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Neil Farstad, backed by a legal team that remains anonymous, presented a deputation to the Creston town council November 11, 2023. Citizens served notice to elected officials to declare their alliances to international bodies by Nov 30, and step down if not serving local citizens. Neil outlines the questions presented to the council that must be answered by month end. We discuss the contents of the challenge and the next steps in holding elected officials to account.
Documents for Creston Deputation:

The Sussmanns discuss their challenge to Aurora city council September 2023 over the methodical takeover of Aurora by the UN. They share details of how this unelected foreign entity gained control, the reactions of the town council, and future actions. We also discuss the reality of life in a 15 Minute City.

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In this two part interview, Iain Davis discusses: 1) the sophisticated methods of social control and digital prison; and 2) the interconnected geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Russia, and Ukraine. Iain Davis is an independent investigative journalist and author who is well known for his geopolitical views. He is featured regularly in UK Column, OffGuardian, and Unlimited Hangout.

VGH vascular surgeon and UBC professor Dr. York Hsiang summarizes week one of the Judicial Review, outlining the legal strategy and potential outcomes. Dr. Bonnie Henry must provide the scientific evidence supporting her measures preventing 9000 unvaccinated healthcare workers from employment in BC.

Dr. York Hsiang is a member of the Canadian Society for Science and Ethics (CSSEM). They are $25,000 shy of their fundraising goal to cover legal fees associated with this Judicial Review. Donate here:

Dr. Norman Fenton and Maryann Gebauer discuss radical “new” anti-Semitism, the Hamas invasion of Israel, Israel’s position regarding UN Resolution 242, Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestine, Iran’s involvement, and the globalist’s role in this current crisis.

‘Israel and the Freedom Movement: a personal statement by Norman Fenton'

Conrad Black and Maryann Gebauer discuss censorship in media, capitalism, socialism, climate change, oil and gas, the WEForum, globalist agendas, multi-nationalism, CBDCs, gender ideology, open borders, and indigenous issues. Conrad Black is a Canadian and British newspaper publisher, businessman and writer. He launched the National Post, Daily Telegraph and Chicago Sun.

Dr. David Bell, a public health and infectious disease expert and physician, formerly worked with the WHO. He has grave concerns about the WHO’s ability to declare viral variants as “potential threats”, with the power to enforce global lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The private public partnership between global organizations, powerful companies, and government is a dangerous corrupt affair, with absolute control as the endgame. Democracy is under serious threat in every country.

Dr. Clare Craig describes the frightening reality of being a scientific rebel. She is author of 'Expired: Covid the Untold Story’, which allows the victims of lockdowns to understand the manipulation and deception of the covid psyop. Dr. Craig is a diagnostic pathologist and co-chair of the HART group, an important UK group of doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and academic experts countering the narrative. We discuss the most recent findings on the mode and pathology of vaccine injuries.

Feargus O’Connor Greenwood addresses the question "What is true?” Greenwood, who prefers to remain anonymous, spent six years writing ‘180 Degrees - Unlearn the Lies You've Been Taught to Believe’. This remarkable book exposes the major deceptions we accept as truth. We discuss intelligent methods on how to flip those around us by understanding their position in the matrix.

Professor Ian Plimer firmly rejects the scientific “consensus” on the climate crisis and the Net Zero agenda. He discusses CO2, historical ice and sea levels, and global warming from a science-based perspective. He outlines the pros and cons of different energy sources: coal, hydro, nuclear, hydrocarbons, wind, and solar. Ian Plimer is geologist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Melbourne and recipient of multiple international awards for his scientific work. He is author of over 130 published scientific papers, and the bestseller ‘Green Murder'. Very recently, he published 'The Little Green Book’ trio for 3 age categories in an attempt to oppose the rampant climate crisis propaganda.

According to VGH vascular surgeon and UBC professor York Hsiang, Dr. Bonnie Henry will be required at a November judicial review to produce scientific evidence behind her draconian measures of preventing 8000 unvaccinated healthcare workers from employment in BC.

Please consider donating to Cdn Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine legal fund:

Fundraising online auction:

Prof Norman Fenton, Queen Mary University London, discusses London’s controversial Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), 15 Minute Cities, data on deaths, midazolam and lockdowns.

