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Bubba and Succotash fill us in on Brett and Michael's buddy, Kirsch

“Conspiracy Theory, Shrinking Audiences + Bigger, Deeper Truth with Charles Eisenstein”
I had so much fun dropping in with (and poking at) writer, speaker, author, countercultural philosopher, and fellow, former Reality Sandwich contributor, Charles Eisenstein, who just launched his latest book, The Coronation.
Find the second half of our conversation at:
www.patreon.com/danikatz + www.danikatz.locals.com
Find Charles at: charleseisenstein.org, where you can subscribe to his newsletter and his Substack.
Nab The Coronation at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1645021785?&linkCode=sl1&tag=theascentofhu-20&linkId=ce22a2b44703a6183e9a979647a0c86c&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

Show notes:
• The way of the Pariah: remaining skeptical without the implicit requirement of an over-simplified conscious conspiracy
• The subtlety of being a heretic
• The role of the external and internal enemy in the rise of totalitarianism
• Pandemic as process of initiation and the clarity of cancelation
• The cost of speaking to the “false” equivalencies between the holocaust and the early tyrannical call of the covid regime
• Ceasing an endless war: Searching for a boogie man and the default habit of taking sides
• Ending the co-dependent aspects of kindness
• Through the eyes of love: Trusting our vibration and the futility of logic and argument
• The energetic scarlet letter: Conspiracy theorist with a capital “C’
• The new gospel: The power of the moment, miracles and witnessing the formerly impossible.
• The limitation of our own imagination and our search for objective reality
• He who smelt it dealt it, and other egoic disclosures
• Reconciling a multi-dimensional perspective
• The truth and fact found within myth
• The liberation of conscious agnosticism
• The rigidity and calcified reality prison and the untold suffering it causes
• Rehabilitation of pejorative language
• The story of separation as the foundational myth of our time
• Human Destiny, ordo ab chao and other divinely charged missions
• Technology as the conqueror of NATURE
• The relationship between understanding and controlling
• Bill Gates as seen through the eyes of creepy Utopian, Bill Gates
• The lifecycle of power and how it has been cyclically wielded over the ages
• The program of control NEVER works and always breeds more chaos
• Chaos as a stronger force than control
• The reality of our interbeingness and interrelationship with the planet and our fellow humans
• The humility of participation vs. the ego of mastery
• The crisis of communication and in the power of word
• Otherizing and how it echoes through the realms
• Neutrality and escaping polarity
• Through the eyes of love: How well could this course correction go?
• The transition from separation to the return as the next act to the Universal play

A Quantum Languaging examination of the many deleterious downsides of the pronoun introduction/signature, and why we really, really, really want to ditch the virtue signaling, and this trend.

To learn more about the REAL-DEAL Language of Inclusivity, find me at quantumlanguaging.com. Let's play!

Inspired by the hysteria, and the move itself, some thoughts on the theatrical psyop that is the Roe dealio. Big girl panties encouraged.

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Our Spot the Prop puppet crew weighs in on the US Navy's super awesome pronoun training video. We sure hope the other military arms jump on this bandwagon!

A tiny taste of my latest conversation with Robert Phoenix. Full episode at danikatz.locals.com and patreon.com/danikatz

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a tiny taste of Words #61

find the whole shebang on wordspodcast.locals.com

A short clip from this one: (find it on YT, Locals or Patreon)

While I interviewed Robert just last month (or was it the month before? Wait, what’s a “month” again?), we thought to pick up the conversation sooner than later, so as to really dial in some clarity as to who, exactly, are this “they” that are pulling all the strings? And so it is that Robert and I shared another delicious deep dive about the machinations of the sham show.

Enjoy the second half of our conversation at:
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Find Robert at robertphoenix.com
Find/work with me at danikatz.com

• Genetic markers, the shared Haplogroup and you…
• The saga of the Kazars and the Kievan Rus (Russians) and what it has meant for global civilization
• Robert’s read on Putin
• The relationship between the Kazars, Satanism, Phallus worship and the Zohar
• Tradition of circumcision as a blood ritual
• Trump and his relationship to Judaism
• What is the REAL Judaism?
• The Kazars connection to the Descendants of Noah
• Of the things we cannot mention and where language becomes shell game
• The Dark Holy/Political alliance and underground network
• The alleged myth of the Roman Empire and other historical theories
• Edward Bernays, the egg, the age of propaganda/advertising and its political implications
• The marketing of the transgender agenda and it’s Tavistock origins
• A slippery slope: The theory of GENIDENTITY
• The desire to understand and declare war on the adolescent brain
• The alchemy of the creative impulse combined with engineered hype
• Rock n’ Roll Psyop: The hijacking, demoralization and destabilization of an entire cultural zeitgeist
• That one time Robert interviewed David Bowie in January of 1999…
• Of they and them: The obfuscation of the REAL “they”
• Glam Rock: The fluidity of gender, its link to shamanism and the projection of the character of “David Bowie”
• David Bowie has exited the mythology
• Bearing witness to the rotten fruit of the seed and other things to do on a Sunday
• The Frankfurt Group and their disaffected school of thought
• The eternal struggle: The temptation to indulge in being part of the privileged class and the velvet handcuffs that come with it
• Self-reflection as an antidote to privileged indulgence
• The difficulty of unpacking Israel
• The reformation period and its importance in the evolution of culture
• Industrial Revolution reframed
• The perception of time and the tyranny of linear time and reaction consciousness
• The imaginative laziness and apathy of the black pilled nihilist
• The trap of experience and the imagination gateway
• The sickness: The constant externalization of the internal

