Why Work Performance Reviews are Demeaning and Suck and How to Fix Them (Calm Argent Rant)

The "Real" History of The Pre-Columbian Americas

The Bizzare and Absurd Voter ID Law Debate

Why Healthcare Is Always a Disaster and Reflections on Grad School

Father Jailed For Calling His Daughters a "She" and Opposing Hormone Injections TRIGGER WARNING!!!

Is This How We Want Our Child To Grow Up? or COVID-19 Restrictions Are Never Going To End

An Introduction to Vampire the Masquerade and Review of Coteries of New York

NieR Automata Is a Truly Horrendous/Terrible Game and I Am Tired of People Pretending It Isn’t

Aurini's Drunk Depressd Melt Down, a Cautionary Tell (Lets Endure)


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