The importance of character vs reputation. Why you should not worry too much about your reputation.

When your reputation is attacked, the first instinct is to defend yourself then attack back.

Now, you gotta be careful as you can ding your character or change your character in the process.

People are going to talk no matter what, you can’t control that.

Feminism and the fall of Rome.

In this message I’m exploring the rise of feminism in Roman times and the demise of Roman empire. Now, am I suggesting that feminism alone was the cause of the roman demise, no, it was a combination of many things, even battles that were fought decades before played a part in the demise, like the battle of Totenberg forest.

However, it is important to notice that societies that allow feminism to go unchecked, have no future, at least that’s what history is showing us.
Now, I gotta admit, researching this hasn’t been easy, with the major push of rewriting history and hiding everything perceived inconvenient by Wikipedia, google and all resources out there that cater to left and feminism, it’s hard to dig and find quotes and writings.

Also we need to take into account that in all societies, unfairness in law and family court is rarely documented by those supporting the system. Back in the day very few had the privilege to write and all writings were easy to control and store in specific locations.
You couldn’t just sit in front of your Microsoft word and type away. The materials needed, the size of the writings and simply having the knowledge to write was something only those at top of society could do.

However, a lot of writings survived and it does portray a picture of roman man and challenges they faced when it came to family and marriage.

We can easily figure out that there was a version of MGTOW back then, we can easily observe shaming tactics used against unmarried men.

There were social devaluations imposed on unmarried men, they were forbidden to attending public games and banquets. They were also forces to sit in less desirable seats in theaters.

The silencing of men, the censorship youtube imposes on the voice of men.

As a young man I learned that silence is golden. I don't like talking for the sake of talking, however being censored is a living death.

The right to speak is a commodity that has been taken away from men.

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The Real War Is On MEN Not Women

Masculinity is under attack on multiple fronts in America and all over the world.

In school boys are treated like defective girls, in colleges young men are presumed guilty of rape unless proven innocent.

Boys are medicated more than twice the rate of girls, simply because they are more energetic than girls.

The war on men continues in workforce environments with distorted claims on wage gaps and inequities.

With the stereotypes created in all these environments, there is no surprise that men get the short end of the stick in justice system and family court.

The female art of shifting personal responsibility.

They have learned that as long as their gender shift the blame from one person to another and then eventually placing it on someone outside their female gender, more specifically a male, they will not have to embrace the ultimate responsibility, even though the result means that nothing great will be accomplished.

Screw accomplishments, who needs those when we can have entitlements. As long as we look like we appear like taking responsibility without really actually taking it.

First step in that would be the

Post Question Approach.
The trick here is to not ask questions before the deadline, leave everything shady and cloudy so that after the deadline has passed you ask clarifying questions. If you ask clarifying questions before, then you would be held accountable. So wait till it’s over, then act smart and ask questions.

Use the “THEM” approach.
Paint the picture that an evil and untouchable force our there pulls all the strings. Call it patriarchy or masculinity and blame everything on it. By doing this you nullify your own responsibility. This is genius because if the plan works, you have executed it despite this made up monster and you’re a hero, if it doesn’t work it’s not your fault, well either way you can’t lose.

You can also use the “Broken Structure” approach
This one is easy, grab a white board, place your pretty face in front of it, open your cleavage a bit and start drawing circles intersecting each other. Then claim that things would’ve been so much better if they were structured that way. The more you demonize the current situation the better you are.

The Latteral Approach.
Now this one is easy in 2018. Blame the men in your team, if possible, target new hired men, and simply blame them for it. No one will dare questioning your woman insight as they will be deemed sexist and patriarchal assholes.

Honest women speaking their mind and telling us what women want. Finally some women are honest and really telling us how they feel. A compilation of clips about marriage and money. Relationships and what they mean.

In this message I'm exploring the reasons why MGTOW is reluctant in accepting transgenders despite the fact that some goals might be similar.

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you want to know why you have failed, look at who you surrounded yourself with.

You cannot surround yourself with liars and claim you’re not a liar.

