Another video created from the (now defunct) online community and app BandHub.

It's me on lead (and helping with backing) vocals, as well as the megaphone voice.

Also I created the tribute animations of the marching hammers. They're close to the original in their timing, as I did use them as a template. But of course, comparing it to the original Gerald Scarfe animation is easy to see how inferior mine is in comparison. Hey, it was one of my very few forays into the world of animation, other than simply making the individual panels in the BH collab dance around the screen.

I owe a heck of a lot to CopyCat for my backing vocals tracks, as I basically had to totally mimic what he'd done, in order to get as close to the big choir sound as we could without overburdening the collab file.

I hope y'all like it :)

My friend Brian (from France) and me, doing a little Paul song.
I added in some bird sounds because I thought it might sound nice.

Me (from USA) with musicians from Brazil, Scotland, and UK. I hope y'all like it :)

Me along with a bunch of lovely folks from Bandhub, covering this special song. Musicians from Brazil, Japan, Poland, and from all points USA: mickeystaver - rhythm guitar ... gordum - drums ... Soulful - percussion ...tjsi63 - bass ... simpolman - backing vocals ... wkolinko - backing vocals ...cQ_Q - backing vocals ...joaoroig - slide guitar ... brunothebarber - keys (strings sound) ... tmanni - piano ... stegokitty - lead vocals. I hope y'all like it :)


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