British MP Andrew Bridgen discusses Greater London’s controversial new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), the ongoing climate crisis narrative, Net Zero fraud, the Postmaster scandal, deadly midazolam use, growing mask opposition, vaccine injuries and deaths.

Maryann Gebauer and Alex Krainer discuss the tension between the Anglo-American establishment and BRICS, and predicts the future of Europe. Alex breaks down central bank corruption, hyperinflation, and the merits of commodities, and shares an improved monetary model. Alex Krainer is a trend analyst, former hedge fund manager, and author of the banned book ’The Great Deception’ on the truth behind Bill Browder. Alex was born and raised under communism in Croatia, and now resides in Monaco. ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Maryann Gebauer and Carol Roth discuss her new book ‘You will own Nothing”. She is a former investment banker, business advisor to Fortune 500 companies, TV host, and New York Times bestselling author.

Maryann Gebauer and German physician Anthony Freeman discuss his personal story of surviving a life-threatening medical issue in childhood, resulting in an interest in medicine. He shares his expertise on disease, and chronic conditions including NCDs, neuro-degenerative diseases and immune system dysfunction. He is now treating patients using an advanced holistic protocol at Clinica Curismo, Nicaragua. [email protected]

Maryann Gebauer and Gary Craigs discuss the Christian community's response to Covid-19, lockdowns, and vaccines. He delves into corruption, fear, and willful ignorance within the Christian church. Gary Craigs is a world historian, intellectual and educator.

Maryann Gebauer and Diana Chaplin discuss her brave journey as a spouse and survivor of a cocaine addict, deftly balancing life, motherhood, and a loving husband while concealing his addiction. Her forthcoming adult picture book titled 'Wake the F*ck Up' promises to shed light on her experience.

Dolores Cahill, Professor, University College Dublin, is an expert in molecular genetics and immunology. She speaks with Maryann Gebauer on sovereignty and freedom at the World Council for Health conference in Bath, UK in June 2023.

What is the Swedish protocol for Lyme Disease? This Swedish natural health expert had Lyme Disease, and shares the current government treatment protocol. Maryann Gebauer spoke with Seasons Natural Health owner in Bath, UK.

Swedish natural health expert shares her views on the Swedish response to Covid19 and the injections. She also discusses vaccine injury in the UK and her top suggestions for vaccine injury. Maryann Gebauer chats with Seasons Natural Health expert in Bath, UK.

Maryann Gebauer and Swedish professor Dr. Olle Johansson discuss EMF and the effects of radiation on health. He offers insight on why Sweden approached the Covid pandemic differently, Covid19, lockdowns, vaccine injury, digital identity, and the global agenda. Dr. Olle Johansson is an international authorities on the EMF radiation and health effectsDr. Olle Johansson is an associate professor at the renowned Karolinska Institute.

At Oxford University, Peterson is questioned by Canadian Maryann Gebauer on the danger of Trudeau’s political correctness. If Peterson were granted five minutes to advise Trudeau, how would he warn him on the fallout of this PC agenda? Tribal inequality is the catastrophic outcome of dividing Canadians.

Dr. Heiko Schöning and Robert Kennedy Jr. led the World Freedom Rally in Berlin October 2020. Four weeks later, he was arrested at Speakers Corner in London. Now Schöning has written a book 'Game Over’ which identifies the criminal characters perpetrating this global crime, including the Trudeau family. Schöning reports that Germany is seeing massive freedom violations currently, with frequent house raids and innocent citizens being arrested and placed in prison. Heiko Schöning’s website is

Prof. Simon Goddek, biotechnologist, researcher and professor, has now been dismissed from two academic institutions due to scientific censorship and corruption. He reports that scientific integrity is under serious threat. Academia has been hijacked by research funded by those with an agenda…and climate change fanatics. The scientific community is compromised and supports the technocratic narrative. Goddek, a huge proponent of Vitamin D for good immunity, has formulated and launched the perfect Vitamin D supplement ‘Sunfluencer’. Simon Goddek spoke with Maryann Gebauer at the World Council for Health in Bath UK.


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