Donald-Grahn, Truth vs. NEW$, INC.

Dr. Scott Bennett uncovers the fraud of this Impeachment, and Biden's business messes. Very important

Our Guest Color Commentator this week is Prof. Alexander Azadgan - award winning prof of Global Strategic Management & International Political economy - on int'n'l media. An outstanding analysis of what's really happening in this wicked world.

Excellent political analyses on current and historical events

Cody Snodgres,

With all the NEW$ hitting the fan this Tuesday, Se[t 24, just who is exposing reality? Re: Iran, Arabia, Ukraine, Israel.... the world...?

hot details on Saudi, Iran, Biden, etc. from Jim, Scott, Angel and Don.

Discussions on Presidential accomplishments, Indoctrinations of Americans, and then FAKE NEW$.
A very good show.

Super show and profound discussion.

Special Guest commentator: the dynamic Activist Angel share his powerful pertinent perspectives.

Powerful summary of the Truths of 9/11 - after 18 years of false flag 'official facts' claims.

Great analysis of the current situation...

Great analysis, as always,
Don't miss: Scott's Tribute to his mentoring Dad, an author, who just passed. @ 51 minutes

Karmala Harris critiqued. 5G genocide discussed.

Is Trump's support of Israel more than official policy now? Has it become his religious allegiance?

To set the scene: When phrases such as “the deep state” and “conspiracy theory” become staples of both the corporate mainstream media and the alternative press, we know the realities behind these phrases have outlasted their usefulness for the ruling elites who control the United States and abhor their critics,…
Everything is shallow now, in our faces, and by being in our faces the truth is taking place behind our backs. The obvious cannot be true since it’s so obvious, so let us search for other explanations, and when the searchers search, let us label them “conspiracy nuts.” analysts It is a mind game of extraordinary proportions, orchestrated by the perverted power elites who run the show and ably abetted by their partners in the corporate mass media, even some in the alternative press who mean well but are confused, or are disinformation agents in the business of sowing confusion together with their mainstream Operation Mockingbird partners. It is a spectacle of open secrecy, in which the CIA, which created the “conspiracy theory” meme to ridicule critics of the Warren Commission’s absurd explanation of the Kennedy assassination, has effectively sucked everyone into a game of to and fro in which only they win.
Only by stepping outside this narrative frame with its vocabulary can we begin to grasp the factual truth here in our Wonderland of endless illusions…

This week's 2 hours of Truths vs. media cover-ups is vital viewing. Why remain ignorant and apathetic when today's events are so critical to this country's survival. ??

Watch and Share this expose` of events.

Exception program by Vets with too much personal experience!!
Nust See, Must Share like - this is it! The time is now! Be Alert - the world needs more Lerts!

Wow ! Great comments, Great speaker at 40 minutes in. Important 'overtime' last minute comment.

Recent mass murder events examined - some inconsistencies and impossibilities revealed.
Democrat debates analyzed.

ON July 27, I interviewed Keny Wayne at the hospital - An Educational and entertaining session.

V I P Very Important Program.

Mueller mauled in hearing, revealing his incompetence as an 'honored' figure head farce, Other breaking news.


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