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Aaron Russo - Full Interview

Aaron Russo, best known for producing movies including Trading Places, Wise Guys, and The Rose.

This is an important interview as he’s offers an inside view of Hollywood and the Elite at the highest level.

YouTube removed it, but you can find it and all video from my channels on odysee.

YouTube removed this for hate speech 😅

This video should be so simple, kids will realise they’ve been lied to.

But let me know what you think, as for me it’s so obvious, so was it clear for you?

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YouTube Version:

Watch, enjoy as the evidence of the reality of our sun is presented so your children and fast asleep under the spell of “science” loved ones can realise (real eyes) they have been lied to since they were kids.

El Resitas (the laughing Spanish guy) laughs about the globe and “science”

YouTube Version

A funny but I’m sure true behind closed door scenes of this lie being exposed.


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Show to everyone as this has been known it was going to happen for decades.

YouTube Version

The video you can share to everyone that debunks the Globe.

Plus it shares the main reason they lied to us about the globe.

Want to find out about reincarnation?

Unfortunately the Christians will be upset because of their beLIEfs, but I’m here to help people learn and wake up, and still having beLIEfs after realising we’ve been lied to about everything is very surprising.

The new age movement, as the other religions were all developed to hide the truth, but most of what the Christians call new age is much older than their own religion, so what does that make Christianity, infancy?

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Christine Anderson MEP
and EU COVI Committee

Everything based on a lie, Fizer and Govt officials admit Coffid vaggzines were never designed or tested to stop people getting sick or transmission.
Yet EU signed to purchase 10 doses for every citizen
So what were they designed?
And why do they need to inject people at least 10 times with them?
Why are they targeting pregnant women without any knowledge of how these will effect the unborn child.
And with birth rates drastically down and miscarriages drastically up, this is a very important question.

Huge conflict of interest, Ursula von der Leyen President of EU commission, illegal & non transparent communications with Fizer and other big pharms before and during Coffid.
Her husband Heiko von der Leyen’s
Pharmaceutical Company Orgenesis which is specialised in cell and gene therapies (mrna vaggzines)
has received 100s of millions in public funds from EU tax payers.
Fizer gave 800€ to scientists willing to support their Vaggs

Bill Gates shown to be funding BBC and other media companies.

Christine Andersons YouTube

Full meeting:



Because if we didn't, it means that science, media and worlds govts are working together to fool us

If they are lying about this, then what else are they lying about?
If you watch this you will know the answer.

So show it to your friends and loved ones as they will see it’s a lie.

Featuring Eric Dubay, Buzz Aldrin and music from Zimmer, The Police, Van Morrison and more

Links to Pics Videos and Info in Comments.

YouTube Version:

Apollo 11 lunar module

Apollo 1 -

Astronots falling

Russian Lunokhod Programme 1970:

Lunakhod 1 - video

Chinas Chang’e 3

Moon Buggy

Don Pettit

Nixon speaking on phone to the “Moon”

Buzz - Conan O’Brien

Original video and telemetry taken on the supposed moon landings has mysteriously disappeared.
And all the original spaceships

Astronaut and Nasa spokesman Don Pettit said - we used to have the technology to go to the moon but we destroyed that technology and it's a painful process to build it back again.

Stars and Planets seen in the moon

Removed from YouTube!


VOICE #ConspiracyMusicGuru

Nikon zooming - level plane / Missing curve – Space is Gay / Boston Bombing – False Flag / Joe Biden’s a pedo / Dr. Fauci – Always Lying / Stevie Wonder isn’t blind / Fake Korea – We shall see ya – down the rabbit hole! (break) Bildabergs – Fake Bomb / Mike Obama huge dong / Ba-rock – The Kenyan Guy – How’s Your Wife Identify – Warp Speed, Vaccine / J&J Owns your genes / My-o car-di-tus – Kiss your sweet ass goodbye!
Why do you trust these liars. We must be discerning cause the World’s not turning. No more astronauts on wires. This worlds fake and you know it now its time we exposed it.

