They are just figuring it out now ! Unreal. The same fate is planned for us all and Aussie Cossack in my opinion is a coward. If you dare raise a finger ? He says. They have been abusing the people force death jabbing kids and none of them have done anything. The time for talking is over men of Australia.

All of us together is the only way it works.

What Carol is reading and speaking of is exactly what I have shown here and made videos on. I will link to the video and the document . Its very important that you all grasp what is coming and what is happening

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They're not ready boss . They dont understand what they face. Over and over again the same people have slaughtered us , having us attack each other instead of our true enemy

I am reuploading a couple buried videos

Subscriber request for Fedtfup I didn't forget. Hope you like it

It is such a great thing to see the world snapping awake Now let us not waste this opportunity we have been given .

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Over ten years ago no one even knew what sheeple people were . Nobody knew what was happening . Now WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD.

Great video from David .

Hey guys I miss you guys and my family but we must keep fighting. The truth is going out and people are snapping awake everywhere . It is hard to keep going but none of us can give in. We must KEEP FIGHTING.

Great video from academy of ideas.

Great video on the lies.and.maniupilations of modern Rockefeller medicine.

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There is and has been EMF attacks on people for decades. I have several of my earlier vids where that was how I knew to check the nexrad radars when my ears would ring or tone out of nowhere. Many have experienced this as well.

Good video by Max . I tried to warn then a hundred times. We are at war the same date is planned for us.

We know most of this . But it's good that it's going out to a larger audience.

Good video from David .


For their health the same is happening around the world and the United States

All around the world. From weather as a weapon to frequency and energy. Physical and spiritual we are under attack .

Exactly what I have been saying and what I just left on Davids channel. With enough discernment you can tell when its real and when its false . Or as I call fake boss and real boss. I have even used memes about it I will put as the cover here .


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