An expedition, led by Professor Fuchs, locates the unmarked tomb of Tera (Leon) an evil Egyptian queen. A cabal of priests drugged her into a state of suspended animation and buried all of her evil relics with her. Fuchs is obsessed with Tera and takes her mummy and sarcophagus back to England, where he secretly recreates her tomb under his house.

A pseudo-documentary in style with an emphasis on the daily work and routine of women police officers built around three different story lines. The three plotlines comprise a female army deserter guilty of bigamy, a toddler neglected and beaten by its step mother and an 18-year-old girl who is caught shoplifting and gets involved with a jewel thief. The film climaxes in a police dog attack on a criminal.

A happy family lives in an 18th-century house filled with clocks and antiques. One night, a nursery rhyme ("Ring a Ring o' Roses") read aloud to Helen, the little girl, triggers a time fracture that takes away her parents. As Rob, Helen's older brother, tries to understand what has happened, two mysterious strangers appear, promising to fix things. Sapphire and Steel eventually gain Rob's trust and work out a solution to the problem. Lead also arrives to provide assistance.

A vicious killer escapes from San Quentin, heading to Los Angeles, with a cannister of what he believes to be heroin but is actually a radioactive substance that is dangerous enough to kill everyone in the city. What he does not know is that exposure to the element is slowly killing him, as the authorities try to locate him and the canister.

Fred Martin, a taxi driver who is a reformed convict, is used by the police to go undercover in order to help catch a gang of safe robbers. However things start to go wrong when the police stake out the wrong bank and Fred finds himself alone with the crooks.

Four astronauts returning from mankind's first mission to Mars enter a time warp and crash on a 26th Century Earth devastated by atomic war. Our heroes meet with hideous mutant cavemen, giant spiders, love-struck beauties in short dresses, and jealous old geezers in sparkly skullcaps as they struggle to save humanity and build a new world.

Alan Freed (Tim McIntire) is the focus of this biopic (very) loosely based on the controversial Cleveland disc jockey who reportedly coined the phrase "rock n' roll" and introduced rock music to a generation. Spinning records at New York radio station WINS, Freed promotes rock concerts with the help of Mookie (Jay Leno) and secretary Sheryl (Fran Drescher). Always stirring controversy, Freed confronts conservatives and racists who seek to silence the music.

On the day of the staff Christmas party, unpopular provincial bank manager Mr Fordyce Peter Cushing) is held up in his own office by a robber posing as an insurance company investigator supposedly checking up on the bank's security systems. With his wife and child held as hostages, Fordyce promises not to inform the police.

Harry Belafonte plays Ralph Burton, a black tunnel worker who gets trapped underground during a cave collapse in Pennsylvania. He digs his way out after several days to discover the world depopulated. Ralph learns from the headlines of abandoned newspapers that a nuclear blast has destroyed the Earth leaving him as the sole human survivor, or so he believes.

Count Dracula (Christopher Lee), a gray-haired vampire who regains his youth by dining on the blood of virgins, is pursued in London and Transylvania by Professor Van Helsing (Herbert Lom), Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris after he victimizes them and their loved ones.

Gordon Kent is on trial for allegedly killing a scientist in an underground cavern. Desperately, he tries to explain what they found inside the cave, and the the implications for the future of mankind.

A well meaning scientist guides an alien monster to Earth from Venus, so that he can rid mankind of feelings and emotions - but only death and sorrow results.

The 5th Mummy movie in the Universal Mummy series - The Southern Engineering Company is trying to drain the local swamp for the public good. However, the efforts are being hampered by the superstitions of the workers, who believe the area to be haunted by the mummy and his bride.
Two representatives of the Scripps Museum, Dr. James Halsey (Dennis Moore) and Dr. Ilzor Zandaab (Peter Coe), arrive on the scene and present their credentials to the head of the project, Pat Walsh (Addison Richards). They have come to search for the missing mummies, buried in the swamp years earlier. Their conversation is interrupted by the news that a workman has been murdered in the swamps. Evidence at the scene convinces Halsey that the murderer has found the mummy of Kharis.

Fast-talking manager Nettie (Ida James) helps legendary jazz bandleader Cab Calloway (Cab Calloway) land a steady gig at the exclusive Brass Hat Club. Upon hearing the good news, Calloway's untrusting girlfriend, Minnie (Jeni Le Gon), mistakenly assumes that he and Nettie are having an affair. As Calloway and his band prepare for their maiden performance at the Brass Hat, the vengeful Minnie asks Boss Mason (George Wiltshire) -- the thuggish owner of a competing club -- to put a hit on her man.

The stone-encrusted body of an Etruscan gladiator-slave is unearthed at Pompeii, and people left alone with it keep dying of crushed skulls...

Frightened 19-year-old Marie Allen gets sent to an Illinois penitentiary for being an accomplice in an armed robbery. A sympathetic prison head tries to help, but her efforts are subverted by cruel matron Evelyn Harper. Marie's harsh experiences turn her from doe-eyed innocent to hard-nosed con.

