In this week's episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne take a look at H.R. 3684, "Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act", which Lynne partly covered on The Sons of Liberty Radio show on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 with host Tim Brown. This behemoth of a bill has passed the House and the Senate, but has not been forwarded to the executive for signature. In fact, this "bill" now has 119 companions that are in various stages in the legislative process for passing.
When talking about this bill, it includes everything and the kitchen sink. At 2,740 pages, you can bet a dollar to a dime that not one individual inside the Beltway has read this bill; but, relied on staff members to divide the bill and provide bullet talking points. Therefore, it could be said that no one in the District of Criminals knows how this all will play out in completion. In other words, get ready for some "unintended" consequences that are actually intentional.

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As always, do your own research and armor up warriors!

In this week's episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne look closer at "The States and American Rescue Plan's ESSER (Elementary and Secondary State Emergency Relief Funds) press release, which affects institutes of "higher learning" as well as K-12 schools. This rolls into the continued plan, begun under the Obama administration – continued under the Trump administration – and now culminating under the Biden regime, to forgive student loans that will in turn affect some students' taxes, meaning tax forgiveness on that amount in some instances.
This loan forgiveness has been slotted to eliminate those federal loan debts students incurred because of being misled, defrauded, or harmed in any other way by the predatory or illegal practices of the institution attended, which is usually for-profit institutions. Some of the institutions involved in these practices included ITT Technical Institute, Corinthian colleges, the Art Institutes, Salter College, Brooks Institute of Photography, as well as others. According to the lawsuit "Sweet v. Cardona", "the schools falsely promised students high paying jobs, state-of-the-art vocational training, and long and fulfilling careers. In reviewing the resources on this student loan forgiveness and lawsuit, the Belles had many questions that are left unanswered since it appears those questions have not been addressed in this situation.
According to National Law Review, some of these student loans could even be discharged via bankruptcy! In fact, the Second circuit joined both the Tenth and Fifth circuits decisions that this indeed could be the case. Remember, this involves unethical, immoral, illegal, predatory practices by some institutions upon students who incurred loans for institutes of higher learning.
Again, this led to many questions that ultimately have no answers at this point. In the case of ITT Technical Institute, who hid their financial troubles for years, why was it not responsible for the restitution of those funds, garnered from students who incurred federal debt, back to the government? Government should not be lending/granting money for educational purposes to anyone since it is not authorized to do so in the Constitution for the united States of America. These students were definitely victims of wrong-doing, but the justice is not in forgiving the debt; the justice is holding the perpetrator accountable for their wrong-doing and having that perpetrator restore the money obtained through their misrepresentation, not to the student, but to the government, who gets the money from the taxpayers.

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As always, do your own research and armor up warriors!

In this week's episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne complete their review and analysis of the "Communications and Behaviour Change" document coming out of Australia. In Appendix 1 of the document is the step by step process to be utilized to "steer" the behavior of individuals toward government desired outcomes. Appendix 1(page 65) of the document out of Australia, authored by Behaviour Works Australia, can be printed and used as a reference to analyze communications coming from government entities, public/private partnerships, the media, and local officials to determine if these techniques are being used, where in the process the communication falls, and a way to recognize the manipulation technique. Remember, this document was written for those who are responsible for government communications to the people. By having this document and recognizing the methods that have been used as well as those being implemented now, the people can take action to guard against the forms of manipulation government uses and begin the process of reclaiming our autonomy of decision-making.
The Biderman's Chart of Coercion is provided as a reference for those who are confronting school officials and boards of education to use in identifying coercion points. You can print this document as well to keep in your arsenal and share with others.
Other sources in the video-cast are cited for your review as well. A point of importance is the testimony of Brian Gerrish of UK Column taken by Reiner Fullmich for the German court. It confirms what is going on with the use of MINDSPACE, which the Australian document compliments as the "how-to" manual.
A link is provided to Behaviour Works Australia to show this organization is deeply ingrained with the United Nations, using the UN's "sustainable development goals" on the 'Who We Are' page.
As we have highlighted in the review of this document, as well as MINDSPACE, the mechanisms government uses to change behavior start simply enough with "requests", "recommendations", and "suggestions"; however, when the people do not comply in the timeframe established, these seemingly innocuous "nudges" progress to the point that force using violence occurs in the end. It is what we are witnessing play out before our very eyes.
Stay vigilant. Do your own research and armor up anti-fed warriors!
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If you want to know who Behaviour Works Australia is, this is where you start:

