Giovanni Gentile's writings on Karl Marx reveal the inherent idealism found within Marx's own thoughts and writings. This video analyzes how Actualism derived and corrected Karl Marx's "confused idealism" thereby producing a philosophy that interprets the thoughts of the young Karl Marx in a manner far more coherently than the one provided by Engels and Lenin.

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Narrated by Momcilo Nevesky

The following video is an excellent introduction in to the philosophy of "Actual Idealism" or "Actualism" that Fascism is built upon. It is comparable to how Communism, according to Karl Marx, is built on "Dialectical Materialism" or "Historic Materialism" as a matter of equivalence.

Giovanni Gentile does not reject Marx, but rather builds upon Marx by pointing out that Marx was actually just a "confused idealist", and that Fascism is in actuality just "a better Marxism". In other words, Fascism is not "Anti-Marxism", but more accurately "Post-Marxism". It is a "superior Marxism" in praxis because it is built upon a coherent ontology unlike the vulgar materialism of Marxists that follow figures such as Engels and Lenin.

Another excellent lecture by John J. Mearsheimer regarding Liberalism and Geo-politics from a realist perspective

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Some audio clips from speeches given by Aleksandr Dugin put together in a nice music video montage

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A good lecture by John Mearsheimer from a few years ago on liberal hegemony. He outlines three main goals of Western globalists as: promoting liberal democracy worldwide, making countries part of the economic international order by getting them hooked on capitalism and financial interdependence, and making countries part of international institutions like the EU & NATO.

A video outlining the history of the divide between Adolf Hitler and Otto Strasser. This presentation reveals the actual history of the struggle between a Hitlerian conception of National Socialism and a Strasserite conception of National Socialism. It also shows how Gregor Strasser, in the very end, was fully loyal to Hitler's views and decisions, and that his death was a case of power struggle within the party rather than any kind of ideological disacreements.

A conversation about how the theology of Humanism has distorted our healthy ontological understandings. Consequently, liberalism manifested what is called the "age of ideologies" (also known as "age of reason")

A Synopsis of the Situation in the Ukraine

A Geo Political Analysis of the 2022 Ukraine Situation

President Vladimir Putin's Addresses on the Current Geo-Political Situation on the 21st and 24th of February, 2022, respectively.

Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Situation in Ukraine, the position of NATO, and the Status of the Donbass
21 February 2022


Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Military Intervention in Ukraine; a Critique of U.S. - led foreign policy in Yugoslavia/Serbia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq; and the goals of the Russian Federation in Ukraine
24 February 2022

Complete speech in Russian with English subtitles.

A Remastered Production by The Fascifist
Original video and narration by Kraut

During the start of Giovanni Gentile’s intellectual career before he became the “philosopher of Fascism”, he wrote two monographs on the Philosophy of Karl Marx one in 1897 and the other in 1899. These essays were written less than two decades after Marx’s death in 1883 and show even in his early 20’s that Gentile had a keen understanding of Philosophy and the movements of his time.

What perhaps makes Gentile’s criticism of Marx so interesting is that he and Marx are both coming out of the same tradition of German idealism and both had a deep understanding of Hegel while they likewise both had their criticisms of Hegel and other German idealists. So Gentile understands Marx better intellectually than nearly all modern so-called anti-Marxists do (and as a side note: most Marxists as well) and isn’t just going to try and debunk the Communist manifesto by professing the so-called greatness of capitalism to maximize an individual's pleasure while warning about the dangers of “big government”. What makes Gentile’s insights and criticisms so refreshing from the glut of low IQ takes on Marxism is that he really takes Marx at his own terms and shows the integral flaws of Marx’s philosophical doctrine just by referencing material Marx himself has written.

Roman von Ungern-Sternberg was of Baltic-German noble origin but fell in love with the far-east, its history and culture.

He was convinced that he was a descendant of Genghis Khan. He adopted a political ideology that encompassed Christian monarchy, Buddhist aesthetics and Samurai cultural influences. He led his band of warrior Cossacks in a brutal struggle against the Communists.

In this video, The Fascifist and Zoltanous HN dissect some of the most common arguments that liberals like Brandon Martinez make in favor of liberal economic theories and consequently against illiberal and socially authoritative economic theories.

90% of Jews in the colonies supported and aided the American Revolution against the Crown in 1776. Jews were foundational to the success of the American Revolution.

The New England Puritans’ fascination with the legacy of the Jewish religion has been well documented, but their interactions with actual Jews have escaped sustained historical attention. New Israel/New England tells the story of the Sephardic merchants who traded and sojourned in Boston and Newport between the mid-seventeenth century and the era of the American Revolution. It also explores the complex and often contradictory meanings that the Puritans attached to Judaism and the fraught attitudes that they bore toward the Jews as a people.

More often than not, Michael Hoberman shows, Puritans thought and wrote about Jews in order to resolve their own theological and cultural dilemmas. A number of prominent New Englanders, including Roger Williams, Increase Mather, Samuel Sewall, Benjamin Colman, Cotton Mather, Jonathan Edwards, and Ezra Stiles, wrote extensively about post-biblical Jews, in some cases drawing on their own personal acquaintance with Jewish contemporaries.

In this video we explore the essence of Americanism. What it is and where its origins lie.


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