Health Department – NSA / CDC and TSA / IRS, CIA and NASA is a crock! / SpaceX – Space Force – Space is fucking fake of course / Devon Island is Mars – Elon Musk is Launching Cars / Einstein was a queen – 2 more weeks of quarantine / Jussie Smollet – Fake Attack – George Floyd Swallowed crack / Said he couldn’t breathe at all – Overdosed on Fentanol / AOC and Alex Stein / Her Big Booty is so fine!
Why do you trust these liars? You must be discerning cause the World’s not turning. No more astronauts on wires. We are sick of these clowns let’s get this circus shut down. Bin Laden – In the sea / Robby Parker Smiling / Epstein didn’t die – flight logs all classified / California Communists – Newsome tops the list –/ Mask your kids – stay inside – For your health Formaldehyde You’ll own nothing – Eat Bugs – World Economic Thugs / Klaus Schwab – Castro – His son Justin Trudeau / Psychos – The elite – Bill Gates is tracking me / Biotech – Moderna – Pfizer – Astrozenica


9/11 – No planes / Nother Drill – Nother Day / Building 7 falllling – From the plane their calling / Nano-thermite concrete - Passport found in the street / Lucky Larry Silverstein – Pulled it like a slot machine / Shanksville – Red Pill / Rumsfeld’s Missile – that’s what hit the pentagon – where has all the footage gone?


Climate Change, MSM / Selling fear on CNN / Moon Shot - Space Walks / All Faked - All Talk / All the astronauts who died - Have a twin still alive / Challenger Master Plan / Buzz Aldrin is drunk again But the moon rocks? Petrified That sucks! Yeah they lied! Rockets Fly? CGI Planets Tho? CGI THE ISS? All b.s. Is Earth fucking flat? Actually yes Not dinosaurs Lies of course I can't take it anymore!

We didn’t start the fire. It may be concerning, the NASA building is burning.

Maybe Karma caught these liars – They deserve a take down for saying we go around and round and round and round and round and round.....
Chorus a, Chorus b, Chorus a

In the beginning of the Convid Plandemic the number 33 was seen everywhere in the official figures especially in the US.

Yes 33 is connected with Freemasonry and Yes the US was completely founded by Freemasons

But what does it mean and why do they use it this way.

Watch the video!

YouTube Version:
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All these platforms are heavily censored, I don’t monetise my channel so I do it only to get some truth out there and because I want to do my bit to help.
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As many know the climate hoax will be used to continue pushing the “Great Reset”

This video exposes Greta, her “Mum” and background.

Please like, comment and share as much as possible as it will cause many people to think about it, even those fast asleep with Convid.

YouTube Version here

No Stars - Weather Balloon Footage Is Revealing

Why is it when we take camera up 20 miles that we don’t see stars and we don’t see a moon?

The sun looks close and leaves a hotspot?

The earth is not spinning 1000mph below and there’s no curvature apart from the camera lens?

That’s because the sun moon and stars are not what we’ve been taught.

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The Truth Will Set You Free!

Hitler Rants about the downfall of the virus theory and the end of their new world order plans.

Unvaxxed Heroes - Del Bigtree reads An opinion by a vaccinated Australian

“If covid was a battlefield it would still be warm by the bodies of the unvaccinated”

Video Exposing The James Webb Space Telescope, Nasa, Science and James E. Webb himself

Proof the images from the billions of dollars invested are CGI and Stars cannot be seen high up above the earth.



Do you beLIEve you live on a spinning ball flying millions of mph through a vacuum?
That nothing turned into everything, chemicals became life, and your distant relations were fish?

If so it’s time you check your beLIEfs as you’ll find out in most cases it’s a lie.

Debunking the “Science”

Education = Indoctrination


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What I thought about science, history, religion and how our world works has turned out to mainly be a big lie.
After witnessing the beginning of the Crownvirus obvious, where all countries not only went mad at exactly the same time, but in unison.They were talking the same language and with identical approaches to how it should be dealt with, so I started to do a lot of research and what I've learned since was absolutely mind blowing.

Free Speech and information needs to be defended with everything we have.

Forget politics, skin colour, religion or any other false division.