Hitler - Man Against Time.

A parody of "Extraterrestrial" by Katy Perry.

"The British Grenadiers" performed on a fife and drum.

8/pol/ on election night 2016.

A song about Jews.

A WWII German paratrooper marching song.

A song about /pol/ and the JQ by Morrakiu.

A song by Sinead poking fun at Gavin "Cuck" McInnes. Sung to the tune of "I Don't Care" by Lily Allen.

Erika, sung by the SS.

A tribute to the Waffen Schutz-Staffel set to "Call Me" by Blondie

A song by Sinead about Americas nigger problem.

A song by Walt Bismarck, formerly "Uncuck the Right", for Halloween 2015

A song about beautiful Aryan women.

A music video about Uncle Adolf set to E.T. by Katy Perry

Uncle Adolf and his Friends

This is Europa - We are Europe. The theme music is a song called "Protectors of the Earth".

A music video about Trump set to "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

Song about killing pooftas.

A 2016 election song by the Daily Shoah

A Japanese pop song about killing niggers.


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