part 4 is harvesting and talking
the FNORD is probably not from them!

not really click bait

is it: the trash cans are where they are so that people have a place to put their trash Before they enter a store? if so that can make some sense to even my hard head

he's been pretty busy for 6 hours, I'm guessing he's gonna be asleep in 3,2,1,...too tired to sit up and beg for some of my lunch, haha!

I'm looking through my mind to remember this kind of mold and the only thing I can think of is the mushroom mold that grows in mulch chips. I hope it's not that on the sides of our fence!

All of this early rain has caused plants to begin blooming. Possibly just like last year we'll have a Freeze in Late March and lose 10% of our crops again. Strange Weather: check out Mike Morales on YT, pretty comprehensive maps and more maps.

Tuesdays is bowlin' nite.

Put me out for 5 hours on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, I had 10 dreams, could hardly come out of the dreamworld to make the comment to remember that I dreamed let alone what I dreamed about. Which is rare.

Really nice morning, went out after this video in shorts and walked Scarf for some distance, flowers on blooming on some of the trees.

Xavier is the man that drove the skidder yesterday & shoveled away the soil & built the forms. & Today here he is again doing the pouring and smoothing etc. If I remembered any of my Jr. High Spanish maybe he could find me a job during the winter, I am on retainer so I have enough to exist on but another winter job would give me money to live on.

Copyright February 25, 2016. "Valentine's Legend"

52^F, 4:20 PM 2/12/2019 New Driveway prepartion

2/12/2019 The workers are here

Well, they didn't clean up after themselves. So Scarf & I did, while they were still here fixin' on their stuff. Xavier was the star of the day with can he pee while I'm videoing, LOL! Xavier drove the skidder & made the cement forms. The guy that brought the skidder went to McDonalds for 4 hours? The foreman showed up at the end and smoked while the skidder bringer dude added oil to his truck. And Scarf kept his head out of my loft window and supervised =)

Copyright February 25, 2016.
My story of "Valentine's Legend" this is a self-edited "final draft of the first half."

Planning for new paving so removing a tree

This video was really just to log what I need to do at Mz. Scott's, but when I got home I saw the temperature and decided to load it onto here. February 7, 2019 2 PM

the Earth is mighty hilly here in North Clay-olina!

Sure disturbed me.
Oh, to finish the story before I stepped on the sweet gum ball, we came home and there was a cat in the backyard and Scarf was wearing his harness light so it was much fun, endearing even, to watch him run around and try to catch a cat on the fence top.

Thanks Smiling Eyes Sneeze, is that your White Rock from Revelations =)
"Bethink yourselves" by Tolstoy and "The Problem of Pain" by C.S. Lewis.

I think it's mental stimulation for him. Makes me think he could learn handles & doors & words. But he won't really do it on his own, as in, not without reinforcement. Don't want to beat him into smarts, so I'll have to rethink my moratorium on treats as rewards. Problem is I don't speak anymore, so I'll have to learn to talk again.

Squeezing a fairly typical hour into a 10 minute short


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documented fastest driver in 19 stores in 4 states for Pizza Hut. hence I no longer drive, because I already beat you.