In this week's episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne discuss The Sons of Liberty Radio show featured Wednesday, July 28, 2021, "How Government Is Sponsoring Non-Educators In Their Education Marketing & It's All About The Money", briefly before highlighting current articles around various media outlets to show the actual act of "fence-riding" occurring in society, the media, current elected officials, and a potential candidate vying for an Ohio Senate seat in Washington, DC. An urgent response by the citizens of Ohio is needed to expose the candidate engaging in fence riding on education.
The Liberty Belles covered the move to place sex education in Nebraska schools, which has met opposition. In this move, the "curriculum", including "skills" was spelled out in the article. Get your buckets ready, particularly for the response from the LGBTQrstuvwxyz advocate!
The move for facial recognition software and tracking of students in a Texas school was discussed because this software will track students placed on a watchlist. The question is a watchlist for what? Moreover, the software company admits that certain privacy features are disabled upon delivery. So, schoolchildren are being monitored, tracked, and surveilled throughout the day in and out of the classroom.
Stay vigilant, armor up and be a vocal local!

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We've all heard the expression, "let sleeping dogs lie". Unfortunately, the Operation Mockingbird media just can't seem to understand that concept. The Liberty Belles examine an opinion piece by Betsy DeVos, originally carried in the New York Post, but promoted by Fox News. DeVos, the Secretary of Education during the Trump administration, has been unpacked from the moth balls to spread lies and propaganda about her "accomplishments" for education and "school choice", among other educational issues. Basically, it's the Hegelian Dialectic on display.
Fox News's Martha McCallum interviewed DeVos in March of 2021, which is akin to DeVos "tooting her own horn" about the accomplishments of the Department of Education under her guidance and the Trump administration. Again, DeVos spread lies and propaganda while Martha McCallum engaged in "softballing" questions to DeVos – a tactic used by the media to spread propaganda under the guise of presenting information.
In October 2020, The Federalist covered a speech given by DeVos to attendees at a Hillsdale College event. Of course, the piece by Jason Lawson did not challenge DeVos's points. On the contrary, her points, which included more lies and propaganda, were left unchallenged. Fortunately, Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva, Sons of Liberty Media contributor, and a member of The Liberty Belles, corrected the misinformation spread by DeVos at Hillsdale College in a politely scathing video rebuttal.
And, to cement the previous show by The Liberty Belles, the American Academy of Pediatrics, who is supported by Big Pharma company Pfizer, supports the Centers for Disease Control "recommendation" for children 2 years old and older wear masks. In any other time, masking children would not be advocated by doctors, medical organizations, or anyone with any common sense. However, with the push to "vaccinate" everyone with an experimental human genome altering mRNA injection, the medical organizations that are supported by Big Pharma are "all in" on harming children.
The Liberty Belles Saturday Night Special "Live" Event is coming August 7, 2021 at 7 PM Eastern Time on the FaceBook page of The Liberty Belles. This event will mark our first guest, Joan Landes, child psychologist, who will speak on the effects of the use of the MINDSPACE document on our children. The interview with Ms. Landes will be pre-recorded, but Lynne and Suzanne will be live. Stop by to give us suggestions for show, comments, and ask questions. If you would like to schedule the Liberty Belles to speak in person at an event or appear via Zoom, contact Suzanne at [email protected].
You can find The Liberty Belles video content on UgeTube, BitChute, and Rumble. A special thanks goes out to John, who helped Suzanne with some technical issues on difficulty uploading videos to some platforms. We would also like to thank Bradlee Dean and Tim Brown at The Sons of Liberty Media and the webmaster at for their continued support.
Stay vigilant, always be a VOCAL LOCAL, and armor up warriors!! H/T to Bethany Brown-Heikkila for the tag.

Once again, The Liberty Belles are busting the racket wide open on those who work furiously to usurp parental authority in the area of education. This week, we discuss a document coming straight out of the United Nations which will assuredly condone pornography for children by "making it a right" by slipping into education. Remember, rights come from God, not any government, entity or created international organization.
As an added bonus, a true treasure of a document that was discovered is being introduced briefly. This document, out of the European Union, confirmed using "behavior economy" to manipulate masses in order to "steer" those masses in the direction those imagining themselves in power want those masses to go. It is also a means to identify those who are resistant.
Stay tuned! There will definitely be more on this "treasure" and a surprise in the near future.

