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MEP Christine Anderson: "This whole COVID madness, it was really just a test balloon… to see how far they could go.

FBI Whistleblower Says the Vaccine Exemption Process May Have Been Part of an 'Ideological Sifting'

"I even remarked to my wife at the time, 'they're building a registry of people who are outwardly religious'"

"Their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero—from like a million to like zero...There was a persistence in the damage, not only 90 days but 6-9 months later."

Breaking: Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has lost all of its site power for the 6th time — IAEA
WBN324 Talk Radio

WBN324 Talk Radio

WBN324 Talk Radio

On February 22, 2023, former CIA analyst turned political activist Ray McGovern addresses the United Nations Security Council on Russia-U.S. relations. McGovern emphasizes the need to understand Russia's security concerns and to push forward with diplomacy. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990 and in the 1980s directed the National Intelligence Estimates and produced the President's Daily Brief. Upon his retirement, he received the Intelligence Commendation Medal, which he returned in 2006 to protest CIA involvement in torture.

This video was produced by the United Nations and therefore may be republished by citizens around the world under a creative community license. Since the majority of the local press ignored this speech, we republished it today to raise awareness.

WBN324 Talk Radio

WBN324 Talk Radio

Ohio Toxic Train Derailment: Ronald Lucy, is an expert in chemical spills, has been used as an "expert witness" and "exposure expert" in many large-scale lawsuits. He’s taking samples of the air, water, and soil in East Palestine, Ohio to independently verify what that government and Norfolk Southern are claiming.

It gets even worse closer to the frack sites.... childhood cancers become the new norm in the US


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