Another Perfect October Day. 6 years eh? oh dear

¥light the Way₣

Scarf herded a runaway puppy today back to it's master! It was fantastic to witness. Obviously, I didn't have the camera rolling, nor did I think to do such a thing as we were in the middle of an intersection.

I did not investigate it thoroughly as I had Scarf on my hip. But it's hung up sumtin fierce.

sniffed our way to the forest kirk.

Thanks gals!

my buddy Jack Striker in England is the other video. Things are getting ruff in England as the Brexit looms. the Mohamedeans are exerting lots of pressure. Using Intellicast Radar because I am not tech savvy enough to find the proper KRAX live update. NWS is making terribly long videos to promote fear.

being a "Pin Whisperer" doesn't work on non-living items =)

unlike Aunt Flo Hurricane which we had 10 days to panic about, Uncle Michael I just heard about 2 days ago.
unlike Aunt Flo, I've not seen ridiculous lines and the WATER PANIC! this time around.
So, all outside work is cancelled, my chainsaw is ready, and I'm on YT today being bored or playing fetch with Scarf each time he wakes up =)

my Dad Unit and my Brother Unit bowling at league on Tuesday Mom Unit bowls as well with us, yet is a tad bit more shy about the camera =)

only 4 days from Order in New Zealand to Delivery in North Carolina!
haha! I'm walking on top of the ball I'm looking for =)


so Scarf got up from his bone and stood and watched, then jumped up on the bed and actively watched the whole video!

just so he can see what I saw.

but we did determine that the head gasket is not making the "tsk tsk" sputter of a bad gasket. We power washed the engine prior to this. He was having a lot of smoke pouring out and one of the problems the "gas drip dispenser" had loosened, but we both thought we could smell burning oil not just grassy gas. He's on the mower, I'm filming.

knife is knife my dad found picking up sticks at church. story is "High Crusade" by Poul Anderson

I understand that from Emerald Isle to Charlotte got inundated. This is just the extent that got my area, apparently a street not to far from us was flooded for a few hours, however!!!!!!
How ye ever! the amount of Fear placed on the news and NWS Raleigh should allow a class action suit to sue for buying water for a rain storm against the NWS and news stations. Flooding is not rare here. Although intelligent city planning is. I've begun to rant, so help those who were truly struck and take the tax deduction for the materials you send.

Part of my Emergency Preparedness was Buying an 11$ bone for Scarf to work on during the bouts of "RAINBANDS". I could've been working yesterday except for the HYPE about the storm up here. Kil your TV.

this stuff makes me happy. i want to live to for more of this.

predictions and current conditions. 77F gusts of wind, you''ll see.

now I know, not everyone has bathtubs that are fill up to use as flush water. & I know that many people don't have 30 or 50 large plastic bottles to leave out in the rain, or to fill from taps. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
1st World PROBLEMS! oh no, it's gonna storm. They need to be buying gasoline & fuel mix to power neighbor's chainsaws at 4$/gallon not WATER at 2.50/gallon. What good are eggs without a stove top range? i guess I shouldn't be teaching grandmothers how to suck eggs. this panic is so backwards thinking! SIGH
having charcoal hibachi won't set off a fire alarm in a house with no electricity...and I'm pretty sure you can safely boil water, cook, and (no need for it) heat with charcoal.

Live Action me inside! 79 mph "wind" this video was taken in March 2017, just thought it was appropriate against this weekend's storm.

TheCorbettreport Never Forget

dry read, I read that without having yet read that. Only a few errors, & I'm surprised at the emphasis I placed in there.

It was enlightening to be with dogs who for the last 3 years have seen me as "their" other dad, and bring in my dog. I learned much. By the end today we were all fine friends and working in concert. Next time I go, Linda will have a new townhouse, and we'll see how we all sort out again.
Any recommendations on how to make foul breath of a bad toothed dog (andy) not so obnoxious?

Mostly =)
there is a definite hierarchy in the apartment.
There is me, then there is me in the bathroom, and they all try to assert who's my best dog in the noisiest fashion, haha!
Andy is used to being my dog when I'm here and Evie is used to getting pets when she wants, and Scarf thinks he's the boy. Andy the Grumpy Ol' Man, Evie the Lady, and Scarf the tolerated Nephew Prince =)


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