This episode of The Liberty Belles finds Lynne and Suzanne shifting gears. The two colleagues discuss the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) "guidance" on masks for students returning to school in the fall in light of the COVID-19 "pandemic". Not only do these "guidances" pertain to students in grades K-12, the CDC has "guidances" for children in early childhood education and child care programs and young adults who attend institutes of higher learning. The "guidance" is for children ages 2 and older to don masks while attending in-person learning. However, if you are an adult enrolled in classes at an in-person learning facility, these "guidances" will affect you as well, continuing the cradle to grave government nanny state. Staff at these in-person learning facilities at all levels will be subject to these "guidelines".
In an additional egregious move, the Department of Education will be involved in "case investigation" and "contact tracing" in conjunction with the local Health Department. Therefore, this will affect families as well. If this wasn't bad enough, some areas will have "screening testing" for faculty and students based upon "community transmission rates" and percent of population "vaccinated". This will further divide communities along the "vaccinated" versus "unvaccinated" line. While the CDC claims these "guidelines" are based on "current scientific evidence", many followers of The Liberty Belles and Sons of Liberty Media know that nothing regarding the COVID-19 "pandemic" has remotely followed any science whatsoever.
As we all know, children, who are still developing physically, should not be subjected to mask mandates for many reasons. One, of which, is the brain is still developing. The mandated masks can be socially, emotionally and psychologically damaging as well as physically injurious due to the impediment of oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels. Because of so many children who have suffered injuries due to "mask mandates", Citizens for Free Speech has a website called "" for parents, family members, and others to report injuries to children related to prolonged and mandated mask wearing, but injuries from the experimental gene therapy injection as well. If you would like to read some of the injuries children have suffered because of the CDC "following the science", it is suggested you keep a box of tissues handy.

We are currently in search of a child psychologist for our upcoming August 7, 2021, Saturday Night Special, live on Facebook. If you are aware of someone who would be willing to discuss the effects of the MINDSPACE mechanisms on our children, please let Suzanne know via email at [email protected] or through Facebook at Suzanne Hamner. The pertinent documents will be furnished for review prior to the live episode. As always, The Liberty Belles are available for speaking engagements and live video through Zoom to your group or organization. Please contact Suzanne Hamner if your group would like to host a Liberty Belles event.
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In this episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne examine numerous potential legislative bills floating in the House and Senate pertaining to education. In several instances, the House and Senate bills are identical; however, some vary only slightly by language. It doesn't matter how these criminals slice and dice the language the result is the same – control from cradle to grave, surveillance, tracking, and tyranny with entities outside the united States taking a role in education, social and emotional learning, etc.
Moreover, you, the American taxpayer, get to fund global education initiatives through these global government public private partnerships to foreign countries. Where's that in the Constitution? Always check out to find all the sponsors and initiators of these bills so you can hold their feet to the fire if one of these public servants from your State has signed on to these atrocities.
Through one of our broadcast friends who contacted Lynne, our Saturday Night Special broadcast on July 3rd, went live for only a brief period before it was shut down. The entire Saturday Night Special is available for viewing at Sons of Liberty Media and BitChute at The_Liberty_Belles.

For our next live show on August 7th, at 7 PM Eastern time, we are needing an individual with a background in child psychology to discuss the impact of the use of MINDSPACE and control mechanisms on our children. If you know of anyone or you have that background, please contact Suzanne Hamner at [email protected]. Likewise, please use the same email to provide comments, feedback, topic suggestions or requests for The Liberty Belles to speak to your group or to be a guest on your podcast, radio show or video platform.
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As always, do your own research, stay vigilant, and armor up warriors!

(The Senate has an identical bill name as this one; S552)

What happened to the "Saturday Night Special" with The Liberty Belles? As it turned out, the platform would not allow the stream to go "live". It is particularly frustrating when you are attempting to present information to an audience and the platform censors your broadcast. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused those who cleared time in their busy schedules to support our efforts. The special was recorded and is now presented for your enjoyment.
The "Saturday Night Special" with The Liberty Belles, Sons of Liberty contributors Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor and Suzanne Hamner, focused on the recently concluded G7 summit and the upcoming G20 summit to be held later this year. The plans for the entire Earth population are laid bare in the G7 summit and will be continued in the G20 summit, unless the people stand up to this initiation of global tyranny.
The next "Saturday Night Special" will be August 7th, God willing, at 7 PM Eastern Time on the Facebook page of The Liberty Belles, which will mark the acquisition of our first guest who will discuss the implications of behavior control as found in the MINDSPACE document on our children. It's sure to be an interesting evening.
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As always, armor up warriors!

