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Dr. Tom Cowan


In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discussed the following:

-Dr. Samantha Bailey & Dr. Mark Bailey's new book, titled " The Final Pandemic: An Antidote To Medical Tyranny, which can be purchased on Amazon.

- An article titled " Structural insights into the role of GTPBP10 in the RNA maturation of the mitoribosome" which can be found via this link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-023-43599-z

-Water, and how much we should drink per day

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session with questions previously submitted to us by our friends on X (formerly Twitter)

Topics included:

1. Dr. Cowan- really enjoyed your recent talk with Tristan on the Decentralized podcast. You made a comment that caught my attention and made me want to learn more. What did you mean by there being no oxygen in the blood?
2. What might be the reasons that Native Americans developed illness and died after the Europeans arrived in the Americas?
3. What is "structured water," and how does it relate to health and disease?
4. I believe the sun is nourishing and healing for our overall well-being. However, many people tell me to avoid the sun as it leads to skin age spots, extra freckles/moles, or skin cancer. Obviously, one gets sunburned with fair skin and long exposure. What’s the right balance of sunshine?
5. Tom, is there any (real)research about metabolism? "Our metabolism is the energy we expend (or the calories we burn) each day". I think it is much more.
6. Can brain damage caused by being born with a stroke be reversed? Less muscle activation on the right side of the body and developmental amnesia caused by a damaged hippocampus.
7. Do you mind speaking to the use of peptides for bodybuilding and "hormone" replacement? Where do these substances belong in achieving optimal health-fitfulness? For whatever it is worth, it appears that the FDA recently reclassified or has restricted their use.
8. What foods boost platelets? Are there any?
9. Given the fact that science has proven that the heart is not a pump and blood starts moving at the periphery, how can we understand the biology behind variations in heart rate E.g., during physical exercise or the increase in heart rate that takes place as a reaction to an emotion?
10. Is DNA a hologram?
11. Is Stevia toxic?
12. Can you please address my question which is would there ever be a scenario where someone would need to take an antibiotic? thank you for all that you do Dr. Cowan!
13. If cells don't exist, how can we explain videos showing cells dividing? (live videos, not animation)
14. What so called contagious diseases and STDs have actually been proven through Koch's Postulates to be actually contagious? What about Tuberculosis and Ebola?
15. Given the work of Harold Hillman--especially with 'The Living Cell'--there is much doubt cast on the content of the cells, so-called organelles. With this in mind, what validity can we place in nutraceuticals, and even herbs with alleged MOAs?

I had a special guest on my livestream with me today, Michael Bryant.

We discussed his article titled "Lab Leak: An Elaborate Misdirection?"

The article can be found here: https://healthfreedomdefense.org/lab-leak-an-elaborate-misdirection/

Hi Everyone,

In today's interview, I checked in with our friend David Icke to see what he is up to and wondering about these days.

Tune in for an interesting conversation.



In this webinar, we held a Q&A session.

Topics included:

1. Would like to hear Tom's take on Apeel, the supposed edible produce coating.
2. Can you discuss the difference between naturally occurring trans fats, as found in some animal foods, and manmade trans fats? Are dairy products containing natural trans fats safe for daily consumption?
3. Is cooking with silicon bakeware recommended or safe?
4. Is glacier water structured? Can I freeze it and then thaw it and drink only the brewed part? Is water from nature good as a structure if it is not from unpolluted areas?
5. Would you discuss the possible connection between root canals and cancer?
6. Regarding Dr. Lanka's experiment mentioned in the Breaking the Spell book- all 4 experiments are negative controls, which means these 4 experiments were not inoculated with fluid from any sick host. However, any positive controls did? like inoculating the culture with sick host, then increasing ANTIs to 3-fold and not increasing it to prove that only when ANTI is increased and/or starved by reducing the FBS to 2% gives the CPE and otherwise not?
7. What causes ovarian cysts?
8. thoughts on bio-resonance testing?
9. How is it possible to for a child to be born without white blood cells and what should the family do?
10. I watched the latest MS podcast and wondered if the treatment would be the same for Parkinson's. If not, would you please make some suggestions?
11. I'd like to know your perspective and resolution solutions for moles but also other skin blemishes besides harsh topicals or cutting off.

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses multiple sclerosis (MS), its causes & treatments, and takes a look at some papers & studies relating to the topic of MS.

Hi, everyone,

Today's podcast features someone who is not a usual interview guest. After having an in-depth conversation with him about his current work, I realized that our guest, Michael O'Bernicia, has an amazing story to tell about his encounters with certain "powerful" people in politics and finance.

What I appreciated was that rather than focus on the usual tale of fraud and corruption, Michael came up with an innovative plan that could be a way out of the mess we are in. I can assure you that you will be fascinated and inspired by this unusual and amazing story.

