Asatru Folk Assembly

Asatru Folk Assembly

Asatru Folk Assembly

In this video, Stephen McNallen contrasts two methods of "red pilling" people regarding white identity and the realities of race - the "panzerfaust" and the "pillow fight." Both have their place in awakening your friends and acquaintances.

In this video, Stephen McNallen explains how the Wotan Network uses online memes and mountaintop rituals to awaken the might and wisdom of the Germanic God Wotan, and to inspire men and women of European descent to assert themselves for the survival and advancement of our people.

The ongoing assault on Confederate monuments is actually an attack on all men and women of European ancestry, wherever they may live. The same forces of globalism and degeneracy that are pushing cultural Marxism in the North are the ones trying to obliterate Southern heritage. "We are all Confederates Now!"

Stephen McNallen describes how the Germanic God Wotan (or, for those of other faiths or none, the "Wotan archetype) manifests in history - and how he can and must be summoned to to the aid of his Folk in this, their hour of need! As always, Mr. McNallen tells us how we can speed this awakening.

Stephen McNallen describes a project to awaken the European-descended peoples from their suicidal slumber by invoking the might of the Germanic God, Wotan...or, as Carl Jung might say, "awakening the Wotan archetype in the Germanic collective unconscious." McNallen describes several things that can, and will, be done to accomplish this, and how you can help.

Networked insurgencies and the Great Meme War of 2016 have a lot to teach us about how to awaken the European-descended peoples. The evolution of guerrilla warfare over the last century has direct parallels to nonviolent tactics such as propaganda.

None of this theory matters, however unless individual members of our race understand that, when they share memes (in the original and broadest sense of the word) they are participating in something comparable to a networked insurgency! What we do MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Think of the world as emerging from the void anew each day, and you have another tool for personal transformation, for Becoming and Overcoming - thus serving not only yourself, but also honoring your ancestors...and setting the standard for your descendants! We must change ourselves before we can change the world!

In this video, Stephen emphasizes the idealistic, transcendent, and ultimately spiritual nature of our struggle - and describes how men and women of any faith ( or none) can tap into that aspect of our fight.

Four points: 1. Race is real. 2. Race is important. 3. I love my race. 4. I will defend my race.

REFERENCES: Human Sociobiology,: A Holistic Approach, Dr. Daniel Freedman, U. of Chicago.

Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors, Nicholas Wade, The Penguin Press.

.A Troublesome Inheritance: Genetics, Race, and Human History, The Penguin Press.

"Baby Racists: At Our Sweetest Time..." Time magazine, April 2014.

I begin a new chapter in my life...Our native religion has been restored to us, and now I devote myself to the Awakening of the European-descended peoples everywhere! Wotan, rise! Stir your sleeping folk, that our kind will not perish from Midgard!

A place for the Folk -- forty years in the making!

With your help, the AFA will be hosting events at this amazing place beginning September 2015. Built as a local grange hall in 1938, it sits on two beautiful acres in a remote mountain town about an hour north of Sacramento. Most recently, it's been a Christian youth center, and now it's our turn to take back. This is a place for gatherings, feasting, rituals, conferences, concerts, classes, camps - all the while growing a vibrant Asatru community. We'll be making it available to other Folkish groups as well.

Now is the time!
This is the place!
We are the people to make it happen!

Folks came from all over the Northwest and beyond, to experience an amazing weekend on the coast of Washington. In AFA fashion, this was a meta-ritual, with a strong weaving of spirituality & connectedness from the opening Greeting to the Gods to our closing Wayfarers' Blot.

A Njord Blot on the beach at dusk, a Freyr Blot amid the lushness of the meadow, and a memorable Odin Blot by Stephen McNallen, lit only by the firelight.

Meals made by loving hands, children delighting in new friendships, powerful sumbels, a wonderfully wacky auction -- too many blessings to count.

We will do it again. Thank you, Elizabeth Salix and Mac MacBryghde, for making this happen.

Hail the Gods!
Hail the Folk!
Hail the AFA!

The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) held its first-ever East Coast gathering at Camp Netimus in October 2012. Over 100 members and friends joined us for an intense weekend of presentations, rituals and music, further building our folkish community.

Here's a glimpse of an Asatru moot at Wister State Park in Oklahoma in celebration of the holiday known as Ostara. The event was hosted by the AFA Folkbuilders for Texas and Oklahoma, and drew together heathens from neighboring states, as well as California, Minnesota, and Florida. A highlight for all was a day trip to the mysterious Heavener Runestone. Enjoy!

The AFA's Midsummer in the Sierras 2010 is briefly presented in this slideshow which features the music of Lasher Keen, one of the two bands that performed during this five-day event.

Much was accomplished by our AFA Leadership - Folkbuilders, members of our Board of Directors and Clergy program - who came from as far away as Wyoming, Tennessee, Ohio, Alaska, Florida, and Denmark! Special featured speaker was Lars Irenesson of Denmark, who also joined our ranks as a Folkbuilder.

Rituals featured a Wotan blot and an Odin blot by torchlight, a Man-making ceremony, Midsummer Blot, a Warding and Healing Rite, and oathtaking by our Folkbuilders and Clergy candidates. For those who had never seen an Asatru wedding, Stephen and Sheila McNallen renewed their marriage vows in a poignant ceremony reminiscent of medieval times.

We had several young teens who took on the role of Youth Counselors to guide and direct our AFA-kids in games, craft projects, and pool activities.

Midsummer in the Sierras was "life changing." Strong bonds of kinship were forged during these magical few days. We thank those who came from near and far to support the Asatru Folk Assembly and to further our work.

Steve McNallen describes the Asatru holy day called the Feast of the Einherjar, honoring Odin and his select warriors who earn their seats with him in Valhalla.

Stephen McNallen gives an address before an audience of Asatruar and Pagans in Washington, D.C., calling for the recognition of Thor's hammer as a symbol on the headstones of veterans of the Asatru faith.

Stephen McNallen of the Asatru Folk Assembly talks about the festival of Winter Nights and the female ancestors, or Disir.

Stephen McNallen introduces the native European religion of Asatru, and describes some of its main philosophical premises.


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Asatru is an expression of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe. More specifically, it is the religion by which the Ethnic European Folk have traditionally related to the Divine and to the world around them.
From Iceland to Russia, from the frozen north of Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, the Ethnic European Folk wandered and settled over a span of thousands of years. Today, their descendants are spread around the world. We may refer to ourselves as Americans or English, Germans or Canadians, but behind these labels lurks an older, more essential identity. Our forefathers were Angles and Saxons, Lombards and Heruli, Goths and Vikings – and, as sons and daughters of these peoples, we are united by ties of blood and culture undimmed by the centuries.

Asatru is our native religion. It gave our ancestors comfort in millennia past, and it can give us strength and inspiration today. The word “Asatru” comes to us from Old Norse, the tongue of ancient Scandinavia, where it means “those loyal to the Gods.” Since the ancient Scandinavian version of our religion is the best documented, it has given us much of Asatru’s terminology and imagery. The soul of Asatru, however, is not confined to the Scandinavian model, but encapsulates the belief of all the Ethnic European Folk. Indeed, Asatru reflects the deeper religiosity common to virtually all the nations of Europe.