The Liberty Belles conclude our look at the MINDSPACE document. While the document claims it is not intended for government policy, techniques and elements discussed in this document are already being used against the people and children in the schools by various world government and corporations to influence, direct, and control behavior. The document is long but should be read by all in order to detect what is being inflicted upon the populace of the world. Unfortunately, several entities and individuals in the US partnered to help produce this guidebook toward behavioral influence.
There is a companion document coming out of Australia to MINDSPACE, which will be discussed in future episodes, that appears to be the "how-to" manual for behavior control. Only through knowledge of these nefarious elements can the people discern when the elements and techniques are being employed in order to mount a resistance against it.
Due to continued difficulty uploading to UgeTube, The Liberty Belles will cease to use that platform and change to BrandNewTube, if possible. You can always find us on BitChute at The_Liberty_Belles, Rumble at TheLibertyBelles, and on at "Hamner It Out".
On July 3, 2021, at 7 PM Eastern time, The Liberty Belles will host their second "Saturday Night Special" live event on the Facebook page of Suzanne Hamner. We will be discussing the G7/G20 summit that just concluded. The Liberty Belles host a live event the first Saturday of the month to bring information and allow interaction – barring no technical difficulties, which occurred during the first live event. For our August live event, we are hoping to have a guest specializing in child psychology to discuss the effects of behavior control, using the MINDSPACE document as a reference, on our children in the public indoctrination centers, aka schools.
As always, Stay vigilant and armor up warriors!


The Liberty Belles continue blowing the lid off the monstrous MINDSPACE document which can/will/is being used to manipulate and control the masses around the globe through methods targeting behavior modification. And, a document out of Australia is mimicking the same – there is no attempt to hide it – which is being introduced because of its similarity to MINDSPACE but will be covered in detail in a future episode. Despite being tagged as a "not for government policy" document, the devil in the details has signaled otherwise. Not surprisingly, a document out of Wisconsin closely follows these two documents in maneuvering/manipulating behavior's on the individual and society.
In a video clip housed at A&E TV network's "Leah Remini – S'ology and the Aftermath", Steven Hassan explains the cult mentality and the brainwashing effect, which is exactly how MINDSPACE and The Communications and Behavior Change documents are working toward – being viewed as a religion or cult.
Right on cue, Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, issued a statement outlining the policies and priorities of the unconstitutional federal Department of Education, which includes everything that should not be included with education.
Stay tuned! Saturday Night with The Liberty Belles is coming July 3, 2021 at 7 pm eastern time live on Facebook. It's sure to be enlightening. Until next time, armor up warriors!
If you have any ideas for topics for our episodes or questions, send an email to [email protected]. You can find Lynne at and Suzanne can be found at at "Hamner It Out". Both Lynne and Suzanne are found at Sons of Liberty Media.


The Liberty Belles continue the discussion surrounding the "MINDSPACE" document introduced in the last episode, linking it to the "GSR Behaviour Change Knowledge Review" document originating in the United Kingdom. As you will see, some proponents "proposed" in these documents are already being implemented and "felt" by the people despite the document disclaimer "not for government policy". Moreover, an executive order by the former usurper in chief, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, "approved" the use of "behavior economy" on the people of the united States. While Trump was in office, this executive order was not rescinded and much of it remains intact moving forward.
Now, with a document coming out of Australia, these behavioral measures to maneuver the people in a direction approved by government are being presented without hesitation as a legitimate means of control. Stayed tuned for an in-depth discussion on this new document.
As always, sources are provided for review at your convenience. Keep in mind the Constitution for the united States of America does not authorize any of these measures or intrusions upon the people.
Keep ringing the alarm on education to affect change and always hammer out those issues to smell the manure!


In this episode of The Liberty Belles, the discussion continues on skill based learning and the jobs that are affected, will be affected, and the consequences of saddling the American public, unconstitutionally, to cradle to grave "education".
You can search for education bills through the links provided below at and The link for the YouTube video "Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors Because of Repair Bans" is included. Take note the video is a year old. Yes, there was a bill passed that evidently became effective in 2020 that states farmers have no right to repair their own farm equipment.

In this episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva, and Suzanne Hamner of "Hamner It Out", expand on the topic covered on Wednesday's "Rotten to the Core" Sons of Liberty Media AM Radio Show with Tim Brown.
Please be sure to submit your comments on the regulations for education covered in the broadcast before May 19, 2021. The link is provided for your convenience under "Sources".
You can find Lynne at and on Sons of Liberty Media. Suzanne is found at and Sons of Liberty Media. If you can support Lynne's work, click on "donate" found at her website homepage.

In this episode of "The Liberty Belles", we talk about common core math, including a math problem we wonder how this new method of math would solve the equation, and the book "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays printed in 1928 with foreword by Noam Chomsky.

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Connect with Suzanne at "Hamner It Out" at, Facebook, and on The Sons of Liberty Media website.


The Liberty Belles - Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor and Hamner It Out's Suzanne Hamner - discuss Title IX Overhaul and other education information.

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