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Finding the right word can sometimes be hard, difficult, challenging, arduous, baffling, rocky, and vexing. BookSmart's Deep Thesaurus gives you a host of inspiration to lift you from your writing blues.
Now, what's another word for thesaurus?

Finding that perfect phrase is an art... but imagine if you had a searchable database of over 20,000 phrases at your fingertips.
The results would be like a great express train, roaring, flashing headlong into the future. So to speak.
Formal, informal, conversational phrases... and more.

The Style Advisor gives you valuable information about writing style, grammatical mistakes, word use, and a lot more. It's like having a line-editor at the touch of a button.
The current Style Advisor can find and advise on:
Redundant words,
Passive Voice
Thousands of commonly used wrong phrases like "electric engine" (should be electric motor)
Filtering - where a narrator is telling us what a character is sensing, instead of describing it directly to the reader
Thousands of Grammatical mistakes
Badly used prepositions
Duplicate words and spaces, missing quotation marks

Sentiment Analysis gives you an overall view of the positive or negative words in your manuscript. Was your uplifting chapter too dreary? Find out in a click. You can also color-code each word to quickly find the drama in a piece of text, or simply compare novels to see the action. Sentiment analysis is a strange, interesting tool.

Merge codes let you inject variables into your novel - pretty useful if you, e.g. haven't decided on the name of your main character yet and want to try on a few for size, or want to create multiple versions of your books.
Merge Codes also help create templates. Have a design for each chapter? Create a template with Merge Codes and let BookSmart do the tedious work.
#booksmart #mergecodes

BookSmart uses professionally recorded audio for the ultimate writing experience. If you prefer the hard sound of typewriter keys banging away, or a more subtle background noise, BookSmart's audio will keep you company through those long hours.


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