a Quantum Languaging hack for teams, organizations, families, or anyone who truly wants their message to land. we're welcome.

for more information, or (and) to work with me, find me at quantumlanguaging.com

A look at the propaganda and deep fakery behind the SADS sham.

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As I prepare for my Language of Healing webinar, I thought to share this excerpt from my forthcoming book, wherein I discuss the deleterious downsides of pathologizing.

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A tiny taste of Words #60, wherein Emily and I continue our deep dive into the trifecta of post-extinction transhumanism psyops, Santa Fe Institute, Lifeboat Foundation and Consilience Project.

Watch the whole episode at wordspodcast.locals.com

It was an honor to speak to my teacher, friend and muse, alt comedy legend, Beth Lapides. Beth is the founder of Uncabaret, as well an artist, author, performer and creativity coach. We shared an edgy, illuminating conversation about aaalll the things, including:

• Beth Lapides: The Woman, The Myth, The alt comedy swami
• The limitations of traditional comedic format then and now
• Comedian Andrew Dice Clay is an unlikely catalyst
• A blink and the stare: the cosmic download and the birth of THE UNCABARET
• The role of intimacy and conversation in meaningful art
• Culture, Art and Performance of the 1990s as compared to the present
• The expansion and contraction of language and communication in the current climate of comedy
• Eradication of hateful speech vs. Freedom of Information and Speech
• In the absence of free speech, we are disabled from knowing how others REALLY think
• Engendering open mindedness through growing our capacity for understanding other perspectives by engaging our capacity for neutrality and non-defensiveness
• Triggered: But not in the annoying way
• Living in a culture of regulated and hierarchical denial
• Free Speech Absolutism and other bad ass business
• Devotion and Desire: The hunger for authentic curiosity in an enflamed culture
• Louis CK – Is he a bad guy or just a complex human being?
• A tale of a recovering know it all and the liberation of not knowing
• Appreciating the joy of an expanding perspective and appreciating divine and perfect order
• The absence of personal responsibility its role in the infantilization of women
• My Opinion: Opinions are like assholes and silence can be Golden
• Trusting the process and a willingness to make mistakes
• Carrying hope in the culture of LIFE and a culture of DEATH
• Permission to live in a space of expansion, hope and kindness
• Best Case Scenarios: Honesty and getting back to a place of self-responsibility?
• The use of story telling and openness
• Win/win: Why does anyone have to lose?
• The constant subconscious search for hierarchy and the role of liberation
• In search of self-imposed Boundaries to create Freedom
• Dani’s Book of the month: THE RIGHT USE OF WILL
• The miseducation of the American People
• Beth Lapides new book: SO YOU NEED TO DECIDE
• Following the process rather than the product of decision making

Find the second half of our conversation at danikatz.locals.com or patreon.com/danikatz

Find Beth at bethlapides.com
To work with me, find me at danikatz.com

Hiya, Superstar!

• Are you navigating a health crisis? Wrestling with a chronic condition that continues to linger? That’s getting worse? That’s causing fear? Anxiety? Sadness? Frustration? Self-pity?

• Have you experienced bodily anomalies, pain, discomfort or changes in functioning that inspire late night internet deep dives that lead you to self-diagnose, leap to worst case scenarios, and/or freak-out?

• Are you currently under a health practitioner’s care, while still wrestling with the same ol’ distortions for which you sought support? Are you feeling disempowered by the diagnosis/prognosis/course of treatment/entire medical paradigm?

• Are you tired of being infirm, run-down, achy, allergic and/or inflamed?

The Language of Healing is a life-changing, superhero tool that accelerates the healing process, allowing us to relinquish dis-ease altogether, and thrive.
Learn how to transmute illness and injury by choosing to program your body with the frequencies of optimal health and well-being at the The Language of Healing webinar, Monday, June 13 at 4 pm PST.

Join our swiftly expanding community of vibrant superheroes – of folks who are claiming creative agency over our bodies, and our everything – for this 2-hour, immersive livestream. You will come away with a number of simple, practical tools that will allow you to shift your mindset and your frequency, and reprogram your body/mind for swift healing, and optimized functioning.

The webinar will be recorded. Registration includes lifetime access via on demand playback. Yay.

