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In today's program we discuss the death of the Iranian President and members of his cabinet in a helicopter crash in heavy fog.

Then we let Br. Alexis inform us on the new government in The Netherlands

Finally, I give my report on why Impossible/fake foods were airing commercials instead of your typical beef ads for burgers. Then I dive into the CEO of Impossible Foods.

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In today's Catholic Talk Show, thanks to Christine Niles for this topic, we talk about the Satanic Ritual Rape of a young woman from the United States by a Seminarian/Priest From Pontifical North American College In Rome.

We go through the NAC's history, their scandalous first rector, how it became a Non-Profit Organization, other sexual misconducts by seminarians, priests and bishops.

Then we get into a gushing story of Female Ordination at the National Catholic Register of EWTN

Next we dive into an absurd article over at Crisis Magazine written by Darrick Taylor

We then dive into Darrick Taylor

Then we go through more responses to our past shows:

Bishop Strickland's response of his big letter and saying he's a sedevacantist for it.

Then the new response from The Hand Picked Catholic Scholars who want Pope Francis Deposed

A Signer, Maria Guarini withdrew her signature and Br. Alexis goes through what she said about it.

Then fan comments & please see the news story by Br. Alexis linked in the show page about LIDL Grocery Stores


In this program, we hear what Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock wants developed nations; like the United States; to do with shrinking birth rates & that is replace the people lost to AI, robots and other technologies.

Next, we move onto Facebook Censorship of the Chega Party in Portugal for ten years.

Then we get into the Food Takeover Of America by ALDI and we get into his past and why that should alarm us.

The WHO did not get it's May 10th deadline, what does that mean?

Then, we get into what is coming to America, REAL ID and who it is who gave us this new ID card and how it will hurt us.


In the first part of the program, we go through Bishop Strickland's letter he released on May 3rd on his substack page and was published in full over at the Gateway Pundit and we see if it matches up with how he handled certain things.

In Part Two of the program, we dive into the organization and man in-charge of the Chartres Pilgrimage and why it is very suspect and not very good for children.

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In this program, we had to cover it right away, the Catholic Blog Rorate Caeli published a new document by hand picked "scholars" who are wanting Pope Francis deposed from office.


Items We Covered
The House Voting On Antisemitism Awareness Act

We Talk on Pope Francis is still continuing to protect Rupnik and push his artwork.

From The National Catholic Reporter On Dignitas Infinita, no need to change the errors or correct them, just push and accept the errors.

The Vatican has now unleashed it's own AI Bot and we get into that

Then I share what Michael Matt had to say about Russell Brand's supposed baptism

Then Br. Alexis unloads on Mundabor and his crazy response regarding Fr. Tom Held of Michigan


In his speech to the Congress Of The Confederate States Of America On April 29th 1861, we begin to see why and how President Lincoln did unheard of things to the Southern States and we break down the awesome speech of Jefferson Davis.


In this program, we go through the foundation of Zionism by Theodore Herzl and follow it's history, the people who supported it monetarily and what it is & what it is doing.


In this program, we go through a lot of news. We begin by talking about a video the detectives working for Sister Lucy Truth dug up with the Fake Sister Lucy going to vote & being handed the ID card needed & didn't know the name on the card & she didn't look like the woman in the photo.

Then we get into Catholic Answers AI Fake Priest

Next, we go through the Conversions Of Candace Owens and her husband to the Catholic Faith & why the wrong people are cheering them on.

Then we revisit the story we broke on February 11th that a Traddie Catholic Journalist was talking to someone in French Intelligence about our show from February 6th The Traditional Leadership Is Hurting Those Who Love The Latin Mass; it is thanks to Christine Niles & her own News Media work discovered the families of those in France being abused by the SSPX are dynastic families of the higher levels of French Military Intelligence.

Then we end about Australia and Musk censoring the videos from Australia of the Attack on the Assyrian Christian Bishop and aftermath.


We begin again with Shane Schaetzel and now Catholic Family News pushing a Pro Russian form of Christian Nationalism in America.

Then we get into the Ukrainian Military Aid Bill Passage & explain it how works.

Next we talk about the Pro Russian GOP members

Then Talk About Russian Interference In Elections, Spreading Disinformation, etc.

We then talk about what is happening in Armenia and the Armenian Quarter in the Old City Of Jerusalem

Then Answer A Comment Question

Br. Alexis breaks news that just happened.


Once again, we bring you Shane Schaetzel's promoted posts on the social media website called Gab and correct them.

Then news from Reuters about The Vatican Will Oppose Mosaic Laws Against Sodomy and other Sexual Perversions

Star Witness Of London Property Trial, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca was made Prosecutor of the Apostolic Signatura

Crisis News from Crisis Magazine: They Change Canon Law To Help With Chirri's Tweets On Pope Francis during the last days of the Pontificate Of Pope Francis


In this video we talk about how
Russia Buys Politicians

How Do They Buy Them

Where Did Donald Trump's Ukraine Peace Plan Come From?

Defending Israel's Air Space But Not Ukraine's Air Space

What Is Russia Thinking About Their Assets In The U.S. Government Denying Ukrainian Aid Bills?

Knife Attacks In Australia


Opus Dei is now beginning to take over The Knights Of Columbus

The Rothschild Jews Of Israel want the Latin Patriarch To Be The Next Pope

Vice President Of The Italian Bishop Conference writes a Sodomite Way Of The Cross

With The Agreement by the U.S. Bishops in place to attack the Latin Mass Faithful, now they are beginning to attack whistleblowers of sexual abuse.

