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Fox News refused to air this full interview with historian Rutger Bregman after Fox News host Tucker Carlson lost his temper, calling his guest a 'tiny brain...moron' during the interview.

Alex declares war on his old friend Joe Rogan.

Found a video of that trump float from that italian carnival and just added the Lord Inquisitor soundtrack for fun.

Alex Jones was offered millions of dollars to promote bitcoin, but he followed his gut and refused the offer. Mike Adams joins Alex to reveal how Joe Rogan is being protected from prosecution for FCC violations, because he's a globalist insider. #InfoWars #infowars #NewsWars #newswars

Owen Shroyer intended to allow a woman to speak instead of him in front of the Austin City Counsel and Mayor Steve Adler. All they did was stick to ridiculous rules and ignore. They did absolutely nothing! #InfoWars #infowars

Alex Jones officially declares war on Joe Rogan for perpetuating phony mainstream media talking points, helping to cover up the crimes of George Soros, promoting his guests' products without disclosing that information, and for assisting in the controlled demolition of the United States of America.

A former succesful and ambitious Investment Banker who turned Whistleblower, MADS PALSVIG, has now become a controversial and outspoken Politician in Denmark. He is the founder of a very alternative political party called "JFK21" ~ "Earth Freedom Knowledge", and has been revealing conspiracy secrets about hidden agendas orchestrated by elite "banksters" and members of secret societies, who "run the world" behind the scenes.

In this dynamic and eye-opening in-depth hard-talk interview with AGE OF TRUTH TV presenter, Lucas Alexander, Mads Palsvig is telling his surprising life story of his highly succesful life for 30 years working as an Investment Banker and Bank Trader for some of the worlds top banks, such as; Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Credit Suisse First Boston and the 2 top Danish banks, UniBank and Danske Bank. He was stationed in London and Hong Kong trading state obligations.

When he was fired without warning, possibly after asking the wrong questions to a member of The Federal Reserve, his life changed dramatically, and he began a new journey as a whistleblower. He discovered the manipulation of how money really is created, and who owns the banks, a banking cartel of top elite bloodline families, commonly known under the popular term, "The Illuminati", and how they dictate the policies of the world: Who gets rich or not, the political system and the mainstream media. Mads Palsvig says that `depopulation´ is the main goal of the elitists behind "The New World Order".


- The Money Creation. Inside trading and the manipulation of global
monetary institutions.
- The Earths population aka. Debt Slaves to the global "banksters".
- Reality: Upside down of everything we know.
- Illuminati bloodline families and The New World Order.
- Depopulation of 95% of the people on Earth.
- The Federal Reserve & The Council Of Foreign Relations.
- Mind Control and Televison/Media lies.
- DONALD TRUMP and his plan to "drain the swamp".
- Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.
- Elections and the political system.
- The Yellow Vests.
- Freedom of speech vs. Hate Speech.
- Feminism and the Gender Agenda.
- 5G - the big threat to humanity. A.I. (Artificial intelligence).
- Child trafficking and dark rituals. Vatican scandals.
- Faith in God and Christianity.

.......that and MUCH MORE in this controversial show featuring Mads Palsvig, who is campaigning to become an elected member of the Danish parliament representing his new political party JFK21.


Filmed in:
Copenhagen, Denmark
13 December 2018
Interviewed by Lucas Alexander for Age Of Truth TV.

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The poor and White working classes in Britain are becoming minorities in the country of their ancestors, while the political class and establishment are turning their backs on them.

French PM Eduard Philippe presented a new initiative on protest restrictions in order to prevent “violence” in the Yellow Vest protests. Manila speaks with Former UK MP George Galloway on this new crackdown and what this means for freedom of speech in France

The establishment is making sure the Media does not show the public what is actually happening in Europe

NoneCredit: FOX NEWS
John PODESTA: Hillary Clinton's Former Campaign Manager on RUSSlAN Election Meddling 'Probe' & HIS Involvement With The Rouskies...

NoneJacob Rees-Mogg just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech on Brexit, Gets a Standing Ovation



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