My thoughts on the hysteria around the SCOTUS Roe "leak" and the deafening apathy over the obliteration of our first amendment rights.

In this episode of Spot the Prop, Monty and Darlene go ga-ga for Klaus Schwab's fave advisor.

It was an honor, privilege and a treat to drop in with one of my favoritest and most influential living teachers, Guru Singh – author, musicial, rebel, Pisces and Kundalini teacher and wisdom keeper extraordinaire.

Find Guru Singh at gurusingh.com, and be sure to sign up for his 13 moons program there.

Find me at danikatz.com, and join my Locals community at danikatz.locals.com

Show notes:
• Divine Intervention: Guru Singh reaches out to Dani with just the right message
• Future reality creation and walking on air
• Technology is arcane and clunky when compared to what is inside a human being
• Doubt can be the fuel of a revolutionary and can be sensed like blood in the water by professional contemporaries and competitors
• Balancing morality with seeing into the future
• Integrity and silence by grace of the cosmos
• Pressure: The role of strength in hibernation
• Resting with a purpose
• The relationship between entropy, rest and novelty
• We are in a period of fiction: a depiction of something that may not have taken place
• Novelty v Frivolity
• Death and the absence of new growth
• The Megaverse: A spherical, gelatinous circumstance
• Physics of infinity and the immeasurable existence
• Simple shifts of language has the potential to change our perception
• Conservation v Liberation
• Dani battles a toddler and learns that no one has the right to obey the rules that have been placed upon us.
• Five segments of human evolution and the collective birthing process
• The history of the future
• The role of manipulation in democracy
• Isn’t that adorable: Enchantment by balloon animal
• Disastervision
• The Chinese finger trap of polarity
• Ponies, Dragons and Shit storms, oh my!
• Prismatic Angle and the moment when nothing becomes something
• The violet flame through the ages
• The task of learning and evolution
• Sailing Gravity: Catching the gravitational waves using a sail crafted of our attitude woven into the warp and the woof of the collective
• Relinquishment of hierarchical measurement in service of something greater
• Values and Finances of the future to be rooted in HONESTY and INTEGRITY
• She’s Spiraling! Bitchy giving birth to Witchy
• Your task is to awaken your consciousness and market it
• The 13 moons with Guru Sing: The Great Mother and the 13 Grandmothers
• Holding space for others to be themselves allows them to hold space for you to be yourself
• Experiencing the backwash of humanity
• If you’re not in doubt you’re not reaching out

Inspired by my own process after having my Bitcoin stolen - how to work with the traumatized aspects of ourselves that are seeking validation.

For more information about coaching sessions with me, go to quantumlanguaging.com

Another clip from my juicy af podcast interview with Robert Phoenix. Subscribe on Spotify, Amazon and Google. Scope the full video at danikatz.locals.com

Hiya, Superstars.

Robert and I shared a rollicking podcast conversation that's waaayyy too spicy for me to post on this platform.

Find it here. I promise it's worth the time and attention.


A Planetary Service Announcement on the liberating awesomeness of being a Black Sheep. Own it! Love it! Delight in the freedom it brings!

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My friend Baxter wanted to share this clip with you guys. His take on Obama's latest public speech...

In this episode, I had the pleasure of dropping in with gonzo synchromystic researcher/storyteller, Michael Wann.

Over the course of our two-hour conversation, we discuss:

- Michael’s synchronistic Baltimore stint (and the numerical signs he claims he doesn’t track – ha!)
- his Masonic invite
- John Von Neumann and his peculiar place in oh so many transhumanist narratives, as well as his archetypal resemblance to Francis Bacon
- the likelihood of a mass awakening, and how that will actually look/unfold; the Herkimer mystery
- exiting the Matrix
- the neo-Luddite 2.0 path
- the end of electricity, computers and globalism
- telepathy
- Gen X’s responsibility to save the species from AI
- the electricity sham; real-deal American history
- the Susquehanna River
- and an illion other things

Find the second half of our conversation at danikatz.locals.com or patreon.com/danikatz

Find Michael at susquehannaalchemy.com and me at danikatz.com

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In this episode, blogger, filmmaker, channel, mystic and wise woman extraordinaire, Demi Pietchell, graciously availed herself to my insatiable grilling, poking and prodding. During our chat, Demi talked about her blog; getting thrown off of Twitter; why some folks are hip to the sham; while others are swallowing it hook, line and booster; prepping for grief, grand solar minimum, starlink and whatever the next psyop may or may not be, and an illion other things.

While the first half of my conversations are always free, the second half is available for paid supporters here:


Find Demi at: https://starfirecodes.substack.com/

Links to the Starfire Codes posts we discussed on the show are here:

Archontic Soul Trap:




Death Window:











HAM Radio:




The Health Lie:



Off-Grid Power:






Oil Scarcity:


The second installment in our Language of Healing series, wherein we examine HOW we are languaging our relationship to our symptoms, and how to uplevel said relational languaging to accelerate our healing initiations.

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