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Somebody Had To Say It

Somebody Had To Say It


The next hearing is Tuesday Feb 15th at 2pm!! ACT NOW!!!

By the current definitions a "pandemic" does not equate to an "emergency" but this is EXACTLY why they are trying to change the definition in our Hawai'i emergency statute!! This is one of the most important videos I've made in a while. Please watch all the way to the end and please share for me as I'm highly censored!!!

Watch the original video I did about the definition of a pandemic:

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Tutorial for the Hawai'i State Legislature website:

Where the original definition used to live:

Downloaded proof of old definition in May of 2009:

Updated definition in September of 2009:

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Serious questions everyone needs to be asking about Covid-19 and the so-called vaccine! Please help us distribute these Vaccine Facts Info cards before it's too late!!

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Order anything on our website and get a free pocket constitution. Or just send me an email and I will get one to you!! It's time to take this country back!!
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The "asymptomatic spreader" PSYOP is by far the most evil genius ever. It sets the stage for unending rights violations for as long as we are breathing. What better way to remove the HUMAN from HUMANITY?

For as long as the people continue to accept the religion of the "asymptomatic carrier" they will forever be subdued into obedience with government tyranny. When will they understand that asymptomatic means HEALTHY??

Serious adverse reactions including death are being reported by thousands of recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine. We really need to start asking questions and reconsider our frame of mind. Are you willing to be a guinea pig for Big Pharma when they are exempt from all liability??

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An audio/video reading of an article written by Doctor A. True Ott in 2009. We've been warned for decades of what was coming. The Covid-19 vaccine WILL cause the Covid-19 "Pandemic". DO NOT GET VACCINATED.

Read the article and find the links to references here:

Some of the best moments of combat in this psychological war we are fighting.


Sorry to break it to you but we will never go back to normal until the people stop complying.

The end of the SCAMDEMIC is on the horizon.

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One of our group was finally pushed to the edge with the police. So proud of him for standing firm in his sovereign right to breath! Especially because he was NEVER violating the rules on mask wearing! These cops are dead WRONG and they will pay for it!

Thank you to all the brave patriots taking a stand for freedom. Together we CAN.

Just got my second strike on You Tube, so I can't upload to For Our Rights for two weeks and I won't be surprised if I get a third strike and they delete me. I'm banned from Facebook for 5 more days. I'm shadow banned on Twitter too. Please share my videos!! They are trying to erase me!!

Healthy people are being locked up in facilities worse than jail. This is really happening. Time to wake up.

Patriots! Call, Email, Testify and Protest!

Stop Hawaii government from removing the 6' distance exemption from the current outdoor mask mandate. If passed, you will be required to wear a mask when outdoors AT ALL TIMES.


City Council member Ron Menor will introduce the resolution to the Honolulu City Council at Honolulu Hale on Wed, Dec. 9 at 10 AM. The public will be able to share their opinion.

How to testify:

Contact info for all C&C members:

Copy/Paste this email list:
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Please take a minute to call, write and submit testimony.

This is one of the most important videos I've made! I have figured out how to end this quarantine BULLSHIT! If you are planning to travel soon you need to get in touch with me. We can challenge the quarantine order as a GROUP and MAKE THE STATE PAY FOR OUR REPRESENTATION!!! Share this video!!
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Two new studies have emerged that the globalists will do everything they can to suppress! This news completely destroys the Covid-19 narrative!
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Read about it here:

The newest study out of Wuhan that confirms asymptomatic spread is FALSE:

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Update on Our Lawsuit

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I called it guys. I know Trump does still have a chance but it's not really ever up to us who our President is. It's all about who the Elites choose as their puppet.

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