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The lies continue. The research goes on. And the truth comes out some more. Bill Gates, WHO, UN, and the hidden shadow rulers are perpetuating the greatest crime of all time. And they have only, just, begun.

Due to the success of my documentary 'The Great Reset - We are All Agenda 2030' - I decided to put together some extra content as well as the full soundtrack for those who liked the music. Hope you enjoy. Chapter 2 coming in November.

Since the release of my documentary - 'The Great Reset - We are All Agenda 2030' - we've seen propaganda on all angles from brands, social media, and more, but its time to look more at a key player nobody really mentions, David Attenborough - We'll also look at the FED and IMF's recent conferences on global digital currencies

The Great Communist Reset. The Documentary.


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Just a regular bloke with conviction from God to inform people of the mindblowing level of history we are living in right now

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