We talk about the weird Press Conference Of Cardinal Fernandez on Monday about the new document and his weird talking points

Bergoglio smears the Late Pope Benedict XVI by saying he agreed with Bergoglio on LGBTQ Couples

France is becoming even more Anti-Clerical by having on trial a priest who said homosexual relations are sinful.

Israel is targeting the Old City Of Jerusalem, the home to Armenians since the First Crusade & trying to take it over with their Zionist Settlers.

Then we talk about the awesome news from Arizona in the light of Catholic Party For America


March 26th A Singapore Cargo Ship Loses Power and rams the Francis Scott Key Bridge

March 26th A Hungarian Uprising

March 25th Governor DeSantis signs legislation to protect children and restore parental rights

March 26th The New Kashubian Government Is Hurting The Polish People

Why is the GOP pushing fear rhetoric and saying there will be another civil war?

Easter Sunday: Joe Biden and the White House calls Easter Sunday: Transgender Day Of Visibility

March 30th, Truthstream Media does a report looking back at Government Controlled Censorship and how America has followed the British Model & then up to the present day, Joe Biden has funded a new misinformation fact-checking tool called "Course Correct."

April 7th, un-official leakings from NATO, the type of peace agreement in the works is that Ukraine abandons the ground lost to Russia and will then be permitted to enter NATO.


We will be back in two weeks after the Easter Holiday

We look into the Financial Times Piece Of March 22nd about Joe Biden and his cabinet calling for Ukraine to stop attacking Russian Oil in Russia and then we looked into their writers.

Next, we look into Simon Harris who will become leader of the Party the former leader and Prime Minister stepped down from.

We then get into the awful news of Prince William cheating while his wife and father are dying from Cancer.

We get into the Islamic Attack in Moscow and how it has ties to Azerbaijan and Trump

How many navy pilots are injured from the vax

Operation Mockingbird is still active, the FBI is using the Wall Street Journal to write fluff pieces for them

United States Supreme Court did not hear the case of the family who lost custody of their son who wanted to be called by female pronouns

Elon Musk and the U.S. Government are friends, they paid him 1.8 Billion to create hundreds of Spy Satellites


This is our weekly Friday program going through the news of the week we have gathered and go through it for you.


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This is our weekly Monday program and we covered:

Sweden's insane immigrant policy that has caused nightly bombings and attacks in their capitol, then kicking out true migrants who are Christians and one died on the plane back to Iraq.

The People Of The United Kingdom turning a deaf and blind stare at what their country is doing by helping a Terrorist Nation of Azerbaijan and helping their dictator.

Donald Trump and Viktor Orban's Pro Russian Outlook for Ukraine

Don Lemon's Interview Of Elon Musk

West Point Removes Their Mission Statement

RoboTaxis are coming and they are dangerous

Viktor Orban will allow the CCP Police to walk the streets of Hungary this summer.

European Central Bank will introduce into Europe the Digital Euro next year and also the European Parliament and Commission has agreed to track all guns in the EU

The Great Replacement Of Native Europeans With Muslims & Muslims attacking Native Europeans and berating them by saying there are too many white people in Scotland.

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This new Friday episode, we will look at all Catholic Media and everything they are doing.

One Peter Five Spin On Crusading
Ann Barnhardt Using Non-Profit To Raise Funds For Media Work
Pope Francis' Opposition using old KGB Tactics Against The Faithful
US Catholic Bishops Will Attempt To Put Pro Rothschild Notice In Missal Booklets During Holy Week
Lifesite News pushing false apparitions
Br. Alexis takes a look at the English Translation of My Lord and My God


We will be changing to a weekly program, where we go through about five or six news stories and give our take to help you break through the Globalist Spin and The Matrix.


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In this program, we discuss the similarities of the Fall of the Roman Empire and what is going on with America. Then we get into real solutions on how to fix this solution thanks to the Court's Ruling That Texas Can Defend Itself.


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With the Globalists starting to show their hand in our nations, by each nation helping Agenda 2030 to get here, what will people do if our society falls? It is time to begin making plans to help rebuild society, by rebuilding and restoring Christendom. In this program, we will look at how this can be done and why it is called the Crusader Option & how you can join this project.

Read More Here: https://www.ordo-militaris.us/the-crusader-option/

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In this video, we cover the importance of confessing one's sins and we speak in this video to all Christians. We also use some information from Roman Catholic Sources and Byzantine Catholic/Orthodox Sources.


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In this program, we interview Br. Alexis who founded the non-profit charity in Ukraine for Ordo Militaris Catholicus & learn why it was founded and what it has done & what it looks to do in the future.


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In this program, we discuss how Mass Media seemed real when America and the allied forces invaded Iraq to take down Saddam and same with Catholic Talking Heads, now they read from a script for their respected sides they belong to.


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In this program, we cover four items and here they are:

How Gab's AI is even more dangerous than we thought, it isn't for the defending of Christians and it makes Gab even more dangerous than Twitter & Facebook. We speak on how it spied on someone.

Next, we look at all the manipulation going on and how it is step by step from the East German spying and manipulation they did to their citizens.

Then, we take a closer look at the Globalist's plan for control, yes they said it in the Guidestones & elsewhere they want to kill off a good number, but I think it also means to make a good number brain dead & hooked to their devices.

Then finally, we look at search engines.


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