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The authoritative expose of the greatest brainwashing organization to ever exist in the course of human history is now revealed in Dr. John Coleman's latest book, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. The Tavistock Institute is located in the City of London and at Sussex University in England.

Dr John Coleman, the author of 15 books, the best known of which is Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to bring the world's attention to the existence of Tavistock, hitherto unknown to press and pundits alike, in a monograph published in 1969. Since his initial 1969 revelations concerning the pivotal role that Tavistock plays in shaping political, social, educational, and economic 'opinions', especially in the United States, more than a few writers of global conspiracy have attempted to place laurels upon their shoulders for revelations about Tavistock's key influence as the Mother of all Propaganda Ministries, while ignoring the fact that this pioneering work was first published by John Coleman. Dr Coleman's new book, however, leaves no doubt as to who is the master and who are the students when it comes to the subject of Tavistock.

The Art of War (Italian: Dell'arte della guerra) is a treatise by the Italian Renaissance political philosopher and historian Niccolò Machiavelli.

The format of The Art of War is a socratic dialogue. The purpose, declared by Lord Fabrizio Colonna (perhaps Machiavelli's persona) at the outset, "To honor and reward virtù, not to have contempt for poverty, to esteem the modes and orders of military discipline, to constrain citizens to love one another, to live without factions, to esteem less the private than the public good." To these ends, Machiavelli notes in his preface, the military is like the roof of a palazzo protecting the contents.

Written between 1519 and 1520 and published the following year, it was Machiavelli's only historical or political work printed during his lifetime, though he was appointed official historian of Florence in 1520 and entrusted with minor civil duties.

The normies can't take being 'normal' anymore.

Julius Evola’s final major work, which examines the prototype of the human being who can give absolute meaning to his or her life in a world of dissolution

• Presents a powerful criticism of the idols, structures, theories, and illusions of our modern age

• Reveals how to transform destructive processes into inner liberation

The organizations and institutions that, in a traditional civilization and society, would have allowed an individual to realize himself completely, to defend the principal values he recognizes as his own, and to structure his life in a clear and unambiguous way, no longer exist in the contemporary world. Everything that has come to predominate in the modern world is the direct antithesis of the world of Tradition, in which a society is ruled by principles that transcend the merely human and transitory.

Ride the Tiger presents an implacable criticism of the idols, structures, theories, and illusions of our dissolute age examined in the light of the inner teachings of indestructible Tradition. Evola identifies the type of human capable of “riding the tiger,” who may transform destructive processes into inner liberation. He offers hope for those who wish to reembrace Traditionalism.

The sham is so obvious that even their own tools can see what's going on.

White people are demonized in the countries they built and where we are still the majority, albeit a rapidly shrinking majority. What will happen when we are the minority? Look no further than Zimbabwe / South Africa.

A computer programmer becomes fascinated with the digital currency Bitcoin, and through his involvement in the Bitcoin community, we learn about the impending global impact of this amazing new technology.

And waiting for the Great Collapse.

#Nixon Knew

Imagine the number of young and middle aged men out there who must know the truth, for a large video game company such as this to have to directly appeal to the truth in order to get them to buy their product.


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Democracy / Hypocrisy

Where's the IRA when you need them?...

A British Government propaganda video advertising political reeducation courses for people placed on a watchlist of so called "extremists" without their knowledge or consent, because someone informed on them to the authorities about their beliefs.

As a consequence the UK now employs a vast industry of full time commissars and political psychiatrists on incredible payrolls lurching into the billions of pounds, who attempt to deprogram people deemed "a threat to society" for holding political beliefs that are not pro-multicultural political beliefs.

Being a White Nationalist is technically not a crime in the UK (at the moment), but can lead to police reports and watchlists with your name on them, together with covert surveillance campaigns against individuals and the creation of political reeducation courses which the British Government will soon make compulsory for those merely deemed 'extreme'.

The British Government DO NOT however apply this treatment to BLM/ANTIFA terrorists, despite the vast majority of politically motivated violence and homicide being perpetrated by these groups for 2020, and in many instances British politicians, police commissioners and other VIPs are themselves active willing members of these Marxist terrorist organizations.

Found this highly informative and truth to power discussion posted on the Sandman Channel. I've shared it here in case it gets pulled by JewTube.

Original Upload:

The people who have decided to impeach US President Donald Trump, with just days left in office, for calling a peaceful protest that was then hijacked by their own paid agent provocateurs.

Zhang Weiwei is a Chinese professor of international relations at Fudan University, and a senior research fellow at the Chunqiu Institute. He is the author of The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State. The Chinese Way by Zhang Weiwei is a 10-part CGTN Digital series casting a critical eye over the governance of modern China. Professor Zhang identifies merits and flaws in the Chinese system and contrasts the China model with Western equivalents in a series of short films.

By hostile special interests.

What Liberals believe is 'equal' to, if not better than, Western Civilization.

Why are they always linking opposition to Covid tyranny with Antisemitism?...

4Chan / 8Chan / Reddit / Telegram etc etc etc....

Enough said.

No amount of TRUMP cards can save it now.

What does it look like to you?


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Our appeal was accepted and Bitchute now claims to be examining and unblocking this channel's video content on a case-by-case basis, but so far hardly any progress has been made, and it is even the case that some additional videos have been universally blocked with incredible and absurd claims of 'terrorist content' - content that includes an audiobook articulating political ideas alone and an early 90's talkshow interview with a Far Right celebrity. Please upload and SAVE as much material as you can from this resource before it disappears, or alternately before Bitchute is itself made illegal in its home jurisdiction (United Kingdom).

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