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For all the "HiTlEr wAs a ZioNiSt rOtHsChiLD aGeNt" morons.

It's important to bring irrefutable evidence to the table if you are going to make an accusation like that, otherwise STFU!

"Adolf Hitler was not a Controlled Agent. He was not a Rothschild." ūüĎá

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"Whenever The People Who Inhabit This Country Shall Grow Weary Of The Existing Government, They Can Exercise Their Constitutional Right Of Amending It Or Their Revolutionary Right To Dismember Or Overthrow It."

This is a 2004 documentary by Dr. Fredrick Toben of the Adelaide Institute in Australia that examines whether it is scientifically/technically possible for the Holocaust to have been carried out in the manner claimed in mainstream historical accounts. It also questions popular notions of the motivations and events which resulted in the outbreak of World War II.


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Survival is not a Birthright. It is a prize wrestled from an uncaring Galaxy by Forgotten Heroes.

I don't care if I hurt your feelings, the truth is the truth and the truth needs no law to protect it