Link to Michael's website: https://www.thebernician.net/

All the best,


Please join us as we welcome Dr. Maureen McMichael to the New Biology Clinic!
Dr. Maureen McMichael serves as the New Biology Clinic’s practitioner for our Pet Health Membership program, for which she provides individualized health support for all a member’s household pets. Maureen believes that the pet’s health is intimately entwined with their family’s health on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
Learn more here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/dr-maureen-mcmichael/
Listen to Maureen's podcast interview with Dr. Tom Cowan: https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/podcasts/73-maureen-mcmichael

In today's webinar, we held a Q&A session. Topics included:

-What is happening during the fermentation process and why do these foods yield good health? Specifically with sourdough bread in mind?

-What affect does carbonated water have on the body? I make my own from our well water.
What would you recommend for a diabetic as the best treatment?

-Is there a protection, detox from what is sprayed on us from the chem trails? Is there an affordable shower filter which takes out fluoride, nanoparticles ?

-Okay, so you’ve been proving that there’s no evidence that viruses exist. What about hormones? Do they exist?

-My wife is a naturopath and would like to hear your take on 2 specific "viruses ": Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus. Her colleagues seem to buy the "virus" story and she'd love to hear your opinion on what causes the symptoms in both cases.

-Do you have any recommendations for sourcing mistletoe for cancer?

-Do you have a guideline for eradicating mrsa?

-When using Strophanthus long term, is it possible that an increase of dosage is needed to achieve optimal effects (or to achieve the same effects as when taken initially)?

-If the heart is not a pump, and its purpose is to shape the circulation of the blood, why do artificial hearts, which are mere pumps, keep people alive?

-What causes gout, how to prevent it, and how to treat it?

A 'New-Biology' Vet Joins Our Team

One of the most vexing issues in many of our lives is how to care for our beloved animal friends and where to go for help when problems arise that we can't resolve ourselves. This issue is particularly poignant when, as we have encountered, most local vets refuse to see animals unless they are vaccinated. For many of us, this is not an option.

We at the New Biology Clinic decided that we needed to address this issue and look for a holistic vet to join our team. Luckily, within a short time, we were contacted by Maureen McMichael, who is best described as a new-biology vet and all that this entails.

In this interview, you will hear about Maureen's interesting background, how she approaches veterinary medicine and what she will offer through our clinic. We have already started asking Maureen questions about our animals, and we'll be the first to sign up for her holistic vet-care sessions.

**Please note that Maureen's Pet Health Memberships are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about Maureen and the New Biology Clinic here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/dr-maureen-mcmichael/



In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the magic and mystery of silica.

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In this webinar, we discussed how democracies never work and delved into passages from Hans-Hermann Hoppe's book titled "Democracy The God that Failed"
*Please note that we did experience technical difficulties with the audio around approximately the 13:23 - 17:11 mark. It lasted for a brief few minutes.
Link to the book "Democracy The God That Failed": https://archive.org/details/HoppeDemocracyTheGodThatFailed/page/n9/mode/2up

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session. If you are interested in submitting a question for a future webinar, please email [email protected]

Topics below:

1. Your article says: We ingest minerals, then we transform them, literally transmuting them into whatever minerals we need in our tissues. . . .By ingesting homeopathic (6X) versions of the main minerals in our bodies, we are essentially giving ourselves the properties, energy or function of those minerals, not the physical minerals themselves. Our bodies will transmute the available salts into the minerals needed . .We then add the cell salts to help our bodies create, through the magic of transmutation, the specific mineral(s) that we might need more of. . .So what I’m trying to ask is — if my body transmutes and creates any mineral I need and the cell salts gives me the properties and energy needed to transmute into anything needed, then why would I need a specific one? Does that make sense? In other words, if my body creates any of them I need, then why would I take Calc Phos versus Farr Phos when my body will transmute any of them into any of them?

Video referenced in the webinar that goes along with this question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbDBSsuNdyc

2. In your opinion, is L-Theanine a safe supplement to take for hormone imbalances?
3. Can turpentine be used on a dog suspected of having parasites?
4. What causes vertigo, specifically BPPV?
5. Would Dr Cowan talk generally about hernia from a new biology approach?
6. Do we need to use the Analemma wand on water out of a spring. We have the last month been going to a spring and getting fresh water in glass bottles, then drinking it over the next 5 days or so. Just wondered if I should use my wand on it or if that is necessary.
7. I’m interested to know what your opinion is about bloodletting (donating blood). Are there health benefits or any health risks associated with blood donation?
8. My hands are cold I have an infrared thermometer and when it is like 30 F outside my fingers show at 60F while the rest is in the 90'Sf- I know it is most likely a circulation issue but any suggestions?
9. Would drinking raw milk that comes from a farm that uses treated effluent be more likely to cause nasal congestion than drinking raw milk from a farm that does not?
10. Can Tom speak about alcohol consumption pros and cons?
11. How would the New Biology approach treating impetigo?

