleet from the days of the crusades, for the slave trades, during world war II and most certainly today feeding the war in the middle east.
The Swiss are the Khazars, descendants of the Pharaohs.
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The video shows the Vikings are the Knights Templar.
My name is Sean Hross, my other channels are giureh and chatzefratz, my email is [email protected], and this video here tells the whole story of our ruling Masters: "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil".
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How the Templars Created the New World Order, and how they operate from Switzerland. These are the descendants of the pharaohs.
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DemocracyNow.org - In an exclusive report on the return trip of ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, Democracy Now! interviews Father Roy Bourgeois of the group, School of the Americas Watch, about the role U.S.-trained generals played in the 2009 coup. "This military coup had real connections to the School of the Americas. The two top generals, the key players in this military coup—the head of the air force, the head of the army—were graduates of the School of the Americas," Bourgeois says. Bourgeois was invited to joined the party accompanying Zelaya back to Honduras on May 29. He said he made the trip "to express our support and solidarity with the people of Honduras, who really are living under intense repression."
Notice the French name, and the big happy smile on these people who work for the Knights Templar NWO out of Switzerland!
Published on May 31, 2011 courtesy of mediagrrl9
For more information: https://www.opdeepstate.com/2018/10/21/honduras-and-the-israeli-coup-a-new-special-relationship-immigration/

Trump reported to be about to declare a national emergency. Who is getting arrested? Russian Jewish Oligarch and son of famous Mossad operator Rafi Eitan named. Very interesting development.
US sanctions affect Israeli business of Viktor Vekselberg https://en.crimerussia.com/oligarchs/us-sanctions-affect-israeli-business-of-viktor-vekselberg/
For more information: ISRAEL – THE GREATEST SPY MACHINE OF ALL TIME #OperationTalpiot https://www.opdeepstate.com/2017/04/11/israel-the-greatest-spy-machine-of-all-time/
Playlist: Israel Arming Enemies Of The USA - Stealing Technology - Costing Jobs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXth7IxwtLBUlBg1PwM8GURBa2e8qydTM

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Hunter Stockton Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005) was an American journalist and author, and the founder of the gonzo journalism movement. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, to a middle-class family, Thompson had a turbulent youth after the death of his father left the family in poverty. He was unable to formally finish high school as he was incarcerated for 60 days after abetting a robbery. He subsequently joined the United States Air Force before moving into journalism. He traveled frequently, including stints in California, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, before settling in Aspen, Colorado, in the early 1960s.
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Excerpts of a lecture by David Cay Johnston, author of the bestselling book, "The Making of Donald Trump."
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For more information: https://www.opdeepstate.com/2019/01/08/author-calls-trump-greatest-con-artist-of-all-time-and-hes-a-republican/

I feel, the Indigo inside me consists of AIR & FIRE, and they shouldn't play with this fire any longer these earthly creepers of the worldwide authorities and occupying army over humanity; this is why my Blue Warrior's aura has the colour of air and scourging blue fire!

Ich fühle, der Indigo in mir besteht aus LUFT & FEUER, und sie sollen nicht weiter mit diesem Feuer spielen diesen erdischen Kriecher der weltweiten Autoritäten und Besetzungsmacht über die Menschheit; darum hat mein Blauer Krieger Aura die Farbe der Luft und versengendes Blaues Feuer!

The Knights Templars of Octogon founded "clean" Switzerland 1291.

My name is Sean Hross, my other channels are giureh and chatzefratz, my email is [email protected], and this video tells the whole story of our ruling Masters: "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil".

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Who is front man Elon Musk?

Lecture by John Judge on Contragate, or "The Iran - Contra Connection" Supposedly, the CIA was illegally selling arms and bringing drugs into the USA to raise money to finance a covert war against Nicaragua in support of USA corporations' financial interests. Recorded off of KPFK radio, Los Angeles in 1988

John Judge is a former Secret Service agent under Ronald Reagan. Judge has the dirt on Oliver North and others. Published on May 25, 2012 mirrored from atwaterpub

FEMA plans on suspension of the US constitution exposed during Iran contra hearings. Oliver North is questioned by Jack Brooks.
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The gematria of the NYC blue sky weapon explained.
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The criminal global banking cartel has effected a coup d’etat in the U.S. This is why the same criminal financial elite that saw 1000 of its members go to prison 20 years ago (after the S&L crisis) is now above the law. To date, the question of why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute even one too-big-to-fail bank for the pervasive criminal frauds that drove the multi-trillion-dollar economic meltdown of 2008 has been answered pretty much with shrugs. By far the most insightful answer was provided by Martin Smith’s breathtaking Untouchables episode, which PBS Frontline aired in January 2013.

See https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/filipino-journalist-maria-ressa-facing-tax-charges-vows-to-hold-government-to-account/

But even Smith’s answer—that the DOJ never truly investigated Wall Street crime due largely to the so-called collateral consequences doctrine—really explains how rather than why prosecutions have been scuttled. In an effort to pick up where the Untouchables left off in early 2013, BestEvidence presents “The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime.” In addition to analyzing events that have occurred since the Untouchables aired (including events caused by the Untouchables), and in an attempt to answer some of the deeply troubling issues raised by Martin Smith, “Veneer" examines certain implications the DOJ's pronouncements, since late 2012, that the rule of law is effectively dead (having been supplanted by the management of oversized global banks).

