We begin our new series from the book Putin's People and to learn about each man we speak about, we have them linked here in the show page


The Russian Propaganda that is causing people to stop critically thinking and wanting to figure out what is truth verses lies. This is a type of Mental Illness and we cover it today.

For more, see the show page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/05/09/the-mental-illness-ruining-the-minds-of-many-people/

Today, I begin a series on taking on the Intelligence Troll Farms which came after Ordo Militaris Catholicus, I hope to do more later on.

See the information linked in the show page here https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/04/28/taking-on-the-american-intelligence-troll-farms/

Today, we update you on the Rocket Attack In Kyiv Ukraine at the Golden Dome Monastery Of St. Michael's.

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We Return To Father Vincent P. Miceli's book The Antichrist and I read from it.


When Ordo Militaris Catholicus first began, people had a heart, people had a soul, now they seem to have lost that heart and soul and we go through the struggles and why we were founded.


I talk about the movie with Robert Patrick, my mistake, I think I said Ryan. He was the evil Terminator In the first Terminator Movie and he still can act and do amazing Action Movies.


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Meet Our Second Commandery In Warsaw Poland, why it is here. If you want to sign up for our unit in the International Legion Of Ukraine or support them monetarily or with logistics in Poland or the Humanitarian Relief Fundraiser, please come to the show page


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For All Retired Military Veterans Who Want To Join The Unit Created By Ordo Militaris Catholicus Call The Recruitment Number In Warsaw Poland
+48 789 900453

Show Page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/03/04/ordo-militaris-catholicus-activated-in-poland/

We tell you how The Pilgrim Society began it's war on Christendom; Protestants, Catholics and the Orthodox and the men involved.


We tell you about the Martyr Akash Bashir from May 15 2015. Our apologies regarding the audio and video quality, it is due to our huge expose we did yesterday.


In this video we talk about my censorship on Twitter and Facebook due to a video exposing 5G and then we go into the fiances of Twitter and Facebook and it all leads to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

See more at the show page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/02/01/exposing-the-rothschild-family/

Today, we read a few things by St. John Of Kronstadt on prayer and penance, sorry for the delays in the video, hope it is watchable.

Please go to the show page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/01/18/a-discussion-on-a-book-my-life-in-christ-by-st-john-of-kronstadt/

You asked for it, here is part two of our show on MAGA. Words have meanings and we got tips and investigated what the words mean and what number value they have.

See all the information on the show page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/01/28/how-is-maga-witch-craft/

In this program, we tell you first what the great President Teddy Roosevelt meant by Make America Great and then we tell you who used the phrase MAGA in Politics and their back ground.

Please Come See The Show Page For All The Linked Information https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/01/26/what-did-trump-mean-by-maga/

Here we look back to when we started and looking what is to come with Ordo Militaris Radio TV


Today, we will tell you who really got the phrase and demonic spirit pushed, that controls the CIA created church of Vatican II ever since. Also, introduce you to Michael Novak.


Today, we finish up about Session Three Of The Second Vatican Council and The Psychological Warfare Program used by the CIA

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In this program we begin to show how the CIA via Time Inc International Ratcheted Up The Psychological Warfare Program in the Third Session Of Vatican Two.

Please See The Show Page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/11/17/the-cia-ratcheted-up-the-psychological-warfare-program-in-session-three/

Here we read from Monsignor Joseph Fenton's diary at Vatican II to help with the book we are using. We learn what important documents come from and we hear how Murray helped write one.

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Today, we get into the diary of Msgr Fenton which is covered in the book we are using to expose the truth behind Vatican II. Here, you will learn how the Church was no longer the Catholic Religion as we have known her after the First Session Of The Council.

Also, you will meet the man who fathered the phrase The "Spirit" Of Vatican II, but it was first called "New Spirit".

Please Come to the show page to learn more https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/11/10/the-end-of-the-catholic-religion-as-we-have-known-it/

Here, we will begin to share with you how Time Inc took control of the Second Vatican Council and who talked to them and their demands. Including those lay theologically educated Catholics who preach and teach and push Thomisim, which was one of Time/Life's demands.

To Learn More, Please Come To The Website https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/11/09/vatican-press-versus-time-inc/

We are going to tell you of the Princeton Conference In 1954, setting up globalism, wanting to take over the Catholic Church, creating Gladio

Then how it all leads up to the Pre Meetings Just Before The Calling Of The Second Vatican Council

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