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DISCLAIMER: these are my personal observations, this is not based on a medical study and I am not a doctor.

This video was made out of concern for people because I actually give a shit. This has not been made to scare monger or frighten anyone, as my family always says - forewarned is forearmed.

5 people I know have now passed away suddenly. I am sharing my observations in the hope that anyone worrying about this stuff or not having any knowledge of the possible risks that are now being widely discussed on mainstream news by doctors with actual evidence, can now find some help if they feel they need it.

Well it's one hell of a ride we are on guys, time is flying and each day seems to be like surfing some of the biggest waves in existence. How are you getting on? What Lucy and I both experienced over the past month or so has been an up and down of energy, enthusiasm and momentum. Even when you work in personal development/energy work you still have the physical body and mind to deal with. The great part of all of this is that YOU are always in control of the physical aspect when you become aware of it.. get out of the autopilot in the purposeful. (link to Lucy's profile)

3 Medals, 2 Wars and a Sinking Ship...

Craig has a military background, no nonsense approach and now works coaching men to be men. Sounds like a cliche, however it really is not. Through many aspects in life some men are losing that connection to what it means to be a man, not ego, not arrogance but leadership. When you know how to lead from authentic passion and power, others follow.

Check out Craig's work below on his facebook page.

It's all just energy... everything. Enjoy Sarah's story and the intro into energy medicine. Everything is connected there is no separation.

You want to be free? Knowing who you are is the first place to start. Get out of that old indoctrinated conditioned self and reconnect with the man/woman that you truly are. Do no harm, cause no loss, its as simple as that, no one has any right to tell you how you conduct your daily affairs unless you give them the power to do so. Change comes from taking back that power. When we do this individually by owning ourselves then we can stand together and stop the onslaught of control.

Check out the book Word Magic... it will enlighten your knowledge and maybe instil some curiosity to know more.
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Know your opponent. You have more resilience than you think, you have already overcome so much to get where you are. Keep going, get up again, tune into the powerful eternal you and smash this life.

Animals truly are a gift, not just for christmas. Catherine works on many levels helping the humans understand and get better results for the animals in their care.

An enlightening journey into her series of children's books unpacking the power and hidden knowledge of cannabis. Following her own use of cbd and then the effects it has on some debilitating health conditions, Allison put pen to paper and created a beautifully illustrated series of books dispelling myths and creating awareness.

A lovely catchup with Charlie to discuss a bit of this and that. The only place you will ever find peace is when you reconnect to the inner you, that space of knowing in your heart that connects you to all that is.

John Phillips takes us through an interesting concept of causation... which way resonates with you?

I love a conversation with Troy, full of knowledge and definitely leads with his heart.

In our disconnected society the most powerful move you can make is to become the being you were created to be. Tune back into that heart and see what beauty manifests in life.

Jose has spent years in his double life existence of 'the man next door' & 'the dark thriller author'. A fascinating man with a very interesting life story. Enjoy.

Everyone has a story to tell and I am pretty sure that most people have had emotional trauma at some point throughout their life. Michael has had some very interesting experiences firstly recognising his trauma and then begin the processes of letting go of it.

An interesting wander through Simon's history to how he got into currency trading. Simon shares the good the bad and the ugly and has had a fascinating adventure so far.

Lucy is the most heart driven person I know. Spreading love in abundance and helping others to get back to that space of self appreciation. The Soul School will be held in Bournemouth on the 24th September. Check out Lucy's website for details or message me.
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Elaine has kicked cancer in the ass 4 times and now teaches others how to create body balance. Dis-ease in the body comes from many factors and the body has the capability to heal itself when you know how.

Fascinating woman with a divine spirit.

Manifesting magic can happen all the time when you tune into the field and let go of expectation. Shireen is a DJ and Radio Presenter who has a gift for bringing things into her life experience in a seemingly effortless way. We all have the ability to create... how do you use yours?

IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. A totally different take on how to play the legislative game of chess. Everything is an offer and this master of language may point you in the right direction to freeing yourself up a bit.. curious? Then take a look. There are contact details below for Troy if you have any burning questions.

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Following our 7 day intensive retreat, Lucy and I wanted to share some of our experience and learnings. Having both worked in this environment for a long long time, it was refreshing to go and gather the science behind what we have been teaching for years and really embed that learning deeply ourselves.

Everyday is a school day :)

Going from Law into self employment was a move Judit made after moving to the UK. She made a decision to create a lifestyle and boy did she hit the mark.

It is all just an offer. Knowing who you are will truly set you free and open you up to learning the legalities to play the game of life. When you know there is no turning back. Only start this process with knowledge and balls.

Your mind really does matter. It is not about blaming the past but where you make a choice to move into the future. You are all powerful creators of reality and when you really grasp this you can flip any negative into a productive glorious opportunity.


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Helping people take a look at their map of reality and wake up to the pre-programming is my mission in life. I love to see people happy and progressing. We are brought up in a system of indoctrination and self oppression ... and this needs to change.

We are powerful creative beings that are unlimited, yet few people really do shine their light for fear of being brought down by others. It is time for everyone to shine bright, drop the ego self, discover the true nature of the source of energy we all come from and go back to, overcome who you think you are to become who you truly want to be.

Enough messing around in the virtual reality programmed past... time to create the future.