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his opponent is the guy who doesn't strike & runs around the ring. In the first round, there had been an incidental groin shot (Danny stepped into a kick) so the round had lasted 8 minutes instead of 3, 5 of which were waiting for Danny to recover. Jeremy won decisively.

A long weekend of Serendipities: God Obviously Working! 1) dog lady dogs all satisfied solutions. 2) Honda needs fixing, no one knows, and man from Solomon's Porch randomly chooses me to gift old mower. 3) same man suddenly appears less than a minute after new to me mower breaks down and asks, "how's it going" and then he fixes it! 4) fretting about money see my patreon accound hahahahaha, no, but really fretting about money and neighbor finally pays up after 6 months! I'm gonna say it "Praise the Lord who gives us Personal Sovereignty to exercise benevolently!"

a couple of tablespoons of Palmolive in a gallon of Bleach about 2$.

A 4 hour project I've been dying to do cobbled together from scraps and odds & ends. Required a saw, a drill (2 holes for axle), a screw driver and socket driver, and 2 small vice grips -- and a lot of on the fly imagination =) So it cost me Nothing (so far)! Will it stand up to the abuses of Lady Poppins and me???? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make some fold up flap/ramps since it's too steep to push a mower up currently.

and it's been this way all summer and before as well. it's NOT NATURAL. Please go to WeatherWar101 channel and browse the Irma Creation videos. NOAA is a Uniformed Military Service of the USA, not a Humanitarian Scientist League. Look it up on Wiki. We have 7 Uniformed Military Services, not 5.

ax handles and batwings and echo location

what is the actual status of your back yard? are you in NC? wanna play, I gotz me the ounces of steel and the pounds of water

what is the actual status of your back yard? I hope to resume cutting by Sept9/Eleventh11th

Video begins with encouragement to visit +MichaelSteinbacher (Magic Elevator Debunker) from +SuspiciousObservers (Solar Weather & Earth Weather) on YouTube.
Left last night at 9:30 PM and it was Neg 2F & returned at 11 PM to -18F! Nearly 1/5 degree PER MINUTE drop. Chillax, we still gots us some heat inside =)

if you don't know snow, this was my life from November to April every year in Vermont. see my videos if you don't believe this statement, it'll keep you entertained while invalid. this was my goal.

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documented fastest driver in 19 stores in 4 states for Pizza Hut. hence I no longer drive, because I already beat you.