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Previously unreleased video from RPD bodycams gives a behind-the-scenes look at the police action against the first Reopen NC protest against Governor Cooper's executive order. RPD subsequently declared in multiple public statements that "protesting is a non-essential activity".

The charges against Monica Ussery, the sole protester arrested here, were not dismissed until February of 2023 under a completed deferral agreement. Monica's fundraiser for legal fees:

Lynn Bernstein is an election integrity advocate and founder of Transparent Elections NC. She's also a Democrat. I caught up with her at a protest she organized outside the Wake County Board of Elections on election night.

You can hear about why Bernstein is protesting in Wake County, as well as how she got into election integrity, how the local media coverage of the subject has changed, and, perhaps most importantly, a civil rights case Bernstein is bringing against the Wake County Election Manager after she was trespassed from Wake County Board of Elections property and prevented from participating in observation or participation in public comment at meetings held at the board headquarters.

This Sunday, Hugger Mugger Brewing in Sanford, NC hosted an all ages Disney themed drag brunch, with tickets for 12 and under FREE

Outside the drag event were protesters objecting to the sexualization of children.

While the Proud Boys were out protesting the longest, at least four hours, there were other protesters coming and going, including a group of evangelists

There was also a "plant" who made it inside to capture video of the event

Grass Roots North Carolina organized a protest today (6/24/2022) in front of the Raleigh office of Senator Thom Tillis to protest his support of the gun restrictions which recently passed the Senate and the House. The guest of honor and speaker at the rally was Stephen Willeford, who exchanged gunfire with the perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX. The shooter fled after Willeford shot him multiple times with his AR-15.

Both North Carolina senators, "Traitor" Thom Tillis and Richard "Benedict" Burr, as they were referred to by the protesters, joined in voting with the Democrats to vote for new restrictions on gun ownership.

Around one to two hundred were gathered in support as Professor David Clements and others gave a presentation on "Exposing Election Truth" to the Surry County Commissioners. After the commissioners blew them off and went into closed session, a few speakers came out to address the crowd (seen here). Tessa Saeli and Steve Odem, candidates for two different commissioner seats were in attendance campaigning and spoke at the rally.

On May 5th, 2022, activists gathered outside the Wake County Public School System board meeting on Tuesday to protest certain books containing obscene material which are present in some of the district's libraries and media centers. The Pavement Education Project has put together a website ( specifically identifying the objectionable content in each of the books. Many of the parents had signs with a book and a QR code linking to the page on this site for the particular book.

The books objected to include Gender Queer, Blankets, Lawn Boy, and George.

School Board candidates Michelle Morrow and Jacob Arthur both spoke against the sexual content in these books being available to children through the school libraries.

All social media links at:

I met up with a freedom convoy at a truck stop in Blacksburg, SC. This convoy had started in Texas, and had spent the previous night in Georgia. Around 50 vehicles including six trucks headed out up I-85 in the afternoon. I counted supporters on at least 47 overpasses before they reached their destination for the night in Graham, NC.

All social media links:

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the NC Commission for Public Health was considering a petition to require a COVID-19 vaccine for students who were 17-years old or in their senior year of high school. Although the meeting was moved to be virtual, anti-mandate protesters organized by Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government and Moms for Liberty gathered outside the NCDHHS building on Six Forks Road to lobby against the proposed requirement. The Commission ended up voting unanimously to reject the petition.

Speakers at the protest included Michelle Antoine, Alan Swain, Charlie Mulligan, David Bankert, and Kevin Donovan

A handful of protesters in #gohomestacey t-shirts gathered outside the Durham Performing Arts center on November 18 to protest Stacey Abrams and the lecture she was giving.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson responds to criticism from media and politicians regarding his recent viral comments regarding "filth" being taught in public schools at a "Stand Up for America" rally in Raleigh on 10/29/2021.

Parents in Orange County, NC have discovered books containing sexually explicit material in the libraries of Cedar Ridge High School and Orange County High School in the Orange County School District. These books include "Lawn Boy", by Jonathan Evison, which contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between 4th graders.

Book review: "Lawn Boy," by - The Washington Post

'Lawn Boy': Texas mom says son found book about 4th graders' sex in school library

Parents complain sexually suggestive books, like 'Out of Darkness,' on hand in Bastrop school libraries

Google Books - Lawn Boy

Google Books - Out of Darkness

I had a chance to interview Matt Braynard the Founder and Executive Director of Look Ahead America at the Justice for J6 rally in Columbia, SC on 9/25/21

4 angles of video (not my own) show a man falling after appearing to be pushed off the outside of a staircase during the Capitol riot.

Congressional candidates Robby Starbuck and Bo Hines joined Representative Madison Cawthorn on stage at a "Parent's Choice" rally before a Johnston County Board of Education meeting.

Micajah Jackson, a disabled veteran, was arrested and charged by the FBI after he allegedly entered the Capitol on January 6th. Jackson goes over his political background, previous activism, his actions on January 6th, his relationship with the Proud Boys, and the presence of antifa/FBI informants.

Speech by Dr. Beatrice Setnik, who "has been working in the area of CNS research, addiction, clinical drug development and abuse potential assessment for over 12 years and is an expert in the area of abuse and dependence liability evaluation" according to the University of Toronto, gives a speech about the ethics of COVID-19 vaccines, especially regarding their status as having Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA.


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