Went to an abandoned church today & walked around in the cemetery. It is a VERY old place. It was definitely worth the drive.

Music in the background:
01 - Slayer - Abolish Government / Superficial Love
02 - Rancid - Time Bomb
03 - Ian Stuart - Coming Up To Midnight
04 - Blink 182 - Violence

Me & my brother were playing Jak II last night (beat the game once again lmao). I found out you could go back into the palace!

But the elevator is gone.

So, my brother tried to hover to the top.

I got a video of this while playing Jak II yesterday 🤣🤣

I love this place

How thafuq do you do this???

I want this lol. I love Lego & I love Luigi's Mansion. I'd put this on display if I had it lmao.

This one's a bit smaller than most of my GameXChange vids. But hey, it is what it is 🤷‍♀️

I haven't drew anything in maybe five years now. And I've been thinking of getting back into drawing, so I attempted to draw the J Bigga logo.

I'm aware, its not perfect. But hey, not bad for a first drawing in five years lmao.

Link to ITunes:


An update about the upcoming reactions on this channel : )

My brother was playing this, and three strange errors happened. So, I pulled my phone out & got em on vid : )

Back in 10th grade, I always wanted to hear this compilation. I would see it on ITunes, but I was never able to listen to it since I did not have my own debut card back then (& since I had an Android)

Just from the artwork alone, I knew this was going to be memorable & amazing. And whaddya know, it was!

I didn't go too far into detail with every track simply because I plan to eventually review all the releases. I didn't want to over-explain everything, cause then there would be no point in reviewing them lmao.

I also had to cut back on some tracks due to my storage limitations. I wanted to talk about 'Back On Speed', 'Way Too Loud', 'Saving All My Sperms', & many more. But I only had a limited amount of storage. So I had to skip the details of some.

The resolution is also low because I was unable to export it in high quality. So, I apologize for that.

Also, I forgot to point out some things::

1 - Ice Cream Truck was NOT entirely Pop Punk. There were a mix of Pop songs as well, I forgot to mention that

2 - When I said "He seemed really proud of WTF Is The Jellemeno Beavers", I meant because most of the album is on here AND these same tracks are remastered on !Kids On Crack!

3 - The 'Screw U Mom Screw U Dad' album is mostly Pop Punk. I meant to address that since I described the genre of the others, but I forgot. And along with that. I meant to say "All NINE tracks", not eight lol.

All these albums are fun, entertaining, & just absolutely mind blowing. The tracks were perfect on my first listen & are STILL perfect to this very day.

I wish I had listened to this in High School. Cause I would've been absolutely obsessed with this record back then too. And I'd have more memories to assist it.

Anyways. Here are links : )

Amazon Music Page:

Apple Music Page:

Backstory behind "Photograph":

Interview about the S.U.M.S.U.D. album:

"The Two Partially Lost Albums" :

A stream to the second 2009 album by J Bigga. This album became one of my favorites after listening to it a little more. It is unique in its own way.

'All You Ever Gave Me Was The Clap' was added as a bonus track. Since it was never on an album.

01 - Freekin' Weekend (00:00)
02 - Slut (03:40)
03 - Oh Snap (07:01)
04 - Let's Be Strangers (10:10)
05 - H. C. T. S. [Blake Millers Remix] (13:22)
06 - Miss Brooklyn (18:47)
07 - Threesome (22:13)
08 - Ice Cube Heart [1979 Mix] (25:40)
09 - H. C. T. S. [Jannes300 Remix] (29:23)
10 - What We Do (33:50)
11 - Ice Cube Heart [Ms. Bipolar Mix] (37:19)
12 - All I Want For Christmas (41:04)
13 - Graduation (44:17)
14 - It's Whatever (47:06)
15 - LSD (50:38)
16 - Bounce (54:23)
17 - Mpcpcandr (58:09)
18 - All You Ever Gave Me [Bonus] (01:01:23)

This had to be reuploaded. Because for some reason, my original upload (from February) will not play now.

After all this time, I finally got a copy of this album! Feels nice to finally have this one in my collection.

Also, my bad if I don't sound enthusiastic or whatever. i was half asleep at the time of recording, so I'm aware that I didn't sound my best.

Link to the GoreHop clearance:
N/A (I guess it isn't there anymore 😶)

This is a stream of the first Murder At The Dance Club record. I absolutely love this one.

I think this was the very first release they ever made. It wasn't as hard to find as I thought it would be. I found it on an MP3 archival database.

01 - Demise [Intro] (00:00)
02 - Romanticide (01:16)
03 - If You're Still Alive (05:22)
04 - Memories Of You (09:16)
05 - This Is How It Ends (13:27)
06 - Bittersweet (16:06)
07 - Gone Forever (20:52)
08 - Promise The World (23:50)
09 - Resurrection [Interlude] (27:51)
10 - Anybody Else (30:15)
11 - Here Alone (33:18)
12 - All For Nothing [Outro] (41:20)
13 - What's Wrong With Me [Bonus] (43:25)

The debut album by J Bigga. It sucks that he didn't make anymore like this one.

Fun fact. He was 16 / 17 when he recorded this one.

01 - Love To Do (00:00)
02 - Na Na Na (04:20)
03 - Pink Chocolate (07:32)
04 - Use Your Tongue (10:54)
05 - Nasty One (14:06)
06 - Buy Me (17:35)
07 - You're Too Flexible To Be Human (21:26)
08 - 357 (24:38)
09 - She Wants Me (27:41)

Found some good releases today. The new Eminem compilation, the new Megadeth album, etc. There's some amazing ones here.

I would've bought them all if they weren't so overpriced lmao

I love this song so much lol

This is my favorite anti-government / anti-military / anti-political song. I can sing this all day without a single regret.

This lyric video isn't allowed on YouTube. So, I'm posting it here instead. It's VERY obvious why it can't be posted on YT lol.

Support the album. It is EXCLUSIVE to iTunes. Go buy it = D

Itunes Link:

Today we review the 2020 record by DDC. Took forever to release, but was it worth the wait?

Also... forgot to mention this in the review. Regarding the song 'Silly Wabbit', Spanky's Verse is good. I forgot to mention it cause I was too busy talking about the first verse lol.

I usually forget some details on accident. So if I forgot to discuss some things, then my apologies.

Stream the Album here:


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