Banking and currency crises have happened throughout history.

The consequences of the 2002 Argentine Banking and Peso Crisis have important lessons for us individually today as our banking and currency crises develop.

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Sequestering investment capital in the bond market and stock market since 1980 has allowed central bank monetary inflation, that drove financial market inflation, to persist while consumer goods price inflation was relatively low.

Now, with bond market losses set to increase as bond and bank loan defaults spike higher, a run of capital from financial (paper) assets into real assets of intrinsic value (food, energy, commodities in general, etc.) can, very rapidly, reveal 4 decades of central bank monetary inflation in consumer goods prices.

Included in the coming crisis will be currency crises in the West.

Silver and gold stand-out as alternative, stable monetary units during periods of crisis such as now approaches.

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Silver's price shows wild volatility over protracted periods however, when we look closer, we see that the silver price trades almost perfectly linearly with gold when a correction factor is applied. Given that gold and silver have very different supply and demand drivers, this uniformity of price action is prima facie evidence of price-setting using algorithms - and market fraud.

Get ready for a price reset as price fixing causes insufficient supply to market of physical metal and opportunity.

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Decades of increasingly loose monetary policy by central planners at our central banks are now at an end. Money creation by central banks has been sequestered, until now, into soaring financial market assets. We next face an impending rapid reallocation of capital into real assets to protect from the ravages of price inflation as well as default in the bond market and a banking sector crisis as markets clear distortion and misallocation of capital.

A well spoken and thoughtful summary of the destructive health policy being pursued regarding the experimental injections.

Since 1987 when the Bank of England, Britain's central bank, started the London Bullion Market Association and started supervising London's gold and silver markets, gold and silver have stopped responding to monetary inflation by central banks. At the center, is London's (the globally dominant physical gold and silver market) creation of promissory note trading of gold and silver - essentially making gold and silver virtual assets - to set the daily price of gold and silver. Each day, London traded 2.5x to 3x annual gold and silver mine production. Big picture review.

On Sep 8 2022 Jerome Powell stated that Money Supply does not determine CPI price inflation. The silver market strongly broke the next day.

Jay Powell's discussion about Money Supply and inflation starts at 18:10 of this video: https://youtu.be/fVSmA30qWu0?t=1090

Reuters surprises on August 17 2022 noting spiking physical silver demand in 2022 from India.

The WEF is promoting planned total control of citizens using digital technologies and Central Bank Digital Currency. Here is how you can act to help ensure this does not happen.

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