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Finally I edited the video. I also found out a lot more about it. What a scum it is!
Televangelist Trans:
White Bat Audio
Track 1: Radiation Storm
Track 2: Ghoul
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See how you are being constantly lied to...about everything! See some of the DirTEA Shill Deceivers playing with your head, and reality.

Watch my 11 MASONic Code / Coded News and the Shills videos, for more on the RED Trans-Code.
Krishnan-Resurrection Channel (YT), also has a lot on the RED Code.
I have about 9 older videos left, to edit and upload. And then that is it. I don't need shyteloads of videos to show how it all works. And if you watch a lot these videos, and still cannot get it, you are hopeless!

I lost my HyperByteStorm channel on YouTube, when I uploaded this video.
All these video clips and images, are created by DirTEA MASONs. I just put it on video, to show you. THEY use THEIR DirTEA Trans and RELIGIONS to make you Obedient, and Docile. When combined with FEAR. THEY are all DirTEA Scum!

DirTEA MASONs, like to use animals as Code to inform each other. It is also used for THEIR agendas, and made up history, e.g. the SWAN, GOOSE, LION, EAGLE. But, THEY are lower than ROACHES.

Krishnan-Resurrection - Julius Caesar ,Willy Shakespear and Royal Court !!!
Caesar and the Space-Station !!!

Mylène Farmer Unveiled video, it has a section on Alizée, also:
POP-Music Trans video, this should have more views, you will learn/see a lot from it:

Video of Russian Soyuz, fake repairs; lmao:
Jesuits is Bullshit. All Religions are MASONic Created, and 'the jesuits' is just a Catholic Trans-'boys' club. Controlled by MASONry, and THEY answer to MASONry, as it is THEIR Religion.
NCM Epic Music Ender Guney
Track 1: Victory
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Sound Territory
Track 2-end: Dub Techno Mix #85
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1. An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.
Track 1: After the War
White Bat Audio
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Track 2: Darkest before Dawn
TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music
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Track 3: Synthetica (Hybrid Electronic Orchestral)
Keith Merrill
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Track 4: Antihero
White Bat Audio
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THEY, are not going to like this video. The DirTEA Fucks!

To understand how THEY keep control, you need to know how THEY work, and my videos have covered all the important information, on THEIR dealings. You will be able to see THEM, and THEIR bullshit. So watch as many as you need to.

In this 3-part series, you will see a lot of the DirTEA MASON's Trans, code, symbolism (inc. animals, nature), Agendas, and THEIR Trans-Shill Agents.

I have not edited this video again, but as it was far down the list, I thought it should go back on, after the Runway Trans.

For some reason, two of the parts were not on BitChute, but I have put all of the parts together, now. It is a real hurlathon, of DirTEA MASONic Trans!
Part 3 was deleted on YouTube.

I lost my YouTube, The Natural Channel, when I put this video on YouTube.

A grouping of a few DirTEA MASONic Shill Channels, all using the 7.

The video has been lengthened. It is now complete, and shows that this Code is purposely added, into the EntertainMENT.

I hope you have a long attention span, for this video. Learn of many DirTEA Codes, the MASONic Scum use. THEY are always HEXing the Naturals.
In 2022, this Channel, and Le Naturel Channel on YT, will end, but The Natural: Constantine, will continue.

Everything is on the video, I have nothing more to add. Live in THEIR system, or stand up for yourself.
Savfk - Music
Track 1: The Grid
Track 2: Ultra
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At last, the DirTEA Trans-MASONic Racers, all together.

In Finch 2021, with Tom(boy) Hanks, there is a scene, where the robot driving the CAMPer Van (CAMP, see Bellona video), suddenly brakes to a halt, as it has killed a butterfly on the windshield, shortly after this, Tom(boy) passes away, from fake Nuclear poisoning. Then THEY show a butterfly again, flying around the entrance to the van, this is supposed to be the Soul of the deceased.

This is not a video, for those who are new, to learning of the Masonic deception, I suggest viewing a few other videos first.
Only the first 4 pages are the same, the rest is all new.

The Natural: Constantine - BitChute Link:
This series, is only for those, who want to go deeper into understanding, of the DirTEA MASONs.

It is a cancelled series, but all the actWhores will still play roles in other series.
Viking Music
Tracks: Most Dark & Powerful Viking Music
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The Natural: Constantine -

Some of you will know me from YouTube. I am a serious researcher and video maker. But, I am tired of all the Natural people not being aware; to the large deception being done on them, by DirTEA Masons, there is NO OTHER ENEMY to the Natural Man, other than TRANs-MASONs, the Hewed-Mans, THEY infest everything, THEY are Scum!

Illuminati Shill Bullshit
Many are led to believe in the "Illuminati", which is a Hoax "Order" of Masonry. It does not exist, only, in the minds of people searching for "truth", and being led astray by Trans-Masonic Agents, they love it, you will even find it on "history" Channel, and other Tea-V 'programs', Books, Comics, Magazines, and on these 'social' video platforms, by The Shills, lol. They even make fashion and music, using the scary "illuminati" lmao. And shops, themed in "illuminati", lol, so fucking ridiculous.

Jesuit Shill Bullshit
And Don't get me started on the "Jesuits!" Another "Crafted" ruse by these Beggar-Agents. It is just a Catholic "Trans-Boys" Club, that ARE MASONIC, they are part of, and answer to MASONry! Their bosses! Now tell me...Have you ever seen Jesuit Code? Or Orders from THEM? No, it is all a distraction from the target.

MK Ultra Shill Bullshit
Also MK ULTRA, lmfao! MK is M = 3, K = 11 for 33, and UL is to pack together, to compact! And TRA is 3, which gives you a Masonic 3rd Sex. It was a Trans-Gender program, but the fucking Lying TEA-Drinking Shills love it as well! It is a great money spinner for THEM.

Globe Earth - Aliens - UFOs - Space - Planets - Eunuch-Verse - Bigfoot (lmfao) - Black Goo (lmfao)
What 'great' Shill subjects, some of the most popular, and it gets the ANGER and EMOTIONS flowing, also easy to get DONATIONS, lmao.

"Ancient" and its "Cultures", Beliefs and Religion Bullshit
This is a hard one to get Naturals to understand, you see, the BRAINWASHING started from youth, just like "space" and "history". I have lived in many countries, and also cities, I have also visited many, always examining all around me, now I just see all the fakeness. And once you see it, you always see it!
All the religions and beliefs are written and created by MASONry, yes! Every single one of them! They are created to make you more obedient, FEARful and docile, so that you are not rebelious to their Trans-Masonic rulership, which includes their ROI-ALLTEA.

WAR Bullshit
I try to show as much as I can, about the Hoax War Relocation Agendas. But this is always a very hard one for the Naturals, to understand. I put small sections in my videos, when possible. It is all a DirTEA MASONic game THEY play, to conquer your mind!

The Shills have many deceptions, and you need to learn how they operate, then spread the news to family and friends.

I will show you loads of fucking shill channels and T-Agents in my videos! I do not hold back on this. I never started video to hunt these Dirty Mother-Fuckers down, but I noticed their ways and methods, and decided that I had no choice in the matter. It is not fun for me to do this, but necessary!

At least 95% of the Channels, are DirTEA Trans-MASONs! Yes! It is that fucking high! And the rest is just garbage, to waste your time.