pardon any cussing please, if I could i'd put Beastie Boys "Heart Attack Man" song over this

Just now! Hooray me. I actually get more views on Bitchute than YT, however, YT allows me to comment more easier =)

Sorry if I'm slow to respond to comments. But I will!

been waiting for this day!

the description of the seat is "Universal Tractor Seat", hahahaha!!!

First, not so much. But okay at the end of a leash =)
I really want to humanize the homeless, as in, these are homeless humans, not Those Are the Homeless People. People is just so "not neighborly". Well PRAISE THE LORD!

Maybe the neighbor kids will throw the ball back over.

3 gallons of bleach today, 6 gallons of Brush kill was recommended

good thing I have oil made from plantain, half a dozen bites in 8 minutes, should've sprayed my WHITE MAN LEGS with deet =)

I did see, "dog calmer" drug at Petsmart, and considered it. Yet, fortunately I have a pair of parents. Now the problem is, Scarf doesn't clip clop downstairs anymore, quiet dog =)

complete with squeeks

A rainy day with Scarf

Dopplerette by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I can't believe I look like my grandpa

I can't believe I look like my grandpa

a little bit of rain for a few days, mowed last week, dad did, on tallest setting of Linda's Husqvarna. This is my brother's "free gig". Crab grass seed stalks were already back up to 20 inches, the grass itself was insanely thick, double and triple mowed. Got bit by mower ricochet in left calf for Pain Value 8 which lasted for nearly 3 hours, now pain value 1, and still "acute". No penetration. Unlike my face, hooray for tall socks! Steering wheel base lubed at brother's but oddly after fixing it, today it went wonkers when I turned on blades, on a slope, with the wheels turned, so must fix it again.

Mower is Lady Poppins, Dog is ZOEY (not Scarf).

dude, that Honda ROCKS! to help pay for it's repair click on the link to send me your money =)

it ain't Garner

my old "snow slippers" from VT...with a racquetball...he's SOOO GOOD

Fetch, however, before he was bringing me 2 balls at once.

My dog Scarf would Scarf down a bowl of food, still would if given the chance.

heart breaker,

actually 2 weeks ago, he got put up there for an hour, but I didn't do that.

the original concept was to get the red racquetball from the other side of the fence, where it bounced. oops

when my alarm first went off to take him out for final um, you know, all he did, well I wish I had filmed it, this is one minute later with a reset alarm, which he normally is licking my knee or foot to go out.


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documented fastest driver in 19 stores in 4 states for Pizza Hut. hence I no longer drive, because I already beat you.