Dr. Cowan discusses the Constitution and if he thinks it is relevant.

He reviews & discusses 2 articles: "No Treason." by Lysander Spooner & "The Ultimate Delusion" by Stephen Ames.

Both articles can be found via the following links:

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following
-Our New Biology Clinic- check us out at https://newbiologyclinic.com/
-Discussed if Polio was actually eradicated in India
-Discussed the rules for isolation of retroviruses & the logical minimum requirements for establishing the independent existence of HIV
-Discussed how Nexus has been gamed by the IHU in France. We reviewed the following video at length:

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discussed the following:
- If sickness is contagious, and delved into some studies surrounding this topic
- Strep Throat

Today's interview is with the newest member of our New Biology Clinic, Stacy Claxton. Stacy joins our enrichment program, which offers to members free group sessions in such areas as movement, meditation, biofield tuning and many more options.

In this podcast, Stacy introduces us to the theory and practice of Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. As she does a wonderful job explaining what EFT is and how it works, I'll just encourage you to tune in to this short interview, and if you are so moved, to join our growing clinic group.

Together, we are creating an exciting new model for health and health care.

Learn more about Stacy and the Clinic here:

With gratitude,


In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following topics:
-The Analemma Water Wand
-Reviewing a study titled "Cell morphological analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection by transmission electron microscopy" from the Journal of Thoracic Disease. The link to the study can be found here:
-How the freedom movement has been going full attack mode against COVID Shots, and discussed if this is good news or deception.

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session.

Topics covered:
1. What could be the causes for the body producing cloudy urine (white)? How would you support the healing process based on the "new medicine"?
2. What are your thoughts on anti-venom? Does it actually work, e.g., for scorpions, snakes, etc, or is it another sham? If it's a sham, are there any natural methods to treat venomous stings/bites?
3. I just read your quote about the way science makes understandable things difficult. I've been wondering if Rudolf Steiner adopted the scientific model of Spiritual Science for his mysticism to be more acceptable. Is this the cause of the difficulty in understanding his language? The ideas can be grasped.
4. According to research a group of those who say they have symptoms of long COVID, were found to have microclotting of the blood vessels. No cause was identified. 1. Does this sound like a natural response to radiation poisoning? 2. Are these microclots something that needs to be remediated? Or is this a natural process of healing? 3. Besides eliminating the root cause, what can be done to help a body overcome "microclotting"? Any other ideas or thoughts about this issue?
5. What does Dr. Cowan think about the chestnut blight, which all but wiped out the American chestnut in the first half of the 1900s? The disease is supposedly caused by an Asian bark fungus, introduced in the late 1800s. Does Dr. Cowan think that this is an example of an infectious disease, or is this another false narrative? Does he think that the disease is actually caused by environmental changes?
6. What foods help structure water?
7. Please speak about ED and any possible resolutions to the problem.
8. Why do people seem to get “colds” when the seasons change? Is there legitimate something about the change in temperature or the weather causing this phenomenon?
9. Wondering if we need to worry about vaccine shedding.
10. Can a Biomedical Detection Dog be trained to sniff out a cell salt in vitro or in vivo? Just to confirm the product or person has it.
11. What is the function of the spleen, how will a person be affected if it’s been removed and what can be done to prevent problems?

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan delivers a Thanksgiving Message and discusses unlocking the power of wonder and how to do this. He also discusses the Analemma Water Wand, and the Nipah Virus.

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The New Biology Clinic
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In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the principles of the New Biology and the philosophy of the New Biology Clinic, and how we started our clinic.
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I'm excited to introduce our newest member of the New Biology Clinic team, Tatiana Agafonova. Tatiana describes her training and practice in our interview, so I'll say only that I think it will be very clear why we are excited to have her join us.

In the New Biology Clinic, all members choose their main primary doctor, and all members get access to all the enrichment services offered. These services, like the ones Tatiana is offering, include Primal Movement, biofield tuning, guided meditation, breathing-integration, and many more to come.

Non Members are also welcome to book individual appointments with our practitioners.

Join us as we change the structure of health care, right down to the studs.

Learn more about Dr. Tatiana and the clinic here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/



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In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the comparison between nuclear physics and virology as well as reviews passages in Dewey B. Larson's book, titled "The Case Against the Nuclear Atom."

We also launched our line of cell salts today in our store, check them out by visiting: https://drtomcowan.com/collections/jacksons-cell-salts

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses Harold Hillman's 47 questions for biologists and why this is relevant. He also played a video with the Bengals and guest speaker The Mentalist.

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the actual origin of the lab leak theory.

In this webinar, Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Mark Bailey discuss the HART Group in England and how they have weighed in on the no-virus controversy.

They review The HART Group's latest article, titled "Why HART Uses The Virus Model."

This article can be found here: https://www.hartgroup.org/virus-model/


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