What follows is a brief American legal history of the executive branch's overthrow by criminal global banks, which is divided into four roughly chronological segments. I. Background (March 2010 to December 2012) Goldman Sachs’ legal defenses to fraud—and the DOJ’s adoption of those defenses—are summarized and exposed as false. The DOJ soon admits it refrains from prosecutions not based on any law, but on unspecified collateral effects that prosecutions allegedly would have. II.

Lessons From the Untouchables (January 2013) Since it won't prosecute Wall Street, the DOJ doesn't even bother conducting investigations. The overriding factor is collateral consequences. Two potential sources for collateral consequences opinions emerge: government regulators and the very financial institutions that have been accused of crimes. III. The DOJ’s Endless Lies to Conceal Its Master (February 2013 - April 2014) The DOJ’s claim that government regulators provided opinions on collateral consequences is exposed as a lie.

There never were any such regulators. Instead, the DOJ’s sources of collateral consequences opinions are—as the DOJ itself once admitted, before falsely backtracking—the very banks accused of crimes. The collateral consequences doctrine itself is next exposed as a sham, used by global banks to declare immunity from their own crimes—the act of a king. IV. Presenting the True Sovereign Power in the Executive Branch The one bank that’s on record as having gained access to a DOJ conference room—where, as the DOJ previously admitted, global banks asserted immunity from their own crimes—is revealed. The true chain of command in the DOJ is presented.

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"Kay Griggs, former marine colonel's wife, talks about Military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual perversion deep within the highest levels of U.S. military and government."
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If anyone believes America has fair elections, think again. The entire vote is rigged and has been for decades.
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No matter what Netanyahu and his crew do, they keep on keeping on. Why? How? Israel is a cyber technology juggernaut.
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What Are They Getting Ready For?!?! As of midnight on the evening of Sat. December 22nd, 2018, a partial government shutdown was announced after “funding expired.” This is the third government shutdown of 2018. According to mainstream reports, negotiations between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over the President's demands for a border wall have so far not yielded an agreement — making it likely that the “shutdown” will continue for a few more days, if not up to a week. However, is it a surprise or a coincidence how this partial government shutdown coincides with the weekend, “holiday season,” AND also follows barely two weeks after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released their report on preparing the nation for catastrophic power outages? These reports from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) concern a nationwide power outage that could last up to six months. In the actual report, “tens of millions” refers up to 75 million people, or nearly a quarter of the U.S. population. Here’s how the NIAC defines a “catastrophic power outage”: - Events beyond modern experience that exhaust or exceed mutual aid capabilities - Likely to be no-notice or limited-notice events that could be complicated by a cyber-physical attack - Long duration, lasting several weeks to months due to physical infrastructure damage - Affects a broad geographic area, covering multiple states or regions and affecting tens of millions of people - Causes severe cascading impacts that force critical sectors—drinking water and wastewater systems, communications, transportation, healthcare, and financial services—to operate in a degraded state And let’s not forget about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and their most recent 2018-2022 Strategic Plan’s 3 strategic goals: 1. Build a Culture of Preparedness 2. Ready the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters 3. Reduce the Complexity of FEMA Along with the Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions (COGCON) — A system that establishes executive branch readiness levels based on possible threats to the National Capital Region, and their 4 COGCON Levels (See White House Continuity Plan Linked Below!!) WHY all of this preparation, especially within the “continuity of government” and shadow governments? WHAT are they REALLY preparing for, and WHAT are they conditioning the masses to accept? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! ALWAYS BE PREPARED! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — SO THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE READY FOR WHAT’S TO COME!!! ALSO SEE — CHRISTMAS?! PAGAN?! https://youtu.be/3wppw0hdIXg ALSO SEE — NEW YEAR EXPOSED! https://youtu.be/4Jml8nfUrB0 ALSO SEE — Government Preparing For CATASTROPHIC POWER OUTAGES? https://youtu.be/sQ1VG8WWfWk ALSO SEE — Presidential ALERT 2018!!! https://youtu.be/scFjuW2I1Ho ALSO SEE — Shadow Government REVEALED! https://youtu.be/Vj8t7yDDYns LEARN MORE! Partial Government Shutdown CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/23/politi... HP: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/... USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/p... “The X Files” Reference: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4549938/...
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Trump Signs Bill to Further Protect Critical Infrastructure, Including Pandemic Delivery System.

Op-Ed by Janet Phelan

It’s a sad day when protection equals assault, and when events such as the President signing H.R. 3359, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2017, is heralded as protecting the nation when in fact this legislation further protects a system which will devastate the nation.

It has been a long standing modus operandi of the United States to disguise its most dangerous projects as protection. Following the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent anthrax attacks, the US Congress rushed to pass a massive piece of legislation which ended up putting us in exquisite danger. Embedded in the USA Patriot Act was Section 817, the Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute, which gave the US government immunity from violating its own biological weapons laws.

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Money missing from the Federal Reserve, and the printing of money never stopped.

Why you should watch these five videos:

It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA's black budget, and is the architect of the world's monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse...

These five videos are the "answer" I have arrived at after three years of blogging on MarketSkeptics.com. They took me a month and a half to make (and months of research). You will not find the material covered anywhere else. So if you enjoyed them, please donate.

The Links to all the material covered can be found below the videos. I recommend following them and confirming the facts for yourself.

(The youtube view counts for these videos are incomplete (because they only count views on youtube's website))

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Covert operations of the US Treasury funding China War efforts and more!


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