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Robert Forte joined Dani & Emily for Part 2 of the dive into Timothy Leary, who is proving to be more interesting than expected so……we’re not done yet. Enjoy!

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Show Topics Include:
1. Dani’s finds
- changing pronouns in his foreword Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger
- rebranding ‘intelligence operative’
- Neurocomics
2. Robert’s response
- Defending Leary
- Operation Mockingbird
- Frank Baron
- The other part of Leary
- Weaponization of “conspiracy theorist” term
- Realizing he was a pawn
3. Emily’s contribution
- lines up with previous comparison to Novak Djokovic and Elon Musk
- thorns in the side of establishment
- needs to be remembered, wants to be loved
- “There’s a game afoot” …and the various levels
- The victim and the author of MK Ultra
- Lab theory
4. Midrash (Hebrew term for a little chatter) & then Emily drops her game theory bomb—kapow!

Afterwords Topics :
- schismogenesis: from OSS manual, psychological tactic to deploy on colonies you want to conquer
- “Papers please”
- Daniel Sheehan

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Dani + Emily caught up after a few weeks off. We talked about feeling things out before Emily's move in her new social setting, current political nonsense, Emily's miracle agreement with Eric Weinstein, and St. Vincent - I think (or maybe that's in Afterwords....lol). Enjoy!

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Some front line tales of ethical lapses in journalism, and an invitation to disentangle ourselves from the mind control that is allowing us to acquiesce to the sham show's shenanigans.

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Why we are wise to ditch the absolutes.

Stop deriding embodied men, when your frustration is more effectively and appropriately aimed at the system that is enslaving us all, and trying its darndest to pit us against one another. Yeah, baby...I'm talking about HIERARCHY.

Dani and Emily discuss the recent batch of globalist players being tossed under so many proverbial buses, as well as Jordan Peterson's return to the media sphere, the ongoing IDW op and where this is all leading. Enjoy!

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In this, our third three-way drop-in with esteemed psychedelic scholar, Robert Forte, we dive into the iconic trickster that is Timothy Leary. While Robert reminisced about his dear friend, Emily and I went waaaaayyyyy out there, into the multidimensional macro, conjecturing that Leary was placed in his role from the future to seed the way for the transhumanist, technocratic take-over, despite all shenanigans to the perceived contrary.

We had so much fun with this, that we decided to do a second installment of Leary. Tune in one month from now for our follow up, while supporting Dani and Emily here:


Another perspective on hierarchical languaging, and a deeper unpacking as why are wise to ditch hierarchical languaging, and instead speak heterarchy.

Another lesson in transmuting conflict languaging and speaking peace, with a special appearance by our good friend, Dr. David Hawkins.

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Why we really, really, really want to be way more mindful in speaking peace into our collective field. Conflict languaging only seeds conflict into our reality. See also: killing it, slaying it, destroyed, et al

In my Ode to Gerunds, I not only cast aside the actual definition of gerunds (a gerund is a nouned verb), I demonstrate why we are wise to replace nouns with verbs, and to language life in motion, acknowledging the impermanent nature of ALL of it, while leaving space for us to grow and shift as we are inspired.


Scholar and psychonaut Robert Forte joins Dani & Emily for the 2nd episode on the various characters of the psychedelic movement(s), many of whom also seem to have been involved in MK ULTRA , intelligence agency shenanigans and other eye brow raising activities. Today we dig into the father of LSD, Albert Hoffman. Enjoy!

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an impromptu riff on another mis-use of "can't" and "need", and the exciting notion of humanity evolving out of service to Self, infantility and denial.

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An unsolicited Quantum Languaging hack for my yoga teacher. Thanks for liking, sharing and subscribing!

Some communication tips on rockstar scheduling. We're welcome. Thanks for liking, sharing and subscribing!

Emily and I had no idea what to talk about - burned out on the sham show as we both are. We meandered our way to inventing an awesome new/old financial system. We're welcome.

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Are there any real “current” events? Or just fake news?
Crypto talk
Dishonest finance system
Dani and Em imagine a new financial system
Cryptos manipulate our emotions
Salt as currency
Emily’s salt collection
types, colors and medicinal properties of salt
salt is a crystal which records and stores info
Rocks, crystals, gemstones
The internet of monkeys



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Scholar and psychonaut Robert Forte joins Dani & Emily for their first episode on the various characters of the psychedelic movement(s), many of whom also seem to have been involved in MK ULTRA , intelligence agency shenanigans and other eye brow raising activities. Today we talk about Gordon Wasson who is largely credited with introducing magic mushrooms to American pop culture. He was also a mentor (or maybe handler) to Robert Forte. Enjoy!

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A little riff on the word "expensive", and what it is actually pointing to, how it is limiting you.

from: 2.12.14

attention determines experience, and YOU have the power to choose where you focus your attention, which begs the question: where ARE you focusing your sacred attention?

While I'm still in the process of transferring over all the videos I'd had on pro-censorship site, YouTube, AND I will be creating a CONSCIOUS AWESOME channel to house my CONSCIOUS AWESOME Show videos, I am inspired to post this one here as a little teaser. Also because I can post it with Mikki's name and with Plandemic's name without fear of being deplatformed. God bless free speech!!! Thanks for tuning in, and for exercising patience as I gather the rest of our podcast videos, and create a channel especially for them. In the meantime, enjoy this very special episode, with my dear friend and Plandemic collaborator, Mikki Willis.

from: 6.4.18

Why #timesup is a poorly languaged, low-vibe hashtag/campaign strategy/sham - a Quantum Languaging analysis.

from: 9.28.20

About the adolescent trend of ideological manipulation, and why you, as a sovereign, empowered being, want to push back on it.

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It takes a village, yo. xodk

from: 4.16.20

A super simple Quantum Languaging hack with infininte, omniscopic transformative implications. Thank you for sharing, employing and integrating, immediately.

from: 6.20.17

Change your words, change your world. A Quantum Languaging lesson that illuminates the downsides of absolutes, and negative framing, while guiding us to language the new paradigm we are living into in the present tense definitive. Every word matters, yo.


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