In a 19th-century French boarding school for troubled girls, Headmistress Señora Fourneau (Lilli Palmer) forbids her teenage son Luis from going near any of the girls, finding none of them good enough for him. Eighteen-year-old Teresa Garan arrives at the school to be enrolled, and notices odd occurrences at the boarding school from the moment of her arrival, specifically the sense of being watched or followed.
Señora Forneau, a strict disciplinarian, abuses the unruly students by means of beatings and flagellation, with the help of Irene Tupan (Mary Maude), a senior student whom she has taken as a protégé. When one of the girls goes missing one night, Irene is blamed by Señora Forneau for not keeping close account of the keys that allow entry in and out of the school. Meanwhile, Teresa begins a romance with Luis, but grows increasingly unnerved by the atmosphere of the school and the multiple disappearances of students. She is also bullied by her peers, who torment her because of her mother's past as a prostitute.

The world has entered a Cold War-like setting in which nuclear holocaust appears imminent. In the hope of staving off an apocalyptic military confrontation between nations, an idealistic group of scientists working at United Labs plans to stage a fake alien invasion of Earth in an effort to unite all humanity against a perceived, common enemy.

Lester Joseph Gillis, known by the alias George Nelson and 'Baby Face Nelson', was a 1930s American bank robber. He became partners with John Dillinger, helping him escape from prison in Crown Point, Indiana. Nelson and the remaining gang members were labelled as public enemy number one. He was given the nickname Baby Face Nelson due to his small stature and somewhat youthful appearance, although few dared call him that to his face. Criminal associates instead called him "Jimmy".
Nelson was responsible for killing more FBI agents than any other person. He was fatally shot by FBI agents during a shootout called The Battle of Barrington.

An eclectic group of characters set sail on Captain Lansen’s leaky cargo ship in an attempt to escape their various troubles. When a violent storm strikes, the ship is swept into the Sargasso Sea and the passengers find themselves trapped on an island populated by man-eating seaweed, giant crabs and Spanish conquistadors who believe it’s still the 16th century.

Edgar Marsh, a shy librarian obsessed with erotica, becomes infatuated with his neighbour Betty Clare when he sees her undressing in her bedroom. He invites her to dinner, and although she clearly is uncomfortable with the attention he pays her, he showers her with jewelry and fantasizes about their future. Complications arise when he introduces her to his friend Carl Loomis, whom Betty finds far more attractive and appealing. After witnessing Carl and Betty together in her bedroom, Edgar bludgeons Carl to death with a poker and buries him beneath the floorboards in his piano room. His overwhelming guilt leads him to believe a ticking metronome and the incessant dripping of a faucet actually are the sound of his victim's heart still beating.

1.Gerry And The_Pacemakers-I'm The One 1964
2.Manfred Mann-Doo Wah Diddy 1964
3.Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Do You Love Me 1963
4.Rolling Stones-I Wanna Be Your Man 1963
5.The Applejacks –Tell Me When 1964
6.The Beatles-I Want To Hold Your Hand 1963
7.The Kinks-All Day And All Of The Night 1964
8.The Searchers-Needles And Pins 1964
9.The Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over 1964
10.The Fourmost-A Little Loving 1964
11.Gerry And The Pacemakers-You've Got What I Like 1964
12.The Hollies-Here I Go Again 1964
13.The Honeycombs-Have I The Right 1964
14.The Kinks-You Really Got Me 1964
15.The Beatles-I Saw Her Standing There 1963
16.The Dave Clark Five-Catch Us If You Can 1965
17.The Nashville Teens-Tobacco Road 1964
18.The Rolling Stones-Not Fade Away 1964
19.The Hollies-Im Alive 1965
20.The Yardbirds-For Your Love 1965
21.The Zombies-She's Not There 1964
22.The_Animals-I'm Crying 1964
23.Them-Baby Please Don't Go 1964
24.The Beatles-From Me To You 1963
25.The Kinks-Tired Of Waiting For You 1965
26.The Searchers-Saturday Night Out 1964
27.The Yardbirds-Heart Full Of Soul 1965
28.The Hollies-Just One Look 1964
29.Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders-The Game Of Love 1965
30.Them-Here Comes The Night 1965

When several ships transporting goods across the North Pole vanish, Cmdr. Wendover is charged to find the cause. Along with Lt. Cmdr. "Reef" Holloway, Wendover takes his submarine and crew to the location of the disappearances, where they discover an underwater saucer. After realizing that the ship is an alien spacecraft, they attack, but without success. It is left to Holloway and Dr. Neilson to man a smaller submarine and board the alien ship

An expedition is sent to the South Pacific to search for a missing atomic-powered rocket in order to retrieve the vital scientific data recorded aboard. On an uncharted island they discover more than their rocket, now crashed atop a mysterious plateau, they find a lost jungle world populated by prehistoric dinosaurs!

Terry Collins mugs an old man, who subsequently dies. Joe Lucas finds out about it and blackmails him, threatening to turn him in to the police if he doesn't give him money. Terry then plans to rob the safe at a night club with his friend Johnny. However, Terry double-crosses him by taking off with the money and also Johnny's girl friend Sue. Finally as the police close in, he kills a tailor, and then is caught as he attempts to run.


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