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We seem to be moving (slowly, but steadily) to a multi-polar world. The U.S. empire is continually losing wars and credibility. Meanwhile, other major powers are stockpiling gold and forming economic relationships with other nations around the world. A hundred years of American wars have been fueled by debt, which are fueled by fiat money. Counterfeit money did this to us; and it can only be fixed with sound money.

As the US House is scheduled for a third - and likely successful - vote to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY), the Congressman held an extraordinary press conference where he took no prisoners calling out the liars den on Capitol Hill. There are little lies...and there are the big lies. Also today: Man or monster? Kissinger dead at 100. Finally: Sen. Paul to force vote on Syria withdrawal.

With a majority of Americans opposing further US involvement in the Israel/Gaza conflict, President Biden is finding that within his own Democratic Party support for his approach is even softer. Younger voters are solidly opposed to further US support for Israel's continued assault on Gaza. That is why while Biden's initial reaction tracked more closely with his neocon views, he is furiously backpedaling under pressure from his own party. Also today: Rep. Massie is the lone "no" vote on another anti-free speech House Resolution.

Fire up your grill! The UN is set to call on Americans to eat less meat. In the real world, every individual is unique and free to choose whether or not to eat meat. That's obvious to a vast majority of people. But in typical cookie-cutter fashion, the UN presumes to know what everyone's dietary habits should be. Even though the UN has no authority to implement their bad ideas, it does give everyone a glimpse of the authoritarian globalist mindset.

Throughout history, authoritarians have been playing a futile game of whack-a-mole against the truth. Since authoritarians gain and maintain their power by propaganda and lies, it follows that free speech and the truth are their great enemy. No matter what "systems" the authoritarians try to erect to stop people from speaking freely, the truth always prevails. It ends up being spoken from the most unplanned, unexpected, and unpredictable places. Nevertheless, we must forever remain vigilant and defend our ability to speak freely.

Though years have now passed, the American Empire continues to stubbornly overextend itself. Our lives, our liberties, and our economic means are still recklessly placed in serious danger.

Why is being thankful so important? Why is it important to remain optimistic despite the dark clouds of tyranny? Why is it counterproductive to think that "everything is going according to plan" for the authoritarians, when it obviously isn't? We hope you enjoy this special Thanksgiving Edition of The Ron Paul Liberty Report!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

America wasn't meant to be an empire, but a land of individual liberty. Empires destroy liberty. Why must our money be taken from us for weapons and endless war? Our money shouldn't be taken from us at all, let alone for that! Why not use our money to fix our deteriorating country? Why do our politicians constantly complain about our deteriorating country, yet constantly vote for weapons and war? Why do politicians speak "America First," but vote "Empire First"? Why do they complain about our poor, but vote to make more of us poor? Since Empires always go bankrupt, why are our politicians pushing us to that extreme? Are they that terrified of us being free?

It's not called the "Empire of Lies" for nothing. Deception is the oxygen of empire. 44,000+ hours of January 6th footage has been released, and it's quite obvious as to why they weren't released in the first place.

Also today, Javier Milei was elected in Argentina. Is change coming to the South American nation?

History is filled with examples of failed attempts to 'conquer the world.' Americans seceded from the greatest military power that the world had ever seen, in the British Empire. America would be different. It would be the 'land of the free.' And for a while, it was different. Never have so many individuals had so much freedom, and never was so much prosperity created by a single nation.

But alas, the ideas of 'conquering the world,' took over and the downward slide began. As the dustbin of failed empires waits for its newest member, the American people must re-learn and re-implement the ideas of Liberty.

President Biden exhibited poor diplomacy (again); this time by calling Chinese President Xi a "dictator," while Xi was still here in the U.S.! Whether Xi is or isn't a "dictator" really has nothing to do with Americans. That's an issue for the Chinese citizens to work out for themselves. It's their government, not ours.

America's foreign policy should be based on the policy of the Founders of our nation: "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none." We aren't even remotely close to such a policy; and it's costing us dearly. As our nation fails at being "the world's policeman," our livelihoods and standards of living are declining rapidly.

"Get off yer butt!" US Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) challenged Teamster President Sean O'Brien to a fight during a Senate Committee Hearing. Idiocracy? Or a novel way to pay down the debt: pay-per-view Senate brawl hearings! Also today, Nikki Haley demands that you show her your papers! Finally, the fascism of corporate/government collusion on censorship continues.

Ukraine, Russia, Gaza, Israel... As the entire world seemingly goes up in flames, there is at the same time an antiwar movement struggling to break free. Censorship from the media and the "censorship industrial complex" is trying to strangle the messengers and bury the message. News Editor Dave DeCamp joins today's Liberty Report to discuss coalition-building and getting the message out.

While the once-beautiful San Francisco normally looks like an open air sewer and drug encampment, for the upcoming Asia-Pacific summit meeting featuring China's Xi Jinping city officials have rolled out the street cleaners to save the embarrassment. Once the foreign leaders are'll be back to poo and hypodermics! Also today: Venezuelan refugees opt to return to Venezuela after spending time in Chicago. Finally, simmering tensions in Syria and Iraq - is a blow up on the way?

Debt literally takes down empires. The U.S. government was never meant to be a militarized empire, since freedom and empire are mutually exclusive. But alas, the decisions to become an empire were made before any of us were born. In typical fashion, the U.S. government has overextended itself militarily around the world, engaging in endless wars. Those wars come at a severe cost, as our standard of living at home deteriorates. Debts cannot be endless. Ultimately, the interest payments will overwhelm. The U.S. government is now paying $1 Trillion in interest payments alone.

All of a sudden the Republican Party has returned to its 2002, neocon-dominated warmongering. The pseudo-debate last night signaled the return of the neocons and their disastrous warfare-welfare philosophy. Also today: Biden faces internal revolt over his Gaza policy as US troops hit harder and harder in Syria.

The White House admitted through National Security Council spokesman John Kirby that "many thousands" of innocent civilians have been killed in Gaza and that many more civilians would continue to be killed...but it refused to slow down weapons shipments or caution Israel over the death toll. Also today, only four House Republicans stand up for free speech in the censure of Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Coming off a disastrous Middle East trip, at which he was shunned at every stop, Biden's Secretary of State Tony Blinken returned to a "dissent" memo signed by numerous State Department officials opposing current US policy. With poll numbers sagging for Biden - and even worse for Kamala - what's Team Biden's next move? All out war?

Former President Donald Trump is expected to testify today in the New York civil case revolving around the alleged elevated valuation of his business empire. While the lawfare against Trump do his poll numbers! Also today: Blinken in Baghdad...he wasn't greeted as a liberator.

The purpose of government is not to be married to corporations, with each reinforcing the other. Government's legitimate role is not for the protection and growth of corporate profits; and corporations are not meant to strengthen government's destruction of our freedoms. But alas, this is the type of system that Americans have been living under for a very long time. Today we're discussing the "miracle" covid vax that the vast majority of Americans are now refusing to take. The truth always wins in the end. Even corporatism is no match for it.

After Israel's bombing of a Gaza refugee camp this week killed scores of civilians, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN that there should be "no limit" on the number of civilians Israel can kill. In a previous interview he urged Israel to turn Gaza into post-WWII Berlin. Also today, US House passes resolution authorizing attacks on Iran.


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