Let’s get this red pill party started.

He ain’t perfect, but he’s the only sane choice. Vote Boris. The anti-democratic Labour Party has to be stopped.

Ungrateful, manipulative and pointlessly destructive. It’s nice to have a realistic comic book villain, for a change.

Yes, she’s as dumb as she looks.

Hickman tries the impossible, humour in a corporate comic book.

Good book. One of the (few) Marvel books that are worth reading today.

Funny book about a douche-bag. Nice one, Dan.

Marvel Comics in 2019 are pretty awful, as we all know. This book is the exception to the norm. No empowerment or beta cucking in this one. Buy it, enjoy it, and support these rare glimpses of old school comic book masculinity.

What should an anarchist be advocating for? Let’s find out.

Jeff Lemire is Canadian. Yes, he is that bad.

A Disney show for men? Really? Yeah, so far, at least.

Vote Honkler. The clown world election won’t change one single thing. Conservatives do not Conserve, and Labour are openly traitorous. I don’t blame them. The rot began a long, long time ago. Lose in-group preference, and your civilisation is over.

My hot-take on the Andrew/Epstein scandal.

Don’t buy this book. Don’t encourage them.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Non-Binary, anti W, tick-mark, officially marginalised privilege.

Phil is back. 2011 seems like a long, long time ago now.

Red Pill review of the latest Disney propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

The latest on Molly.

More activism from the anti-whites.

Jeff Lemire is Canadian, and a good ally, so expecting controversial opinions and cutting edge socio-political commentary from him is expecting too much. Sometimes though, truth slips through the blue pill cracks, and if you look closely, you’ll see it, smiling in your face.

Tom King is the kind of writer that you need to avoid. If you see his name on a book, or movie, walk away.

Poor guy. I don’t know why he bothered.

The older books are the best. They gave you something that was aspirational and masculine. Everything today is tinged with defeat, irrationality, stupidity, lies and despair.


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