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Episode of Iron Mic from the 04-05 school year. Judges: Marv-o, Nate, and Rick Nuckery. Hosted by Mike Bremer. Lev vs. J-Werk, 2 rounds.

Filmed in fall 2003.

Another edition of iron mic freestyle battles. This one's from '04. It's Tyrannosaurus Lev vs. The Simple Letter. Hosted by Iron Mike Bremer.

Five of Iron Mic's 2004-05 contestants freestyle. Hosted by Mike Bremer. Featuring Simple Letter, Wal-Mart, Lavidacus, Metamorpharabbit, and Rumble Dumble.

Recorded for Radio Moscow by George Garanian and the band Melodia. This version of Moscow Nights has been used as the interval signal for Radio Moscow World Service since the start of 1978.

Presented by Streetfilms on May 4, 2014.

It's hard to believe, but it's been nearly five years since we last went traipsing around SoHo grading people's bike locking with Hal Ruzal from Bicycle Habitat. So it was time for the next chapter with the mechanic who wears pink-purple socks, admonishing you about how to lock your wheels, frame, and seat correctly.

The process is simple: Hal and I spend about an hour walking around, and whatever happens, I try to capture it on the fly. (Which is harder than it sounds.) This time it led to quite a few surprises and -- as usual -- many hilarious moments. Among other things, we learned that Hal has become an international celebrity. And wait until you see the scenes at a Citi Bike station. Let's just say Hal was impressed.

The previous three Streetfilms in the "Hal Grades Your Bike Locking" series have received at least 300,000 plays. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Presented by Streetfilms on May 12, 2009.

We need a sage in these times to remind us how easy it is to roll your bike. Once again enter the immortal, Bicycle Habitat mechanic Hal Ruzal to give us the straight dope in what he's calling "your final warning" in this last chapter of our exclusive trilogy. Let's hope the third time is a charm!

This time around Hal's not only grading bike locking ability of anonymous locker-uppers, but he also shows you how he secures his bike so you too can score an "A" (or at least have a decent shot at an A- or B+.) And if you love the humorous anecdotes and musings here, don't miss our first two chapters: "Hal Grades Your Bike Locking" and "Hal (and Kerri) Grade Your Bike Locking".

Presented by Streetfilms on April 27, 2008.

Nearly five years ago, legendary bike mechanic Hal Ruzal and I walked the streets surrounding Bicycle Habitat and graded the bike locking ability of New Yorkers - producing many humorous and enlightening anecdotes. The resulting video aired frequently on bikeTV and at many festivals, and because of it - Hal is still frequently asked by complete strangers to judge their bike locking.

I always endeavored doing another, but as with most sequels you need a new wrinkle. This time we thought we'd give Hal some company and invited former Recycle a Bicycle mechanic Kerri Martin (and founder of The Bike Church in Asbury Park, NJ) to weigh in with her expertise.

Again, bikes on the streets of SoHo provide lots of fodder for laughs and lessons to learn.We didn't plan to but we walked the same loop and even used the same one-hour time frame. The results? The grades were a little better than five years ago. Sure, still some bad locking out there, but many more people are now sporting multiple locks and better strategies! Good news, maybe we made a difference after all...

Originally Aired on bikeTV in 2003.

We hit the streets of Soho with the help of Bicycle Habitat's most famous mechanic Hal Ruzal - who humorously grades the bike locking ability of New Yorkers. Sure he's harsh, but also damn funny while dispensing useful anecdotes from his many decades in the biz. Hopefully you'll learn how to keep your bike safe and avoid a failing grade.


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