Part 4 Includes, a HUGE-MASSIVE stand-up & resistance from Romania having protests across all major cities while mainstream media and social media have "internet blackouts", welcome to my series all my Romanian friends! =) Other new countries to this film series with the release of this part include Austria with a Live Swab Test in Parliament using Coca Cola, South Africa with Empty Hospitals, Iran for a revolutionary peak inside, this part also includes Covidian Business Raids, Matt Hancock Exposed As A Quadruple-S.I.M.P. potential sighting of a practice run of a "Covidian Military Checkpoint", Police Exposed As "S.I.M.P." Tyrants. "Covidian Comedy", Toxic Virtue Signalling, Lawfully Declining Covidian Regulations, Covidian Propaganda Exposed, Multiple False & Unlawful Arrests, Deadly Virtue Signalling, Terrifying Covidian Home Raids causing havoc, injury and more almost killing the daughter right there in front of her screaming family torn apart by idiot childish thug-like "police", Television Blunders of Euthanasia, Silent Protests, Whistleblower Nurse Blows Whistle On Rampant Tyranny, Large Protests, arguably London's Biggest Ever Protest, Bus Brawls, No-Mask-No-Freedom the world over with a deeper dive into the hidden side of faraway tyrannical cultures. Furious French pushing back against Police, FORCED VACCINATIONS OF THE WEAK & UNABLE AGAINST THEIR WILL making this series come full circle... Large Scale Virtue Signalling Exposed, The Last Chapter of this film "Chapter 11" exposes and sheds some light into the occult side of television networks, Mind Control through Hollywood the Illuminati Music Industry and in particular, Cartoons.... with a very VERY deep look at the works of Disney and their perverted injustice on the minds of children the world over for far too long..... Subliminal Messaging massively exposed via example after example. This part also contains a huge stand-off between people on public transport, people in public areas with Police and "helpers" and also businesses making a stand with Common Law & Magna Carta roots, Breathable mRNA, CRISPR-Cas12a and a variety of other things are also covered. You'll see mainstream news pumping out fake news straight from FOX news being decoded as total propaganda, you'll see Police Kidnap a child from the mother after taking her to the floor for no good reason while the public scream in horror, you'll see endless & childish bullying from people in uniforms getting shown a new revolutionary way... You will see many things.... including Empty Hospital Complex Walkthroughs, as always... until the next time ;) Part 4 of Film 2 (this part) is also 5 mins longer than the Part 4 of Film 1 making it 170 mins long, enjoy ;)
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