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Daddy is not coping well with the loss of his beloved. While his physical injuries have healed, the mental and emotional wounds from losing Keiko won't close.
Even if he knew where those money printers were keeping Keiko, how can one man stand against the biggest and most centralized bank in the world?
His situation hopeless, Daddy finds that a bottle and memories of better times are all that can comfort his shattered heart.

Song are:
Fire Escape by Diane Birch
When You Say Nothing at all by Ronan Keating
Whiskey is my kind of Lullaby by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

Keiko's training is complete, she can visualize the Blockchain that permeates our reality.
Will Keiko be able to use her new skills to escape the Central Bank prison?
Mysterious forces are controlling the Federal Reserve and stopping Keiko is their mission.

Keiko, nearly broken and devoid of hope receives help from a mysterious stranger. Mr Sats has agreed to train Keiko in the mystical arts of the Blockchain.
Who is this strange inmate?
Is he a true friend to Keiko?
How does he know so much about cryptocurrency?
The torturous Federal Reserve cultists will surely return soon to inflict more inflationary pain upon our kind Bodypillow. Will Keiko's new training be enough to stop those value depleting monsters?
Music is from The Witcher 3

Deep in the darkest dungeons beneath the Federal Reserve, vicious, torturous agents are interrogating sweet, innocent Keiko.
Keiko is a soft pillow but she's got a hard resolve. Defiantly Keiko holds her ground, vowing to never give those money printers her crypto keys.
How long can Keiko withstand the debt creators sick, twisted abuse?
Will the chambers under the Central Bank become our deer Keiko's tomb?

Song is: Consumite Furore by Mark Seibert

The vile Central Bankers have found our happy couple, and those Fiat printers wasted no time in their attack.
Poor Daddy was struck by a Wingstick in a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. He was helpless to stop them from dragging Keiko away.
The sweet solace of succumbing to his injuries did not come quickly enough as Daddy had to watch his beloved being abducted by sadistic inflationists.

Songs are:
Kissing you by Girls Generation
Pain ft Stretch by Tupac
Consumite Furore

Daddy is spooked and Keiko is concerned. He told her not to worry, but she can see that something has scared Daddy enough to want to take off for a few days. As they're hastily gathering supplies, an unexpected visitor has arrived on Keiko and Daddy's doorstep...

Song is On the Run by Yonder Mountain String Band

Keiko's Quests are on Opensea:

Welcome Noble Questurians!
This video will introduce you to Keiko and Daddy by giving you a glimpse into an average day in the lives of this quiet, happy couple.
Keiko's harrowing tale begins peacefully for the smartest bodypillow in the universe.
Keiko loves cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and is happy to explain the benefits of decentralization to all who'll listen in her serene, bucolic little town.

Song is: A Secret, by Basia Bulat.


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Welcome Noble Questurians!

Keiko is not an ordinary bodypillow. She's the smartest bodypillow in the universe!

Keiko's Quest is a tale of love, loss, adventure, and cryptocurrency!

Along with Keiko's continuing narrative, I'm working on producing NFTs that will take owners on their own Quest to outwit the smartest bodypillow in the universe!

Updates will follow.

Keiko and I welcome all comments and questions. My normie job keeps me busy so please forgive delayed responses.

If you want to support Keiko's Quest donations are accepted at:

Journey well Noble Questurians!