China moves south from the thag La Ridge across the Namka Chu River against Indian forces towards the McMahon Line.

India had less than one understrength battalion which was defending the Namka Chu River at its five main bridges. The Chinese had about three Regiments.

However, the Namka Chu River was low and the Chinese forces crossed elsewhere and was able to out maneouvre the Indians, who, finding that they could not counterattack, fell back across the McMahon Line


Taliban attack Maimana and the Faryab region.


African revolutionaries take over Zanzibar.

They start off by capturing the police station in Zanzibar Town.

Later they fight the rural Arabs who were known as the Manga.

They also then start killing all the Arabs. In particular they would chop of the testicals and penises of the men and shove them in their mouths as well as decapitate other men.

They also raped the Arab woman. At the time the word genocide was know as widely used but it was later noted that the events were plain and simply genocide.

The leader of the revolution, John Okello, was a Christian and believed that the bible could teach him anything. He told his followers to kill as many Arabs as possible, with the maximum of brutality.


SWAPO forces carry out a rocket attack on East Caprivi. Intelligence indicated that they might have targetted East Caprivi, Wenela or Mapacha.

SADF formed Alpha and Bravo forces to counter the attack.

However, it is not until sometime after that they cross the border and chase the SWAPO units who mainly escape.

Then, two days later, they carry out raids on Imusho and Cinzenbela as well as other undisclosed locations but meet no resistance.

Essentially to play this it is suggested that the SADF player allow the SWAPO player three rounds of attack on whatever target they choose. The SADF can then cross the border to engage but the SWAPO forces are considered off board once on the map edge.

Then once having gone back across the border and remained stationary for two turned the SADF can then attack Imusho and Cinzenbela.


Turkish Army capture Karakinli and AliBazan near Meydanki Dam.

They also take Shamanli, Bafliyun and the Baflioun Mountain.

The assault then moves on towards Sheranli, Qatma and the NDF headquarters in Kafrjannah, as well as other locations en-route.


Rumours that ISIS are preparing to launch major offensive against Samarra.

A similar threat was made before Mosul was captured and the Iraqi Government ignored it. The threat was brought up in Parliament, as it was with Mosul but it is thought that the government will reacte and send troops.

However, in this scenario the timescale is more at question. ISIS build up at the rate of 1 unit a turn, but the Iraq forces arrive at turn 8, so the ISIS player has to guage at what point, if at all, they attack Samarra.


United states advance on Karbala.

Airmobile units (US 502nd Infantry) land 1 battalion each at LZ Finch, LZ Sparrow and LZ Robin.

23 March to 6 April 2003.


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