In our second program, we go through the censorship that is happening with the photos and information.

In our coverage of the facts & how the facts changed, including the actual images shared yesterday are no longer to be found, we decide to ask if the narrative the authorities & press are pushing today are false?


In this program, we read from St. Irenaeus Of Lyons' book Against Heresies and what he says about the Anti-Christ and the name.

We learn about a cult in Alabama and we read from reports and talk about what our great benefactors told us.

Ever Since 1946 and the Doctrinal Warfare Program was created and signed for in 1953, Catholics have been brainwashed & their minds taken over with a number of Masonic Lies which totally re-orientate their views on life, politics and morality.

We will discuss these errors and show how it has turned Catholics guinea pigs for the New World Order.


We Talk About Good Friday and Read From St. Thomas More's The Sadness Of Christ and St. Maximus The Confessor's The Life Of The Virgin


In today’s program, we will be promoting our own Social Media Platform: Cross Azure.Net and how it is different, new and even better than the current social media.


In this video, we go through what we are beginning to see, how we are seeing real Christians and then pretenders.

In this short program, we look at the current news that happened with Donald Trump and having the LGBTQ at his home in Florida, his comments about giving away Russian Speaking Areas Of Ukraine to Russia, and what Governor Ron Desantis said. Then we get into what Dr. Taylor Marshall tried to start.

In this video, we go through why Discernment is so important and we talk about how it plays an important role in our every day life. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2023/03/10/discernment-today-if-you-shall-hear-his-voice-harden-not-your-hearts/

In this next episode, we go through the case, the false testimony of Robert V. Kimball and everything about the case and the murder mystery.

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In this first of two episodes of things turning dark for Jack Ryan, plans are in the work for his death. He becomes nervous and his brother George also gives him a warning.

In this episode of The Real Jack Ryan, Michigan State saves their face by handing off their work to the Office Of Public Safety, because Michigan State was involved in taking Kick Backs. Then Jack Ryan becomes chief of operations and moves to Laos.


In this latest episode on The Real Jack Ryan, he and his team from Michigan State University are seeing the real and true colors of President Diem, The CIA and The U.S. Military. They; Jack and his team are trying to make the new police force honorable, but the CIA and U.S. Military is making sure it doesn't happen.


Jack Ryan joins Michigan State when Randy is told he was seriously ill and held prisoner for 9 months. Then shortly he and 4 members decide to go to Saigon at the Request Of President Diem.


In Episode 4 On The Real Jack Ryan, we see and hear how he began to work with the OSS and then the Army called & sent him to train new pilots for the Pacific Theater & after the war, we hear what happens.

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In this program, we discuss how the CIA has controlled all Student Associations since the Cold War began and that they also control Catholic Student Associations.

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In this first installment of Cross Azure News, we begin to promote our Social Media Platform and how it is different and better than the Globalist Owned Social Media Platforms.

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Whew, what a video the CIA and Doctrinal Warfare Program Did Not Want Us To Record. Here Is Part One To Show That Their Agents Within The U.S. Bishops might have bumped her off. To My Rumble Fans, Come On To Our Website Where It Is Family Friend.

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Whew, what a video the CIA and Doctrinal Warfare Program Did Not Want Us To Record. Here Is Part Two where discuss the symptoms that she went through and what is related to those symptoms and how we know it is the CIA. To My Rumble Fans, Come On To Our Website Where It Is Family Friend.

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In this video, we dive into the back ground of Elon and who he is, where he came from & all his attempts at business start ups and failed, then got pushed by the CIA to start SpaceX without even proving they could launch a rocket or has a staff. Then we get into his morals and Twitter Censorship.


In this next part of our Series on the CIA & Their Doctrinal Warfare Program, we talk about converts and why the CIA pushes them to become leaders in the Church. Now, we were highly censored in this program, the audio is real and we apologize for it, this is the type of censorship we at OMC Radio TV receive normally.

Near The Last Part Of The Video, We Talked On Transparency:

“I wanted to be transparent around $4k to do all the internet expensives to reach you the viewers and can handle the traffic.”Br. Alexis

To Catholic Converts, You Too Need To Be Transparent, Put That You Are A Catholic Convert & Not Yet An Expert On The Catholic Faith"

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In this report, we tell you exactly what happened in Ukraine and then exactly what happened in Poland, and what Russia launched at Poland and then how fake news began to spread.

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In This Catholic Party For America, we discuss the new wave of Anti-Catholic and Anti-Orthodox Sentiments By The GOP House Members, who love Vladimir Putin and spread Russian Propaganda and how their agendas are killing Christians around the globe.

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