You cannot surround yourself with manipulative people and claim you’re not a manipulator.

If you’re a woman, you cannot surround yourself with angry feminists and claim you’re not one of them.

You don’t run around with a bunch of defeated aimless men and find your path and be a winner.

Who you surround yourself with, is who you become.

Just cause you’re down and it might make you feel better
surrounding yourself with those that are worse than you, it doesn’t mean that being down won’t become your normal. You’ll stop looking up and start staying down and shift the blame on others.

How do you grow if you avoid everything that challenges you, if you run away at the slightest discomfort?

Shed those that hold you back, move on, find new friends, new associates, people that help you grow, people that are not threatened by your potential. People that want you to grow with them.


Masculinity is our future.

Today I would like to discuss with you a book that I came across this week and I really enjoyed reading.

It gave me a perspective about masculinity I already knew, but due to the societies programming I’ve forgotten and taken for granted.

The book makes exactly this point, the fact that while we all enjoy the benefits of masculinity, it comes so naturally that we don’t even notice them anymore and I would go further and say that feminists have put a great deal of effort into demonizing it and invalidate it, despite the real benefits of it.

The book is called “Masculinity is our Future” by Tim Patten and I found it on amazon. I also found the author on YouTube and I’m going to play a short clip from the author that describes the book.

With that said, we live in an environment where masculinity is almost never used without toxic attached to it. The attacks against men are relentless and unfounded. To women the term misandry is an imaginary concept, but to men, it’s something they feel every single day.


MGTOW is not something to be pushed, it's something others accept it at their own pace. Navigating the nasty waters of #killallmen we have to be careful how we spread the word about MGTOW. The seed of MGTOW will grow on its on. Doesn't need aggressive pushing.

I'm exploring the role women gender studies and its concepts have played into increasing gynocentric protections in our society.

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Testosterone is a power drug, and it’s one we make ourselves. Sadly it creates a biological need for us to procreate and have sex and it is a big distraction for a man.

It does alter our lives and careers and always in a negative way when it comes to interpersonal issues, difficulties at work, trouble with the law, loss of interest in anything non-sexual and always low self-esteem and despair.

Combine that with societal dynamics between man and women and today’s environment and it’s a complete disaster.
You hear all these PUAs talking about, oh I’m 10 steps ahead and I can play this game, I know what to expect and where the dangers are, I’ll be ok. Well, what happens if in all this you miss a step? You are screwed, and you can be screwed for decades. You can be financially responsible and shelling out money monthly or you can end up in prison under some false accusation.
As MGTOW’s we must always ensure that we protect ourselves, not by doing a high wire balance act and claiming that we know what we’re doing, but actually by not getting on that wire at all.

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In light of the latest attacks on mgtow, I’ve decided to rename my channel Speciation and drop the MGTOW prefix. I’m sure it means nothing as we’re already targeted, but hell, if it helps a little, so be it.
In light of recent events happening in the youtube mano-sphere, especially with channels turned off and videos flagged and removed, there’s no doubt in my heart and mind that freedom of speech is completely dead.
The left through their lies and manipulation has managed to completely take control over social media monopolies and filter all information that is allowed on them.
A perfect example was a completely innocent video posted by mgtow warrior in which he was very polite and in his typical mellow voice was questioning the florida shooting. His video got flagged and he was only allowed as long as it was marked unlisted.

Savage MGTOW had a similar video last night or two days ago and got flagged within 45min from posting and also, he got a strike against his account. As we know mgtow 101 is gone and Kris cantu is on his 2nd strike, MGTOW Philosopher had to rebuild his channel and most importantly Gary Orsum being shut down and a lot of his videos removed.
The point of my message is that the death of freedom of speech is imminent.
It has gotten to the point that videos that convey any type of message against the liberal thinking are shut down, regardless whether they are offensive or not.
While everyone is distracted with half naked women on thumbnails and funny videos of kittens, something far more sinister has been developing behind the scenes.

Democrats and Marco Rubio call for ‘red flags’ to enable gun seizures. In wake of Florida shooting Marco Rubio is calling for more gun control laws.

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