look at his butt going down the stairs!
gal at grocery called me BABE!

turtles are jerks is a very funny video blaming turtles for ocean plastic

Purple collar gal really gives him a workout!

those 2 little bitches were all over
Scarf... working for Ms. B.A. Kelly again so not much time for video of dog play! I'll prolly have some dog sitting time at her place though this summer and that will be awesome footage!

this one's name is Nola, I think.

Valkerie, but that's not her name

I didn't know the snake was going to a place it knew!

Grace Grace god's grace grace that is greater than all our sin

tasty bit of brew it was. Had it at Outback Restaurant with extended family.
However, since I never get liquor, I bought 1 shot of Maker's Mark whiskey. cost me 12$!!!!! one shot! sipped that nice and slow.

oops. I didn't clarify that I didn't want the same 20$ treatment I received last time for 5$ off. I just wanted his nails clipped, which is 10$. So, I paid an extra 10$ for Scarf to be declared fit as a fiddle and given a happy neck scarf. oh well.

decided after too many failed attempts to clip his nails myself to hire a professional. let them be the bad meanies =)

Scarf doesn't like it when I get close with the Flash on the Cameraphone, but today I noticed he's really into this brand new soup bone, so I thought "Maybe he'll give me one of his BACK OFF barks". YES =)

how I make my Environmentally Safe weed & Poison Ivy killer sauce during School's Spring Break so I don't have to wait to spray!

sorry for the double upload

Psalm 71, Wee~Tsevot was one of many Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta's) that I've had. "Tsevot" is Hebrew for "Hosts", as in "Armies".
Back in 2012 to 2016 I regularly read a chapter of the Bible every day for the youTubes on my now disappeared FlyingAxblade channel.

driver ran by me crying on his phone to flush his pockets.
don't do hotshots kiddos

all the pretty lights, so I had to pray. Correction: it was her bumper

I didn't go ahead a video much a few other people stopped.
Scarf was very good not having his harness on and stayed on this collar, which he can easily take off by himself.
I went out and swept up the debris, grateful, in my barefeet, that all the broken stuff was plastic and not glass!
Then I used my blower to blow the remaining small pieces into the curb , it's where I cross the street with Scarf.

at Montague Golf Course

he eventually flew off under his own volition. constant reminders that God is in control when I was needing some company.

It's not too horrible, except for where it's been rutted
And now I have to kill the stumps, JOY
however, they only took down the one Cockspur Hawthorne. Wish they'd taken down & out all the trees on that side of the property.

I'm not really a mgtow thing, I just thought this was funny caption


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documented fastest driver in 19 stores in 4 states for Pizza Hut. hence I no longer drive, because I already beat you.