wow! glad it is raining today

with my Dog! I'm so tired. I approve this video

of course, I'm picturing a heater, a disco ball, and lasers.

ARCHERY! 2014, 4 years ago. Shooting just under 200 yards for the furthest arrow, first arrows about 120 yards.

I'm very impressed by these values so clearly explained for 11 year olds, especially after meeting so few 15 year olds that could even express the basic of what is spoken here.

Began at 11 AM, 4 large holly "trees"

i think full screen is more fun

Normally, when I let him clean a plate or a bowl of my remnants, his nose stays in the dish until it's licked "clean". He had to take a number of breaks with this, but he kept coming back!

took about 2 gallons of gas total, 1gallon an hour is twice better than the RAV getting 30 mpg at 60 mph on a road trip!

and bought dad lunch for all his back breaking help, good thing he's not my employee just a volunteer! (He'd be taking home my hole check and I'd be in his debt, if I paid him 12$/hr he'd be making nearly 4x as much as me =)

All for a good cause! so the time from start to finish was 2 hours 9 minutes.

So, Monday, I was told the chipper was broken. Tuesday they said they'd get one from their other location. So, bright and early this morning we set off to get it.

JUST KIDDING! starting a fire with gasoline badly

JUST KIDDING! using my ECHO Leaf Blower as, not an anvil, but a Bellows. there's a joke in that too.

I know, I rail against Halloween, however, in my plea, I haven't had someone to dress up & put on parade.

So he's game for dress up. BWAHAHAHAHA! hello winter! =)

part 1 of Scarf wearing my tailor made suit coat. Tailor made for me. We met Will & his wife & 2 children & their old dog today, Solarus? I pointed out where the Forest Kirk forest entrance was & mentioned I was the groundskeeper for a private school in Clayton and the wife chimed up "Southside?" so I said, yes. I don't think the oldest is ready for school for another year or two, so maybe there is a waiting list. (I'll ask for more money this next spring if that's the case!)

Willa washing Scarf

Wednesday Morning 6 AM after a night of very little sleep due to goats head butting pen walls...and oh, they knocked down a wall!

it's really on his collar. cost a dollar at Wally World

nothing to see here, no political commentary or clever hints

With a nice argument about Leftie Loosey & Righty Tighties, hope this edition of replacing riding blades is of service to someone in the next decade, LOL! Breaker Bar is one of the better buys I made. Did buy two new blades, only 20 bucks not 30 and they are on and the striping of the grass is ENDED...FOR NOW =)

this was 5 years ago at out B&B in VT. Happy Anniversary to those who know who's anniversary it is =) What wonderful memories the B&B is!

Thanks if you watch, but it's just a reference video.


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documented fastest driver in 19 stores in 4 states for Pizza Hut. hence I no longer drive, because I already beat you.