skip to the last minute for Dancing with Scarf, everything else is just rambling

he'd actually begun snapping the old bone down the length of the shin. So this bone shrank drastically once he gnawed off the 2 rotator ends to be about the same size as the bone that cost 1 dollar less. But that took a few days, this video is 3 days old.

I hadn't read anything yet, just follow him on YT, ordered his book.

Scarf & I play some fetch, look at things & talk about healing & puking

and it was 60^F here in N.C. !

still swole, but it'll now fit in my boot, which is good. Used cane as a crutch yesterday. Elevated and just being bored seems to be the only care I can give it, with a little "walk it off" at feeding & potty times. Plenty of very boring water & a vitamin water thing.

yeah, no fun. watched some stupid live stream of someone that wasn't very good.

when cooked together

quite a bit different life than North Carolina, was Vermont.

Z'myn is sure smart.

Rambling in backyard

I do not have to scroll through 600 comments on my videos, Thank God, but when I view a Science Video or a Bushcraft Science Video or a Religious Video or dare i say a Political's wearisome to find other commenters who actually comment on the Content.
The Ded Bob Show is admitted by himself as a disclaimer at the beginning it's not a children's show. & he's very funny. He predates zombie TV. Go to a Renaissance Festival.

I bought 2 trail cams, this is the other one. It's really supposed to go into the shed on cold nights to see if he'll go in to the heated room while it's "cold". This camera took a bunch of videos for an hour, & looked like it was still video taping when I came back 3 hours later, but it had not.

The Mistake was thinking that Tripe was a substitute for Kidneys. Nope, not "organ meat" so the tripe with the spinach will be for a few days instead of eggs, off & on. For the price, eggs are more healthy.

He's such the Loyalist that once I've gone inside that ball can bounce down the stairs. If I was still outside for just a moment longer, he would've raced down & back.

He knows to throw the ball back to me. Someday I'll mow the t-ball field down to stubble & we'll play some serious fetch.

it's extra white because he ate an entire pork femur & knuckles over 3 days as well as 3/4 portion of rawhide, extra big breakfast today to make up for yesterday being short & hopefully against going for brisk walk with dad this afternoon.

"WingSpy8" on sale from 80$ down to 17$. Each 2 minute video is just under 200,000 KB & I have an old school 2 GB card in so it recorded 10 videos. I learned it takes 4 minutes for Scarf to be reconciled that he's outdoors. He stays mostly on the deck and takes a guard stance on the corner I placed the Cam, but I knew that, just didn't know how long it took for him to quit staring through the door window. I was only gone for 40 minutes so the last 10 I don't know what he was doing because the card was filled up.

Gizzards count as "Carcass Meat" aka Organ Meat, like Kidneys. He's so soft! And when I rub his coat almost no fur/hair comes off on my hands now. I"M GUSHING! his poo don't stink, he drinks less water, he shed's WAY less. His breath is very nice.

Okay, I'm not cussin' in this video. Not but 10 minutes later after much stupid drivers bothering us, I lost it. It felt like gangstalking. As in, I shared my prayer & suddenly white SUV's were making close calls, and the last one sure looked like the first one with the same overly made up lady at the wheel.

Not every other day, about 3x a week, I make sure he also eats a rawhide chew to simulate gnawing on carcass. This morning, Breakfast 8 & last night Dinner 8, were both Kibble Free! His poo is fantastic, doesn't stink!!!!, and is much smaller. He also drinks less water. It's mighty plentiful, so it's nice that I don't have to take him out as often just to pee.

The Dad Unit has decided to go for a walk, Scarf & I jump at the chance to go as well. Scarf is asleep...on my back, head at the funniest angle. Check me on Istragram & Bacefook for more hilarious sleeping poses of my rottweiler. that's a joke. you'd have to steal my phone to get those images.


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