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I give a rationale for making all Palestinians into Jordanian citizens; for Israel to annex the West Bank and Gaza over which they are already sovereign; and to incentivize all Arabs, including Arab-Israelis, to emigrate to Jordan, as should have happened during the Mandate for Palestine.

Palestinianism is a quasi-religion being used to intimidate Europe into psychological dhimmitude. It is being used to destroy Chistianity in the West.

Palestinianism is a type of civilization jihad, many of the tools of which come from Marxism.

I show how Kenneth Cragg's brand of Arabization of Christian theology dissolves Christianity into what is currently called "Chrislam." It is a subtle but potent form of civilization jihad as cultural annihilation. This Arabization is used to gut the Palestinian churches of their Christology and to replace the Judaic roots of the NT with an Arab substratum. This tactic is being exported to the West by Muslim actors.

Understanding Palestinianism is important because it is a method of delegitimizing Israel, and it is also a method of civilization jihad and a method of intimidating the West. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not just about the land. It is a flashpoint in the struggle between Western civilization and Islamic civilization.

This shielding of Islam shows up in academia and the media frequently. Leftists use it continually. I help the viewer to be able to neutralize it.

I pull together several lines of modern and contemporary evidence from recent research which overthrows the standard narrative of the origins of Islam as a supernatural religion. I hypothesize that Islam is a late Christian monophysite heresy.

I critique the Palestinianism of Edward Said. Said engages in the distortion of history and cultural terrorism in the same way that he does in his more famous book "Orientalism".

I show some of Said's strategies he develops in his book The Question of Palestine, that we hear echoes of even now in today's propaganda warfare against Israel. He distorts history and engages in cultural terrorism as he does in his seminal book "Orientalism".

This is an analysis of one of the principal writers of theological Palestinianism--Donald E. Wagner. Correction: Donald Wagner did not teach at Fuller Theological Seminary, only North Park Theological Seminary.

This is a preliminary discussion of the ideology called 'Palestinianism'. It has evolved since the founding of PLO into a sophisticated method of propaganda warfare.

I expose the existence of the hidden persecution of Palestinian Christians which is driving them out of Palestine. I cut through the dominant narrative, found in the mainstream media and many academic books and articles, that all the persecution of Palestinian Christians is due to The Occupation.

I discuss inconsistencies in the Quran's view of itself and in its philosophy of language which show it is only a human book, not a divine book.

I break out the hindrances to democracy in Palestine and discuss how to overcome them.

I describe what the Western countries must do to resist Islamization and subversion coming from Leftist psyops, propaganda, and agitprop.

I assess whether Christians are persecuted by Muslims and whether converts from Islam to Christianity are persecuted.

I step through the elements of an argument for the policy that all Arabs should be removed from Cisjordan, for reasons of history, politics, and religion.

I develop the Islamic Doctrine of War. Then I search for reliable indicators of the threat Islam poses to the United States.

I discuss indicators of the growing antisemitism in Europe and suggest responses.

I discuss the 29 states which used Dominion and especially probable flipped states and prescribe a more rigorous election protocol.

I discuss whether Europe's No-Go Zones are real or propaganda. Then I offer a definition of Islamic Beachheads that makes it harder to deny them.

I explain the Islamic alternative to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights--The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, and explain why the OIC countries use it; and what their ultimate aim is.

I examine the likelihood of a peaceful Palestinian state from the standpoint of Islamic doctrine and statements by political parties and militia groups.

I examine several possible hypotheses and build a theory to account for the high incarceration of Muslims in Europe and the USA.

I analyze several common antizionist narratives to show they are actually antisemitic narratives.


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I defend the ideals of Western Civilization; also I defend the Constitution of the United States--a beacon of freedom to the world--against all enemies foreign and domestic. I also seek and destroy every stronghold of the Red-Green Axis. To receive my bulletins email me at [email protected]. I have backup channels at and